It’s Moving, It’s Alive! Alvin Bragg Prepares the Ultimate Frankenstein Indictment

Below is my column in the New York Post on the expected indictment against former President Donald Trump. It is an effort to reanimate a long dead legal claim against Trump, but could reanimate his presidential campaign.

Here is the column:

“It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive . . . it’s moving . . . IT’S ALIVE!”

The scene from the 1931 movie “Frankenstein” came to mind this week as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg prepared an indictment of former President Donald Trump.

It is the ultimate gravedigger charge, where Bragg unearthed a case from 2016 and, through a series of novel steps, is seeking to bring it back to life.

Of course, like the good doctor, Bragg shows little concern over what he has created in his Frankenstein indictment.

Bragg is combining parts from both state and federal codes.

He is reportedly going to convert a misdemeanor for falsifying financial records into a prosecution of a federal crime.

The federal crime is reportedly the failure to report a payment of $130,000 to former porn star Stormy Daniels to hush up an affair.

That was just before the presidential election and Bragg is alleging that it was an effective campaign donation.

Bragg is attempting something that many lawyers think is as improbable as the reanimation of the dead.

The Justice Department itself declined this prosecution and both the former chair of the Federal Election Commission and various election law experts have thrown shade on the theory.

Not only did Bragg’s predecessor, Cyrus Vance, not bring this case, but Bragg himself stopped the prosecution.

It was after one of Bragg’s lead prosecutors resigned and wrote a book on prosecuting Trump that pressure became too much for the district attorney, who grabbed his shovel and went to work.

There are serious challenges to this prosecution, including an argument that time has expired under the statute of limitations.

The limit is two years for a misdemeanor and, even if he can convert this into a felony, it is not clear if he can meet the longer five-year limitation.

Bragg will have to convince a court that Trump paid the hush money for the sole purpose of the election.

As a married man and television celebrity, Trump had other reasons to try to avoid a scandal.

That is precisely why such cases (like one against former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards) failed in prior prosecutions.

However, the greater danger may come if he succeeds in moving this case to trial.

Locals in New York will be thrilled, but will the rest of the country join the pitchfork carrying mob?

This is a patently political prosecution.

Indeed, of all of the potential charges that Trump is facing in Washington, Atlanta and New York, this is one that he must have hoped would come first.

The investigation into Trump’s actions at Mar-a-Lago by the Justice Department could raise well-established crimes and an array of evidence.

While a possible charge in Georgia over election violations is weaker, it is also based on a stronger legal foundation.If Trump were seeking a way to prove the political weaponization of the criminal justice system, Bragg just fulfilled that narrative.

Now, if these other cases result in charges, it will look like Democrats are piling on to knock Trump out of the race for 2024.

They will be tainted by this transparently political prosecution.

Indeed, voters could well view the election as a vote against the establishment and the media — the very thing that got Trump elected in 2016.

A prosecution is likely to extend beyond the election.

However, if it is thrown out before that date, it will again reinforce Trump’s claims of political targeting.

The prosecution could add a truly wicked dimension to the election.

While Biden is accused of illegally possessing an array of classified material in various locations, the Justice Department has long (in my view, wrongly) followed a policy that it cannot prosecute a sitting president.

However, would it indict Trump but not Biden on that basis? Again, the public is unlikely to stand for an apparent double standard.

Then there is the question of a self-pardon. I have long maintained that a president can pardon himself.

That would mean that the election could become a vote on who you want protected from prosecution: Biden (under the DOJ rule) or Trump (under a self pardon).

While many celebrate Bragg restoring life to the statutorily deceased, they should consider what he has wrought.

Bragg is releasing this case into a public that is already on edge.

Polls show that a large number of Americans believe that the legal system is being politicized and hold both state and federal government in suspicion.

A fifth of Americans now view the government as the greatest threat facing the nation.  What is truly shocking is that 53% in one poll agreed with the statement that the FBI acts like “Biden’s Gestapo.”

This case could well succeed at trial, but it will come at a great cost even if overturned on appeal. It is inviting other prosecutors to act with the same political abandon.

In the 1931 movie, Dr. Frankenstein was warned, “You have created a monster, and it will destroy you!”

Bragg is risking the reanimation of more than a cadaverous crime. Indeed, he could single-handedly reanimate the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Jonathan Turley is an attorney and a professor at George Washington University Law School.

240 thoughts on “It’s Moving, It’s Alive! Alvin Bragg Prepares the Ultimate Frankenstein Indictment”

  1. I’m still hoping the rumored indictment is just a hoax. If they actually take custody of Mr. Trump under these dubious circumstances and he gets harmed, there is no telling where this will land.

    So does the Secret Service arrest and extradite Mr. Trump? Does the DOJ, which declined a similar case, participate in his arrest anyway? Does Mr. Trump dismiss his Secret Service detail to prevent his arrest and extradition to a lynch mob? Does Governor Desantis offer state troopers for Mr. Trump’s protection?

    All this for a jumped-up, woke, city prosecutor?? Really?? Really?!?!?

    This is reckless. I’m sick of being ruled by juveniles. This better be a joke.

    1. All good points, Diogenes! Neither NYC nor NYS is known for its adroit allocation of taxpayer resources. Consider AG Letitia James weekend “story hour.”

      1. Catherine, I’m sorry NYC has become a habitat for insanity. I visited NYC in the 90’s and it was wonderful. I did, again, last year, and it was not wonderful. I feel for any New Yorkers who have suffered through NYC’s fall from grace.

        1. @Diogenes

          My wife lived in Harlem when we met. There is also a family home where my cousin lives in Pearl River, they have been there fir over 60 years.

          We moved over a decade ago. We’ve been back a couple of times since, and it has fallen so far we will not be returning ever again. NYC is unrecognizable. The same is true of Los Angeles and the Bay area. These are no longer functional places, and it is sad indeed.

          1. Diogenes and James, I have had a place to call “home” in NY since I was born and have watched the city evolve through good and bad times. The left has constantly destroyed all beauty and tries to make the city unlivable. That is why the city almost went bankrupt under democrat leadership.

            Today, NYC Democrats support criminals and provide little for regular working people. For me it is very sad.

  2. “[I]t will look like Democrats are piling on to knock Trump out of the race for 2024.” (JT)

    “look like”?!

  3. oday might prove to be a very interesting and concerning day in American history.

    If what is promised to occur does….the Country shall have to contemplate the utter disregard of the Rule of Law by partisan Democrat political scheming in its unrelenting subversion of the Election Process.

    It is bad enough we see the media dutiful agents of the Democrat Party, the Department of Justice, the FBI, senior members of the Intelligence Community, local Prosecutors, and radical Leftists on School Boards, City Councils, County Commissions, State Governments along with Union Leadership , senior members of the US Military but now we see yet another attempt to decide a National Election by a corrupt effort done in the clear light of day.

    You do not have to be a Trump supporter or even like Trump a little bit to understand what is so wrong about what is going on in New York. It matters not that it is Trump who is the target of this.

    The harm is being done to all of us….as this sordid act of corrupt Prosecutors destroys any notion of our voting and participation in the political process having meaning or value as it can all be undone in such an vile way. That means Democrats, Republicans,, Libertarians, Communists, and the Green Party all lose their ability to help determine the future of this country.

    DA Bragg is only the latest example of government interfering with the judicial l process for partisan political purposes….and that is not the way our system of government is supposed to operate and it should not be condoned, applauded, or tolerated. Some issues should unite the People and this abuse of our basic rights is one of them. Not for Trump’s sake….not at all….but for all of us including Trump.

  4. Can Bragg go forward if the Grand Jury determines that the evidence is not convincing, i.e, Costello’s testimony has sufficiently impeached Cohen’s, and fails to vote for indictment?.

    1. In a word: Yes. There’s no statute of precedent that says a DA must follow a Grand Jury’s recommendation.

  5. Daniels is still doing porn, per Fox she is about to come out with a new skin flick. This story is so biblical Americana in its truest and absurdist form = look what one blonde with big boobs has wrought, just ask Cohen, Avenatti, Trump, soon Bragg, to borrow from Shakespeare, beware the mounds of March. Add her ‘stage’ name Stormy is fitting based on what her ‘assets’ have unleashed.

  6. Bragg, NY Radical Left Soros Prosecutor Team, just like the NY AG but is more radical, along with the Soros, Radical Left Wing Democrats do not care about our Justice system, they are turning the US into a Banana Republic. They are relying on Michael Cohen, who is a fully discredited witness and his own former lawyers say he is out for revenge at any cost against Trump. The smart play by Bragg is to come out and say we have looked at everything and we are not moving forward but he won’t he is very radical and chief DA of a Banana Republic legal system

  7. Good morning Mr. Turley,
    I always look forward to reading your articles. Your objective and reasoned analysis of contemporary legal and constitutional issues is like a breath of fresh air. Thankyou. Indulge me while I don my tinfoil hat and suggest that the intent of Mr. Bragg’s indictment may not be to sideline Donald Trump by derailing his political aspirations, but more a strategy to incite a response from the MAGA community to further the narrative that they are “insurrectionists” and a threat to democracy. I.e., red meat for the left. A “transparently political prosecution” may be just what he has in mind. You outlined a superior prosecutorial path for ‘the powers that be’ if the motive were truly to bring Mr. Trump to justice. I bet they don’t take it.

  8. The Democrats want to run against Trump in 2024 as he looks easiest to beat. Bragg’s assignment is to bring this case against Trump, knowing it will ultimately fail, but hoping to inflame Trump’s base thus insuring Trump will win the nomination.

    1. Trump is already well ahead of DeSantis.

      Republicans are pretty agressively pushing the Weaponization of Government argument.

      This inflames more than Trump’s base.

      About the only thing that I can see is that the left is hoping for political violence.

      This is also supposed to be a distraction from the Biden Crime Family.

      1. John Say,
        It is also a distraction for the entire Biden admin.
        The economy/inflation. Note, Amazon is going to lay off another 9,100 employees. So much for this strong as hell economy.
        The SVB bail out that was not a bail out that IS a bail out, for all those Democrat donors and Chinese companies.
        The proxy war against Russia. Xi is in Moscow meeting with Putin, and Zelensky is open to a China mediated cease fire and possible peace talks . . . the Biden admin has said there will be no cease fire.

        1. As a matter of national prestige and as the worlds sole remaining superpower, the US should be trying to bring peace in Ukraine.

          Xi is more dangerous than Putin.

          But if the only way to stop this is for China to broker a deal – PLEASE stop this.

          This war should never have occured – and that is on BIDEN for multiple reasons.

          There are lots of dead people in Ukraine and Russia as a consequence of this war.

          I would be absolutely ecstatic if Russia was chased out of Ukraine and Crimea.

          But I would be happy with an end to the slaughter and decline in the risk of nuclear war.

          Russia’s future are BLEAK no matter what. Ukrainians in Donbas and Crimea should not have to live under russian rule for another day much less decade.

          But how many dead soldiers and civilians should we trade to accomplish now, what is inevitable ?

          I have no problem arming Ukraine – with reason.
          But PEACE is the goal.

          If the Ukrainians and Russians are prepared to end the slaughter – we should be leading that effort.
          Not interfering.

          1. John,

            What’s wrong with you? When do you think whatever happened to you?

            Consider doing a thought experiment for yourself.

            In your head instead of arguing for the US & Ukraine against Russia you now argue for Russia’s positions. If you can.


            I would be absolutely ecstatic if Russia was chased out of Ukraine and Crimea.

            But I would be happy with an end to the slaughter and decline in the risk of nuclear war.

            Russia’s future are BLEAK no matter what. Ukrainians in Donbas and Crimea should not have to live under russian rule for another day much less decade.

            But how many dead soldiers and civilians should we trade to accomplish now, what is inevitable ?


            You would not just feel better, not just Happy, but you say you’s be Ecstatic?

            Where are you getting/eating that type of Hog Slop Propaganda?

            If anyone bothered to have listened at least the last 20 yrs+ to the Russians they been telling us what they had have & the anti-Trump War Mongers people have been ignoring it.

            I couldn’t blame Putin if he did nuke those globalist azzholes at some point soon.

            1. But how many dead soldiers and civilians should we trade to accomplish now, what is inevitable

              WE? Do the people of Ukraine get a seat at the table you have set?

              1. The people of Ukraine do not have a voice in the choices of the US.

                The US did not intervene when China violently put down the people of Hong Kong.

                The US did not intervene when Iran put down its own people.

                There are conflicts across the globe and with rising food insecurity there will be more.

                In many instances – such as Ukraine our bad choices are contributing factors to these conflicts.
                That does not create an obligation or duty on the part of the US.

                Regardless, let me be unequivocal – Russia’s demise is inevitable, and it is likely within the next decade.
                Russia has many unsolvable problems that will lead to some form of collapse, and to the extent we have any obligation at all it is to prepare for the failure of a nation with half the worlds nuclear weapons.

                Russia has possibly the worst demographics in the world, they do not have sufficient young people to continue to produce and that problem gets worse with each year. Their population is collapsing.

                China and Japan has similar problems on an even larger scale – but Russia is ahead of them on the Curve.
                Much of Europe has similar problems – slightly behind China and Japan.
                Parts of South america are on the same trend line but further delayed.

                The US has the same problem – but at a scale that with between 2-4M immigrants per year we can manage.

                Regardless Russia WILL inevitably fail within the next decade.
                This war has likely accelerated that in numerous ways.
                Russia’s demographics already skew old and female – and they have likely lost 100K young men as casualties.
                Many more as injuries and possibly 1M have fled the country.

                They have has massive western disinvestment. Everyone form Exxon to McDonalds has left the country.
                Russia does not even have the capacity to maintain their own energy production long term.
                They have circumstances similar to Venezeula – except worse. 80% of Russian energy production is in arctic or sub arctic conditions. If those pipelines do not continue to flow, if the wells do not continue to pump, they will freeze and it is highly unlikely that Russia ha the ability to restart them without help.

                This is not about echoing Russian propoganda. It is about the reality that we have a slowly failing superpower,
                and that is going to be a far more consequential problem in the next decade than Ukraine.

                Worse this was foreseable. From the collapse of the USSR forward – the US should have been focused on better relations with Russia, not worse – just as we have improved our relation with Saudi Arabia.
                The Saudi’s are NOT a nation that shares our value. They are merely a useful ally in a region where we need allies.

                The US would have dealt more effectively with Russia by NOT threatening to bring NATO right to her doorstep.

                Obama made numerous overatures to improve relations with Russia. Most of these were Thwarted by interferance from Biden and Clinton. Left wing nuts who needed the Collusion Delusion effectively precluded Trump from any effort to improve relations to Russia. And now we have a President who has taken their money and is desparate to prove he is not beholden to them, and that he is an effective leader after botching the Afghan withdrawl.

                Russia needs peace, Ukraine needs peace, Europe needs peace, the world needs peace.

                The global consequences of long term diminishing energy, fertilizer, and grain are disastrous.

            2. I am not arguing for or against Putin.

              Putin and Russia are consequential to the US for one reason only – they have half the worlds nukes.
              And worse they are a failing nation.

              That must be our focus. That should have been our focus for the past 30 years.

              We work with countries with authoritarian leaders all the time – some are our allies.

              1. “Putin and Russia are consequential to the US for one reason only – they have half the worlds nukes. And worse they are a failing nation.”

                John, we are on the same page. I always worry when governments with power or nukes are failing. Failing often leads to terrible, sometimes suicidal decisions. I started worrying about Russia’s failing when our country talked about a peace dividend that would never be realized.

                1. Pakistan is effectively bankrupt at the moment and they have Nukes and a significant population that is just short of Terrorists.

                  There are many many problems in the world right now.

                  Some of those are inevitable. Such as Russias likely collapse.

                  Some are the direct consequence of Bad Covid decisions compounded by Bad fiscal decisions in response to covid.
                  Some of those fall on Trump – but the most harmful are Biden’s responsibility.

                  Some are a direct consequence of this war.

                  All these factors are interacting to destabilize the entire world.

                  We are running into food and energy shortages and inflation.

                  And those in the US should not forget EVER that we are the 1%of the world.
                  When food and gas here is expensive – it is unaffordable in much of the world.

                  The last time we had circumstances like this the entire mideast started burning.
                  And this time is worse.

                  And we have hordes of left wing nuts all worried about complete nonsense.

          2. There are no dead people in Russia. There are dead Russians in Ukraine. Proper syntax is important to the facts.

  9. I’m hung up on the enhancement to felony, by claiming the misdemeanor is in furtherance of the crime, Bragg claiming the NDA was an undeclared campaign contribution, is the crime. Bragg is making a claim that does not exist. the FEC dismissed the notion the NDA was a campaign contribution. The hypothetical. Trump writes 2 personal checks. One for the NDA and one to his campaign. Both are actually campaign contribution? It’s just stupid. But Bragg is taking stupid as his Super Power.

    And the obvious Statute of limitations expiring. The “crime” would have been committed March 22, 2018, or after. Our legal expert svelaz can explain that to all of us that learned to count, back in the day.

    Movies require the audiences, ‘willing suspension of disbelief’, in order to accept the movie plot. Democrats are demanding the same, when it comes to the written LAW.

    1. Iowan2: Good points.
      ( and I add that although I cited NY (not federal) provisions that serve to extend the SOL, even there, what appears to operate as a “statute of repose” in included at the end, to wit: “…However, in no event shall the period of limitation be extended by more than five years beyond the period otherwise applicable under subdivision two.”

      1. @Lin,
        I’m sorry but the tolling doesn’t make sense.

        What would cause the pause? Trump as POTUS?
        Why would you consider adding the two statute of limitations (5+2) vs just extending the initial period from 2yrs to 5yrs?

        The other issue is how does a State DA invoke a Federal Charge? Meaning if this was an FEC violation, how does Bragg charge Trump if he’s not the FEC?
        That’s like a cop pulls you over for speeding and then charges you for federal tax evasion. (Sorry, I don’t even have a good example to compare this to.)


        1. Hello Ian: Here is my comment to edwardmahl:
          lin says:
          March 21, 2023 at 12:21 PM

          edwardmahl: (Sorry to step in here, but did you read the part where Prof. Turley mentions Bragg’s attempt to combine state and federal? Click on the red link where the professor states “Bragg is combining parts from both state and federal codes,” supra. This will take you to a previous post in The HIll where Turley discusses the refashioning of the federal violation into a state violation: “While we still do not know the specific state charges in the anticipated indictment, the most-discussed would fall under Section 175 for falsifying business records, based on the claim that Trump used legal expenses to conceal the alleged hush-payments.” Hence, my previous comments yesterday regarding SOL tolling.
          I think SOL is an issue, and I think Braggs, et al, are trying to defeat it by using NY’s tolling mechanisms, since a federal prosecution chance appears to have long expired. Just a muse on my part.
          But even so, as I pointed out in a different comment, even if the SOL can be extended/tolled under NY law, NY’s provision still has an operable “statute of repose,” to wit,
          “…However, in no event shall the period of limitation be extended by more than five years beyond the period otherwise applicable under subdivision two. ”

          Am I answering your question? Sorry if not.

    2. As Best as I can tell Bragg’s legal theory is

      If the payment was from the campaign – that would be a crime that I can prosecute.
      But because Trump did NOT pay the money from the campaign.
      I can claim that he SHOULD have and there fore it is a crime to not call it a campaign contribution.

      Essentially Trump is guilty of NOT committing a crime.

      Core to this is that Bragg’s legal theory is that no one with political aspirations can EVER pay anyone for an NDA.

      That is not going to fly.

      This is all very Levanti Beria.

    3. Great comment Iowan! The facts of this case are just another manifestation of how our nation is being dumbed down by the left. The legal arguments in this case are absurd on their face, asinine in their logic and unexplainable to any person able to think beyond partisan hatred. We have seen people like Joy Reid and Al Sharpton get prime time television shows on a somewhat major network even as they spew the dumbest garbage ever seen on the airwaves, or cable. We have the Kardashians becoming “stars” and last BUT NOT LEAST we have the moronic lies and absurdities that emanate from the president’s own mouth. The idiotic inanities that Joe Biden and his spokeditz spew are just plain old dumb.

      Of course we also have the media, the main culprit, going along with this dumbing down of America. They were fine with Jim Acosta being a rude and moronic idiot at the press conferences EVERY DAAMND DAY, but yesterday an African reporter was tossed out by KJP and, now this is important, the AP reporter APOLOGIZED to KJP and the nation (?) for the attitude of…THE REPORTER.

      It is over my friends, the left has taken over the schools, including the J schools, and we are reaping the whirlwind. We no longer have a reasonable press and too many Americans remain uninformed about what is really happening. When a 1000 illegals stormed the gates last week the news, other than Fox, never even mentioned it and so it never happened.

      1. hullbobby: Chicken Little to the rescue! After reading comments from the likes of you, Olly, Upstate, Iowan, Diogenes, Mespo, Daniel, JohnB, SMeyer, Karen, Cindy Bragg, Estovir, and more, I have faith that there are enough people to see through all this, and I have not lost the notion that America will survive. All we need is more Sunshine to expose the germs and sterilize our nation! The good professor helps with this forum for your expressions.

    4. Iowan2 – I grasp the argument that the paying off the blackmailer was a “campaign contribution” and that it should have been reported in a monthly report in November 2016. But the SOL is 5 years from the accrual of the claim. 18 U.S.C. § 2462 Any claim accruing on, for example, November 1, 2016 expired on October 31, 2021. There is no applicable tolling statute. If the duty to report claim is lapsed, and the “false bookeeping” claim lapsed in 2018, how can there be a surviving SOL of any kind? Perhaps I am missing something.
      Here is another point: it is the policy of the law to favor settlements of disputes. It is impossible for a candidate to settle a blackmailing claim, if that claim must be reported to the FEC.
      Regading the nexus betweeen the books and the FEC filing. Bragg may be arguing that the allegedly false bookeeping entry (presumably on an accounts payable ledger) was in aid of the crime of not reporting the campaign contribution. But the payment could have been reported to the FEC even if the AP ledger showed the money as “legal fees”. In other words, the AP designation did not control the decision of whether to report the payment as a campaign contribution. .It might be argued that the bookeeping designation could have hidden the payment from FEC invesitigators. But if they had been informed of the payment by Ms. Stormy, they would not have relied upon the characterization of the payment in the AP Ledger; they would only have wanted to see that the payment had been made. BTW – what is the accounting standard for reporting payment to a blackmailer? Isn’t “legal expenses” a fair description?
      Final comment: in the run-up to the 1992 Presidential election, Bill Clinton sent out his agents, including George Stephanopoulos, to buy-off/ intimidate women who might make make embarrassing claims against Clinton. Was the money spent on this effort a “campaign contribution”? If it was, why was Clinton not prosecuted? And why have all the left-wing legal commentators not bemoaned that “no one should be above the law”?

      1. edwardmahl: (Sorry to step in here, but did you read the part where Prof. Turley mentions Bragg’s attempt to combine state and federal? Click on the red link where the professor states “Bragg is combining parts from both state and federal codes,” supra. This will take you to a previous post in The HIll where Turley discusses the refashioning of the federal violation into a state violation: “While we still do not know the specific state charges in the anticipated indictment, the most-discussed would fall under Section 175 for falsifying business records, based on the claim that Trump used legal expenses to conceal the alleged hush-payments.”

        Hence, my previous comments yesterday regarding SOL tolling.)

      2. I grasp the argument that the paying off the blackmailer was a “campaign contribution”

        Obviously you do not ‘grasp’. anything. NO blackmail. Just a common everyday NDA. No admission of any acts, in exchange for money. Companies do it all the time.

        I corrected you eronious claim. Carry on

  10. To the woke Left, Mr. Bragg, and most voters in New York City, the end justifies the means. They hate Donald Trump. They don’t care if it twists common sense, legal theory, or violates the law as long as it obtains a conviction. Thanks to Mr. Bragg, mob justice is now ok in America. Thank you, Jonathan, for an excellent article.

    1. Those on the left should spend more time doing their actual job and less trying to Get Trump or others.

  11. This will indeed bring light on the former President and the media attention will work very much to his advantage as it plays to his strength. He thrives on controversy. Biden on the other hand is about as exciting as watching the paint peel on the wall while the grandfather clock chimes once in a while. Tick tock….tick tock…

    Their blind hatred against the front runner of the 2024 campaign and willingness to weaponize the justice department to take him out is chilling. This also puts a spotlight on the level of depravity and corruption that has gripped our once respected institutions. How bizarre.

    1. Absolutely Trump will play this to the hilt.

      And there is nothing that the left can do about it.

      Does anyone think Trump will follow a gag order ?
      Does anything think the Supreme court will uphold a gag order by a lower court against a former president and Current announced presidential candidate.

      By proceeding they Guarantee that he will have a political forum for the next 2 years.

      He will be screaming political weaponization of the law and government
      and he will be correct, and it will be obvious to most.

  12. Dr. Turley’s fascination with old movies is a nice touch but he seems to not know the history behind author Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The story takes place in 17th century Europe at a time when electricity was being examined. After Italian physician Luigi Galvani (1737-1798) showed that one could make frog muscles twitch by jolting them with electrodes from his electrostatic machine, Shelley had her story and plot. Just as there’s a “backstory” to the Frankenstein story, likewise, there’s a backstory to Bragg’s prosecution of Trump in NYC. It begins with support from George Soros for lawyers trained not in the art and science of law but in how it might be used to achieve specific outcomes, such as elimination of one’s political opponents. But just as Shelley’s Frankenstein was fiction and electricity was not the magic key to life, so, too, is Bragg’s unseemly and improper perversion of our great legal system to achieve his evil objective. Both are scary and fictionalized accounts but end happily when the curtain is drawn and the lights are turned on.

    1. It begins with support from George Soros for lawyers trained not in the art and science of law but in how it might be used to achieve specific outcomes,

      I like your Concise definition of a Soros prosecutor.

      Just labeling someone a “Soros prosecutor” comes across as a baseless pejorative. I advise all to stop saying the ‘soros prosecutor’. Instead, say a few more words. “Bragg is a prosecutor that is using prostituting the law to achieve a political outcome, NOT seeking justice.”

    2. Soros’s perversion of our legal system, the money. With all the billions fleeced by our 2 major political parties, really have to wonder where it all went / goes, for elections. It’s amazing to me how Soros has fundamentally impacted our legal system negatively and country every day (look at the crime stats in cities his DAs control) with $300K here, a $million there campaign contributions, on the cheap. He has created all this havoc for less than 10 million dollars.

  13. At this point, I wonder almost daily if Pandora’s Box is already open and that’s just that. Our modern Dems have redefined corruption and hatred and rolled back the clock on every single form of progress we have made as a species over the past 100 years. Aristocracy doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    Unfortunately, my own brother, otherwise a very good person, is someone with terminal TDS, and is cheering this on. The abdication of logic, basic human compassion, and critical thought is truly stunning, and quite frankly – frightening. He would be delighted to see Trump beheaded on live TV, our basest instincts seem to have taken over for many of us. This will not end well, regardless of the outcome. I think it might already be too late to turn the corner. I really hope I am wrong. Even the slight possibility of Trump back in the White House would break that last ounce of self-control for some, and it would be very, very ugly.

    1. James, I will offer prayers for your dear brother. St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless cases, are you listening? 🙂

    2. We keep hearing that we must fear the violent right.

      Yet, the danger of violence is on the left.

  14. Is there anything that Trump hasn’t been credibly accused of – crimes, no ethics, boorish behavior, ignorance, selfishness, mistreatment of women, adultery, steadfast unwillingness to do the right thing, lying, tax evasion, and that ain’t all.

    1. Lots of things Trump has been accused of – but NOT credibly.

      If you think much of this is credible – you are lacking in critical thinking skills.

  15. Also giving Trump an unintentional boost this week is Ron DeSantis. By besmirching Trump in the midst of what was billed as an anti-Bragg, anti-government persecution press conference, DeSantis may have lost enough GOP voters to seal his political doom.

      1. DeSantis described Bragg as going after Trump for “porn star hush money payments.” Ramaswamy described Bragg as going after Trump for a “personal affinity.”

    1. Both Trump and DeSantis need to lay off each other.

      One of them is going to be the Republican nominee and if they are to win the election they will need to votes of the others supporters.
      They are somewhat different, but they are BOTH good choices.

      Regardless, it is Biden and Democrats that MUST loose – for the sake of the country.

      With few exceptions precisely which republican is president or vice president is far less important.
      Even a Milque Toast republican for 4 years would be a vast improvement.

    2. How did he “besmirch” Trump? Is there anyone alive who doubts that Daniels’s story is true?! Even Trump himself admits that he’s a shameless adulterer; his admission is what makes him shameless. So why would anyone not believe Daniels? The point, however, is that this isn’t about Trump, it’s about Bragg. Trump is a moral degenerate, but not a criminal, so Bragg has no business persecuting him.

  16. The Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg should be disbarred and removed from office due to his abuse of power and his pure Stalinist totalitarian “show me the man and I’ll find you the crime” political witch hunt. The Stalinist totalitarian actions of this man cannot stand in the United States of America, this is anti-Constitutional.

  17. in NYC he will win with a progressive clown jury. They are stupid and put party above all else.

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