Res Ipsa Hits 70,000,000

crowd vj dayToday, Res Ipsa passed the 70,000,000 mark in views on the blog.  We have used these moments to give thanks for our many regular readers around the world and share our traffic data to give you an idea of the current profile of readers around the world. We do not have a running data page so these periodic postings allow our community to see the traffic profile of our blog. So let’s get at it.

As always, I want to offer special thanks for Darren Smith, who has continued to help manage the blog and help out folks who encounter posting problems.  I also want to thank our editor Kristin Oren, who continues her amazing work proofing posts on a daily basis to remove my embarrassing typos. I also wish to thank Hartwell Harrison for his effort to catch errors as well as others who alert me to typos or any violations of the civility or copyright policies on the blog.

We have continued to post significantly higher traffic numbers every month. Last year, we had the best year on our history and set records every month. Many months were double the traffic numbers from the prior record, including last month. This month is following the pattern.

So here is our current profile:

As of this morning, we have  21,212 posts and 1,258,560 comments. We have also continued our steady rise on Twitter and currently show roughly 470,000 followers.  We have roughly 11,100 people who follow us on WordPress and 7,300 by direct emails (which you can subscribe to with the box on the right side of the blog home page).

In the last month, our ten biggest international sources for readers came from:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
  6. France
  7. Netherlands
  8. Unknown Region
  9. India
  10. Japan

The top five posts in terms of readership in the last month were:

  1. Mouse Trap: Disney Reportedly Lost Over a Quarter of a Billion Dollars on Two Woke Movies
  2. Defamed by ChatGPT: My Own Bizarre Experience with Artificiality of “Artificial Intelligence”
  3. WMU Professor Accuses University of Retaliation Over His Renouncing His Gay Identification

8 thoughts on “Res Ipsa Hits 70,000,000”

  1. Thank you so much for these intelligent, insightful blog. Sundays are hard with no Res Ipsa post, but you always make up for it on Monday.

  2. Congratulations, JT (and DS).

    “our editor Kristin Oren”

    Be very nice to her. She’s all that stands between you and an orange jumpsuit.

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