Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of the leprechauns of the blog from the Turley Clan. The leprechauns came to bring treats and tricks to the Turley house this morning. While our kids are older, they still enjoy our traditions (or humor their aging father).


The leprechauns indulged in a bottle of beer before leaving clues for a treasure hunt that led to a horn of plenty of Irish cookies, soda bread, and fresh green donuts. (Now that the kids are older, they even left Harp and Guinness Stout). They also left our traditional dollar coins hanging from a tree in green felt pouches for each of the kids in the backyard.

Even my favorite bust of James Madison apparently indulged with our magical friends. The day after his 272nd birthday, Madison appears to still be in the party mode.

Since Madison was roughly the size of a leprechaun, he might have been easily mistaken for one of their own while they polished off the beer late last night.

Tonight we will be feasting on corned beef and cabbage and toasting my late Irish father, Jack Turley.

And to everyone . . . Erin go Bragh!!!

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  1. My parental grandparents were from from Munster and Leister and were part of the Great Irish Diaspora. My father was a WWII veteran and PhD (nuclear and astrophysics) which he obtained through intelligence and hard work. Alas, I quit drinking years ago. But every St. Paddy’s Day I stop to remember from whence I came.

  2. My ancestors came from Ireland. Catholics from Ulster and protestants from Dublin.

    To my knowledge there are no prostitutes and scofflaws in my ancestry – though a few drunks – what can I say, Were Irish.
    My family fought for the union in the Civil war to free slaves.
    We were treated as slaves in Ireland, maybe worse as we were not worth buying and selling or even feeding.
    We experienced the same “No Irish Welcome here” as blacks in the south.

    We survived, thrived, and we do not owe anyone else, not reparations. not respect – if you want that earn it.

  3. Several months ago I watched the John Adams Documentary series on Amazon.

    As each Episode started I found it remarkable that the whole series had not been canceled.

    Right at the start were Numerous revolutionary flags and motos all being glorified and revered, that the FBI is now calling evidence of white supremecy and sedition.

    My advice to you is the same as that of our founders.


    Follow that and you will have nothing to fear from those on the right.

    Don’t – and one way or the other it is likely you will be possible violently reminded this country was formed in insurrection, sedition, treason,
    by people with a simple request

    Don’t Tread on Me.

  4. The Emerald Isle is one destination you must entertain. Ireland is a tourists delight! Great food, great traditions, outstanding history, exquisite scenery, adult beverages that are 1st class & a green country that is truly fabulous.
    It rains every day in Ireland but it’s not our western rain, it’s Irish rain & that’s okay. Visit Ireland.

  5. Everybody wants to be Irish on March 17th so give the Irish their day. We Italians get all the rest of them. Oh and just for accuracy, St. Patrick was … well … Italian.

    1. @Mespo

      I’m old Irish, my family were the po’ white folks that the woke have tried to erase from American history (indentured servitude was slavery. Sorry, but it was, and it was a ‘white’, class, thing).

      My dad was a soldier and Phd (he taught medical school when he was done with his service, stationed in Tokyo; late in his life he was an arborist with a hearty passion for nature and it’s flourishing) and we have five other doctors in my family. The other half were journalists, photographers, writers, and artists of varying degrees of success and notoriety. I think we did ok, eventually, potato famine or no. 😉

      I always appreciate you: your grit, your wit, and your incisiveness, and I hope it was a great day. The Italians are A-OK with this American Irishman. 👍🏼

      1. James:
        What Cindy said and thanks for reading my ramblings. As you guessed, I’m a hibernophile.

  6. I aways enjoy reading about the festive goings-on there at Command Central!
    A toast to you, professor, and to the blog, and to the revered patriarch of your family, Jack Turley.

      1. Thank you, Cindy. I feared Darren was going to kick me out of the pub for that wee bit of humor 😉

  7. Ha!Ha!
    The wife is picking up a brisket and cabbage as we speak.
    I will make colcannon.
    I will raise a pint of Guinness Extra Stout in the good professor’s honor!

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