“That’s Not True”: President Biden Moves Toward the Evil Twin Family Defense

President Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that his family received money from China. He has also denied any knowledge of his son’s foreign dealings despite direct evidence to the contrary, including a recorded message from the President to Hunter referencing the deals. The White House has simply refused to address the recording or photographs contradicting the President. Now, there is confirmation that millions were sent from China and then money from a third-party account was distributed to at least three, and possibly four, Biden family members. However, when confronted with the evidence on the way to Marine One, the President again declared “that’s not true.” Given that these are suspicious activity reports (SARs) from Biden’s own Treasury Department, it is unclear now what the President is suggesting beyond the possibility of an evil twin Biden family that is besmirching his good name.

After the GOP takeover of the House, the Oversight Committee demanded information long blocked by the Democratic leadership on the SARs related to the Biden family. The first such disclosure involved a Robinson Walker, LLC account that received $3 million from the State Energy HK Limited. Money was later distributed in incremental payments over three months to Hallie Biden and companies associated with Hunter Biden and James Biden. There was also an unknown bank account identified as “Biden.”

The House Oversight Committee is demanding to hear from the recipient of the transfer from China. Chairman Comer wrote John Walker that the panel “is investigating President Biden’s involvement in his family’s business practices” and “has identified you as a critical witness in this matter and has reviewed evidence showing you received millions of dollars originating from a Chinese energy company and elsewhere.” Walker can explain any connection between the Chinese transfer and the later distributions.

What is clear is that money has been received by Biden family members from China and other foreign interests. However, the White House has continued to refuse to answer questions on these details.

Even the highly deferential White House press corps erupted when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that they would have the opportunity to ask President Biden questions at an upcoming meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. The President rarely answers questions at such photo ops.

It is now clear that the President has continued to lie about his lack of prior knowledge of Hunter’s foreign dealings. It is also clear that the family has received money from deals in China and other foreign countries. That leaves the President with only categorical denials in the face of growing evidence to the contrary.

What is also clear is that the Bidens ran one of the most lucrative and blatant influence peddling operations in history. Influence peddling is the favorite form of corruption in Washington, but the Biden family is truly in a class to itself . . . unless there is that evil twin Biden family that continues to undermine the First Family.

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  1. We know with certainty the one member of the Biden family that didn’t receive a dime of money from the Chinese.

    Who it that?

    Hunter’s son, Joe’s grandson – the one that Hunter denied fathering until he was forced, kicking and screaming, to take a DNA test. The one the family doesn’t even acknowledge.

    Could it be that the grandson is better off not being sucked into the moral abyss that is the Biden crime family?

  2. Read this Marco Polo report. It’s 630-pages with over 2,000 citations that thoroughly documents 459 crimes committed by the Biden family and their business associates.

    •140 business crimes
    •191 sex crimes
    •128 drug crimes

    The Bidens received at least $31 million from Chinese businessmen linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.
    Hunter even admitted in his own words that his business partners worked for Chinese intelligence.

    The Bidens sold access to the highest levels of the US government to officials working for Chinese intelligence.

    Where is the DOJ? Where is a special counsel? Why aren’t the MSM even talking about this and hounding Biden with questions? Where are the subpoenas? When is Biden going to be impeached and tried for treason? For real.


  3. And Americans remain convinced that our destiny is bright
    Our sins are few
    God is on our side
    We alone will continue to thrive and achieve like no other

    Free as a bird?
    Wide is the gate

  4. The president is a literal man. The payments did not come from the CCP–they came from a business associate. Always, always have a middle man, corporation, trust, etc. outside of your control (ahem). Voila, truth telling and money laundering in a single package. Life is good.

  5. Maj229, and John Say,
    I would like to applaud you both on epic take downs of Svelaz.
    Your use of the law, logic and facts leave him spinning like a top, but going no where but down.

    1. Thank you.

      Svelaz, is trivial. He is not very well educated, not very knowledgeable about anything he discusses and always reads everything to match his preconceptions. If he needs to make broad generalizations to get where he wants he will stretch as far as necescary.
      If he needs do narrow things to the head of a pin ignoring all context or related factors he will.

      One of my big gripes of all those on the left is they confuse THEIR guesses as to intent for crime.
      Bad intent is an element – usually a required one for a crime. But there are few if any crimes where a legal act becomes a crime through bad intent.

      Another common error – Which Svelaz and other on the left make all the time – is confusing beleif – anyone’s beleif with FACT.

      Svelaz is constantly ranting that Fox has been proven liars by these texts, and other communications.

      The Entire Media reported the Steele Dossier which most had good reason to distrust, the moment one outlet found a hook – comey showed it to Trump, to make it news.

      Something is not news because it is unlikely.

      Allegations of crime, or election fraud are pretty much ALWAYS news. In 2020 what is disturbing is that most of the media did not investigate at all did not report at all. They media need not believe an allegation to report it.

      The media SHOULD have reported that 50 something National Security experts claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. They also should have reported the allegations from the laptop, and they should have tried to investigate the laptop itself.
      Where did it come from.

      Allegations that later prove false are NEWS.
      Allegations that have never been disproven even if improbable are still news.

      What we are seeing today is that what the public is provided – is ONLY what one politically biased set of sources BELEIVES is true.
      Even if they were right – Reporting only one side is media failure.
      But so much of this one side reporting has proven error.

      Ultimately the press, social media, etc are not especially culpable because what was reported was wrong.
      But because only half the story was reported.
      That is error even if they ultimately proved right.

      I would separately note there is actually very solid reasons that what was reported about Covid as an example all proved wrong.
      One of those reasons is simply because only one side was allowed. When government spokesmen, when public experts know that all sides will be presented – they have more incentive to be careful about what they say.

      With a few exceptions of obvious fraud, I have no problems with the advice that Fauxi, CDC, …. provided.
      My problem is that no conflicting views at all were allowed.
      Experts (mostly) try to do their best, but they are biased by their own agenda, and politics and ambition, and
      they are likely to be wrong. We still want to hear what thye have to say AND what those pushing back say.

      We do not find the truth when we have only one side. It does not matter whether this is a left or right thing.

  6. that man has always, is now and will always be lying. his entire life is one big made up lie. he is a worthless imitation of a human being.

  7. Professor Turley–just face facts–they’re barely defending it because they don’t have to. Do you think any kid who may be getting student loan forgiveness cares about the ties to the CCP? Same with Hunter paying his taxes.

  8. Americans are strange people. Many are consumed, no, they are possessed with unearthly rage, demanding with frothy mouths the annihilation of Trump while parading Billy Blythe around, clutching to his angelic wings.

    Clinton=Hundreds of thousands disemboweled, unarmed, innocent boys, girls, moms and dads with shovels, axes, gasoline, machetes, iron rakes, scissors, rocks, teeth, plastic bags, poison, spears, anything they could get their hands on while Billy hid, turned his back on poor black people and LIED thru his teeth. Him they love.

    1. Like their mentor Karl Marx himself the ONLY thing that matters to these evil America haters is the ideology and the implementation OF it.
      The criminality is of ZERO consequence.

  9. He knows that nobody in the legacy media has any interest in doing any investigating and/or truthful reporting of people that share their worldview so he doesn’t have to worry about it. Real journalism is dead.

      1. Add to that the Cultural Revolution, Cambodia, Chinese mass murder of Muslims, Russian atrocities against German civilians and the list goes on and on and on. Human savagery is more the norm than the exception in history. The WWII holocaust gets hugely disproportionate attention because it happened to a Western society. Here is another one: police forces murder their citizens every day around the world. Why did the George Floyd case get so much attention?

        1. Because the deep state used it for more racial division. They made statues of this criminal. We used to make statues of great men. How far we have sunk. Get your house in order.

      2. Hmmm. because the evidence of the Holocaust was in Europe where everyone was ‘kung fu fighting’? (Meaning there was a major war going on.)

        In Africa, it was a civil war in a small country no one around until the bodies showed up?


  10. He’s not intellectually nimble enough to lie so he reverts to default and just denies the obvious. It’s common in stressed children, dumb thugs and those suffering dementia all of which demonstrate brain underdevelopment or brain decline of function. We’re in trouble here and that Dim cabinet needs to step up and do something for the Country instead of their bank accounts. I won’t hold my breath.

  11. ““Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” is a well known law of propaganda that is attributed to Goebbels. Biden appears to be a student of the Third Reich.

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