Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of the leprechauns of the blog from the Turley Clan. The leprechauns came to bring treats and tricks to the Turley house this morning. While our kids are older, they still enjoy our traditions (or humor their aging father).


The leprechauns indulged in a bottle of beer before leaving clues for a treasure hunt that led to a horn of plenty of Irish cookies, soda bread, and fresh green donuts. (Now that the kids are older, they even left Harp and Guinness Stout). They also left our traditional dollar coins hanging from a tree in green felt pouches for each of the kids in the backyard.

Even my favorite bust of James Madison apparently indulged with our magical friends. The day after his 272nd birthday, Madison appears to still be in the party mode.

Since Madison was roughly the size of a leprechaun, he might have been easily mistaken for one of their own while they polished off the beer late last night.

Tonight we will be feasting on corned beef and cabbage and toasting my late Irish father, Jack Turley.

And to everyone . . . Erin go Bragh!!!

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  1. Me thinks you part of the problem! As a great deleted this is a limmerick for you! Who can’t seem to pick his side!

    “You say me mad free speech; but just for man with a beach…you say free speech you really mean beach ; let’s go to the end of the breach!

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