Turley to Speak at Event with Larry Krasner at The University of Chicago

Today, I have the pleasure of returning to the University of Chicago for a talk on law and politics. I will be joined by Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District Attorney. It is all part of the alumni events at UChicago, my alma mater.  Both Krasner and I were graduates of the 1983 class as were figures like commentator and columnist David Brooks. This weekend has been a wonderful opportunity not only to spend time with my soon-to-be 96-year-old mother on the Northside but to return to my alma mater.  When I was looking at other universities over 40 years ago, I was advised by a counselor that UChicago was the only place for socially dysfunctional nerds like myself. He was right and I have long been proud of the school for remaining a bastion of free speech, including being ranked as the number one free speech school in the country.

Here is the announcement for the event at 10:30 a.m:

A Conversation with Larry Krasner and Jonathan Turley on the Intersection of Law and Politics in Current Events

Harper Memorial Library, Classroom 140, 1116 E. 59th St.

Larry Krasner, AB’83, Philadelphia district attorney, and Jonathan Turley, AB’83, J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at the George Washington University Law School, have been two of the most influential figures on legal issues of our generation. They return to UChicago to discuss the myriad of controversies at the intersection of law and politics, from free speech to impeachments to the Supreme Court to criminal justice. The conversation will offer a unique opportunity to hear from two alumni on the front line of our legal-political debates.

P.S.: Here are a few pictures from the beautiful UChicago campus including inside the new Rubenstein Forum building:

10 thoughts on “Turley to Speak at Event with Larry Krasner at The University of Chicago”

  1. Professor Turley, I’m curious…when you book this sort of speaking engagement, do you ask the organizers about their cancellation policy?

    No, not that sort of cancellation…what’s their policy — or more specifically, what guarantee do they provide — that you will actually be allowed to speak to your audience without interference/cancellation/intimidation?

    I know they can’t guarantee that there won’t be disruptions, but do they offer any assurances that they will not allow you to be shut down?

      1. We’re all familiar with the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

        Sometimes some words are worth more than that.

  2. God bless your mother and you Jonathan! I was living at Clark and Belden as a DePaul undergraduatewhen you were attending Parker and probably passed you 1000 times without even knowing it. I truly appreciate your Fox News contributions.

    1. Michael – Are you sure that Turley went to Parker? What years was he there? He and I are the same age so I would have expected him to be in my class, but he wasn’t.

  3. Nothing wrong with being a socially dysfunctional nerd. Sometimes that is just who we all and sometimes circumstance or illness thrusts the role on us. The question is what we do with it. Many of us out there do just fine. It can be a harder road in many cases but the success at the end can be all so much sweeter.

  4. I see an afternoon visit to Ann Sather’s with your Mom in the near future. 🥧

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