“Nothing to See Here”: Members and the Media Panic as the Biden Scandal Mounts

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Below is my column in the New York Post on the last ditch effort of the members of Congress and the media to get the public to just “move on” from the Biden corruption scandal. The message has been clear and amplified, as former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) insisted on MSNBC, “Everybody needs to back off!” As evidence and public interest increase, it is a bit late for spin or shiny objects. This week, the scandal is likely to be even more serious for the Bidens and the country. The media is increasingly taking on the appearance of Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun yelling that there is “nothing to see here” in front of a virtual apocalyptic scene of fire and destruction.

Here is the column:

“I wonder after this plea happens if you would advise your party to move on?”

That question from CBS’s “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan to Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie was raised just days before a former business associate of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, gives potentially explosive testimony to a House committee in the Biden corruption scandal.

The media’s desire to “move on” from the scandal is reaching an almost frantic level, as millions in foreign payments and dozens of corporate shell companies are revealed, and incriminating emails are released.

The same plaintive demand was made in congressional hearings.

What was most striking about the last hearing involving two respected IRS whistleblowers was how Democratic members avoided virtually any specific questions.

The members discussed everything from the Emmett Till murder in 1955 to whether the term “two-tiered justice system” is racially insensitive … and of course, Donald Trump.

It was clear that the release of the new evidence of corruption had left no room to maneuver for both Democrat politicians and the media.

Any question would now trip a wire on the Bidens, so most avoid the allegations in favor of talking about Trump or other shiny objects.

The only member who was unwise enough to venture into the allegations was Rep. Dan Goldman (D.-N.Y.) and the result was disastrous for the Democrats.

Goldman bizarrely raised one of the most damaging new pieces of evidence in the investigation.

He asked about a “lunch where Joe Biden came to say hello at the Four Season’s hotel to a lunch that he was having with CEFC executives.”

He then read how Biden associate Rob Walker described the origins of the meeting with the Chinese officials to get his dad to stop by: “Hunter told his Dad that ‘I may be trying to start a company or try to do something with these guys.’ “

Goldman asked slyly, “Now let me ask you something, that doesn’t sound much like Joe Biden was involved in whatever Hunter was doing with the CEFC, if Hunter Biden is telling him that he is trying to do business with them, does it?”

That is when Shapley stated the obvious: “No, but it does show that he told his father that he was trying to do business and . . . ” Goldman finally saw that problem and cut him off with “OK, well that is true that Hunter Biden does try to do business, that is correct.”

The problem is that Goldman just elicited sworn testimony on how Joe Biden did in fact know about these business dealings despite years of categorical denials of having any knowledge or interaction with Hunter or his business associates.

Goldman demolished the Biden defense in less than five minutes.

Now, Archer is expected to testify that Joe Biden participated in actual telephone calls with them. That will allow investigators to build further on the foundation Goldman laid.

Archer will join other witnesses like Hunter’s business associate Tony Bobulinski, who said that he sat down with Joe Biden to discuss the deals. Bobulinski was instructed by Biden associate James Gilliar not to speak of the former veep’s connection to any transactions.

No matter the severity of the revelations, the liberal media calls the investigations a “clown show.

Others have continued to tell the public that there remain no alleged ties from Hunter to President Biden despite emails, pictures and witness testimony.

Yet it is becoming harder and harder to avoid these details.

With the possible testimony of Hunter’s business associates, the only hope is that Republicans might be convinced to “move on.”

What was most notable about the question to Christie was the reference to the plea bargain.

A year ago, I wrote a column on how the political and media establishment would likely use a “scandal implosion” approach as the evidence mounted over the corruption allegations.

After the Democrats lost the House, there was a need to cap off the scandal and I suggested that the Justice Department would secure a light plea on a couple tax counts with little or no jail time.

Members and the media would then declare the scandal closed and demand that we all “move on.”

It is unnerving to see how the response unfolded so precisely as predicted. Members made repeated reference to the plea bargain to avoid further discussion.

Rep. Kweisi Mfume (D.-Md.) was positively irate that “We are doing this all over again for the Hunter Biden show to someone who has pleaded guilty and has taken responsibility for not filing taxes for two years. This is ludicrous. Beam me up, Scotty. There’s no intelligent life down here. None.”

He then tore up papers in disgust.

Members and the media were literally citing a plea bargain as dispositive, even as two lead investigators were saying it was fixed and politically influenced.

Some in the media attacked these two IRS veterans as “so-called whistleblowers” (just as members previously attacked “so called journalists” for discussing censorship records).

Others insisted that the allegations were still “unproven” or “unverified” while showing the same lack of interest in establishing the truth.

Notably, these same media outlets did wall-to-wall coverage of the false Russian collusion claims in the Steele dossier.

They are now simply shrugging off what could be one of the most serious corruption scandals in modern history despite the testimony of highly credible whistleblowers and thousands of pages of supporting evidence.

None of this is going to work, of course. The public has long ago lost trust in the media. Indeed, the “Let’s Go, Brandon” movement is as much a mocking of the media as it is the President.

Polls show that the public is not “moving on” and now view this as a major scandal. A majority believes that Hunter has received special protection in the investigation. While the media can continue to suppress the evidence and allegations within their own echo-chambered platforms, truth like water has a way of finding a way out.

The scandal is moving forward with or without the media.

Jonathan Turley is an attorney and professor at George Washington University Law School.

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  1. I don’t know whether Joe Biden was “sitting” next to Hunter when he made the text about the money. You can write anything (threat) in a text if there is no video with it. But I do know that the board of Rosemont Seneca had a very interesting collection of political pedigree–Heinz, Bulger, Biden. Supposedly he was going to plead guilty about not paying taxes for “2” years. How many years had he actually not paid taxes and possibly lots of $$$ based on the number of $0s that were being thrown around? In the meantime, the government wants to know about every $600 deposit/withdrawal/transfer? It’s all just so strange. Wouldn’t you like to get to the “root cause” (as VP Harris likes to call it) of what is going on? Is our country actually compromised?

  2. I seem to remember an image of a “mostly peaceful protest” scene in front of a thoroughly burning car dealership…

  3. Brilliant. It was about time someone connected the dots. Alas, Hunter will get the Bill Clinton treatment from the #MeToo crowd, a total pass. Hunter indeed exploited women though dont expect SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Jackson to defend them since she can not define what a woman is. What goes around comes around

    Hunter Biden investigation: MTG and Comer urge DOJ to uphold rights of women ‘exploited’ by first son

  4. Well Johnathan you have come a long ways. We will know you have passed the Rubicon when you start pointing out smear jobs by WSJ yesterday on 2000 Mules. Kind of like Belly Barr when asked about 2000. Some guy drives by a ballot drop box 5 times, who cares. That could be anybody. The IRS agents and maybe a couple FBI agents wanted to check Joes the Plumber cell phone during time Hunter claiming Joe sitting beside him when he was doing the one of many Chinese shakedowns. Johnathan when you fiugure out the 20 election was dirty you will have reached the promised land. Thanks for getting half way there. The Bidens have been dirtier for longer than the Clintons. Not as big of a Grift but they tried their best. I can imagine a grift meeting where Joe is yelling at Jim and hunter and saying. look at what the Clintons have grifted. We got to pick up our game. One thing I will say for the Bid3ens they didnt grift using a charity.

  5. The Anonymous neanderthals have a problem with the truth.
    Hunter Biden put then-VP dad Joe on the phone with business associates at least 2 dozen times, ex-partner Devon Archer to testify

    Hunter Biden would dial in his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, on speakerphone into meetings with his overseas business partners, according to testimony expected before Congress this week from Devon Archer, the first son’s former best friend.

    Archer, 48, who is facing jail for his role in a $60 million bond fraud,

    1. If I knew a lot about this in 2020, the 3 letters certainly knew about it long before. The Ukraine gift is just a grain of sand on the beach of corruption.

      1. This is why real Americans stoped watching msm news. They only report state approved propaganda! Leaves the poor working joe uninfored!

  6. Jonathan: There is another “scandal” you don’t apparently want to talk about. That’s the fake elector scheme in the 2020 election. AGs in Michigan and Arizona are now conducting their own independent criminal investigations. Back in Jan. of last year Michigan’s AG, Dana Nessel, asked the DOJ to open a criminal investigation of the fake elector scheme in her state. Now she is not waiting. Last week she filed state felony criminal charges against 16 Republicans who acted as fake electors. I suspect the AG in Arizona will do the same.

    One name that has not been mentioned in the press in connection with the state criminal investigations is, you guessed it, Ginni Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas. She was active in promoting the fake elector scheme in various battleground states. Ginni got a pass from the J.6 House Committee. Although she was interviewed she never testified. She apparently walked away thinking she was home free.

    Spoiler’s alert! Thomas should think twice. She was at the center of the conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election. She sent emails to 29 Republicans in Arizona urging them to put up fake Trump electors. She was active in other states trying to do the same thing. I suspect Ginni Thomas is going to be visited by Nessel’s investigators sometime soon. That means she should get a good criminal defense lawyer to represent her. Maybe Harlan Crowe, the Thomas family benefactor, will get one of his lawyers to represent Thomas–maybe even paying all her legal bills. The big Q is whether Clarence will report all these “hospitality gifts” on his financial disclosure statement?

    1. And right on cue….there it is. I called it 2 days ago!

      Dennis again telling JT what he should write about. SO PREDICTABLE!

    2. Poor Denise.

      Go and watch that trial in Michigan.
      It will fall apart faster than the Fed’s creating the kidnapping attempt scandal.

      But anything is better than watching the Bidens go down for a real series of crimes.

      To be fair… if it was Trump doing this… I’d be in favor of his being impeached.
      Instead, the rabid Dims make lots of dubious claims to attack Trump.
      And they’ll end up getting him elected again.


    3. ” She was at the center of the conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election. “

      Dennis and his overactive imagination. After he gets his ECT he will start going after Al Gore and Hillary Clinton for their conspiracies to overturn an election. Dennis’s garbled mind can’t follow what Hillary and the Dems have done.

      All one has to do is ask Dennis for the facts. He doesn’t have any. He is caught. Give his bottle back to him.

    4. @Dennis McIntyre
      Thank you again for another great post Dennis! I have had questions about this specific topic ad you appear to be in a position to answer those questions for myself and any interested observers:

      1. In your statements, you repeatedly use the term “fake elector”? Can you provide the specific reference for the criminal law definition of that term?
      2. You intertwine the “fake elector” term with criminal investigations. One thus assumes that being a “fake elector” is a criminal activity. Can you provide specific code references that outlaw this activity?
      3. Who has the authority to determine if an elector is a “fake elector”? Is that a state or federal determination? More specifically, would that be a determination of a legislature since legislatures are directly responsible for the “manner” in which electors are selected?

      Thank you

      1. Very good, Show me.
        I was going to fashion much the same questions.
        But honestly, Dennis is too stupid to engage in the Socratic Method.
        Here is what Dennis is blissfully unaware of.

        EC Electors have to be confirmed by the State legislature. All Trump was doing is have Republicans in the State form a slate of electors…to be approved by the State Legislators, when needed. Dennis can squeal like a 12 year old girl about “fake” electors, but no such thing can exist.

  7. I have to admit it, former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) does look like Leslie Nielsen.
    To one: Thank God for you and your humor.
    To the other: Thank God for Josh Hawley.

    1. @Anon,

      That was a way to funnel some of the money back to Hunter.
      Follow the money and you’ll find more criminal activity that is being hidden behind the lawyer.


  8. This tweet by an *actual* journalist, Matt Taibbi, sums up the totalitarian Democrat Party of today —–>

    The Dems’ pitch is VOTE FOR US OR YOU’RE TREASONOUS SCUM. They mean it in a literal sense, whether it’s “Russian asset” @TulsiPress or “dangerous anti-Semitic and anti-Asian” @RFKJR or even @CornelWest, whose campaign manager Jill Stein was just called: “almost certainly a Russian agent” by James Carville.


  9. The commie point is…. let’s keep spending billions of tax $ chasing former President Trump. The idiots who were taken to school via the short bus will lap it up and we will have our way. American communist at woke… while the Republicans diddled themselves.

  10. Jonathan: I don’t think the major media is in “panic” over the House MAGA investigations of the Biden family. They are just pointing out the obvious. So far neither Jordan nor Comer has come up with any credible evidence to prove your allegation that the Bidens were involved in the “most serious corruption scandals in modern history”. Comer admits all his witnesses have gone missing including the Israeli/ American who has been indicted for being a unregistered foreign agent for the Chinese. He is on the run from the law.

    That leaves the two IRS agents who testified last week. Neither Shapley nor Ziegler are classic “whistleblowers”. And your use the adjective “respected” to describe them does not add to their credibility–or lack there of. They’re simply upset because they think the DOJ went easy on Hunter under pressure from the Biden administration. What you don’t mention is that the special prosecutor, David Weiss, wrote at least two letters to Jordan/Comer directly refuting the IRS agent allegations. Yet, apparently neither Jordan nor Comer wants to call Weiss to testify–despite his stated willingness to do so. Probably because Weiss, a lifelong Republican appointed too investigate Hunter by a Republican administration, would punch a big hole in the bubble of false accusations made by Jordan/Comer.

    When it comes to “serious corruption scandals” what Hunter did as a private citizen, influence peddling by throwing around his dad’s name to get lucrative business deals, pales in comparison with the vast corruption in the Trump WH. Hunter has never held an official position in the either the Obama or Biden administrations. Contrast that with Ivanka and Jared Kushner. Trump appointed his daughter and son-in-law to official positions in his WH. Jared spent most of his time protecting the corrupt Saudi regime–particularly over credible allegations the Saudi Crown Prince was responsible for the assassination of the Washington Post journalist. And what did Kushner get for his efforts. A big Saudi payback. Three days after he left the WH Jared received $2 billion from the Saudi government to start his investment company! Makes Hunter look like a piker doesn’t it? He never got a $2 billion payoff from the Chinese!

    Any chance you will urge either Jordan or Comer to look into Kushner’s payoff for working with the Saudi regime–one of the “most serious corruption scandals in modern history”? Slim to none, I would say. The MAGA Republicans and you are not really interested in government “corruption”. No, when it comes to “scandals” you and the House MAGA Republicans think the path to victory in 2024 is continue to gin up the unfounded claims about Hunter and his dad–hoping enough of the dirt will stick and enough moderate Republicans and Independents, maybe even some Dems, will vote for Trump or whoever is the GOP nominee. I’m not a betting man but I predict that next year most voters will have other issues on their mind. Hunter Biden will be just a distant memory. Your column, one of many on this subject, only shows you are the one in “panic” right now.

      1. Please stop attacking Dennis. I rely heavily on Dennis in questions of controversy to determine the truth. Dennis has proven himself to be wrong 100% of the time, without exception. Few on this message board have such an astounding and consistent record of accuracy. So, if we simply take the exact opposite of what Dennis writes, we will know precisely what is true

    1. Joe Biden is the most corrupt president in American history.
      And the useful idiot mouthpieces on MSLSD know it too.

      1. Sorry, that was “Crazy Abe” Lincoln who illegally threw the baby out with the bathwater—he threw the Constitution out with reprehensible slavery—beginning the incremental implementation of the principles of communism in America. Look around you, comrade. Start with those wholly unconstitutional monstrosities, Social Security and Medicare; try to find those in the Constitution. The antithetical, unconstitutional, and improperly ratified aberrations, the “Reconstruction Amendments,” only happened under the brutal, post-war military occupation and oppression that “Crazy Abe” and his successors inflicted on America. Slavery was on its way out; Washington freed his slaves in his will. Those long-suffering abductees deserved compassionate repatriation funded by the U.S. Treasury. End of conflict. End of story. Why is America all —— up to this day? The answer is “Crazy Abe” Lincoln.

        1. ROTFLMAO!!! That rambling provokes so many questions but life is not that long!
          Just for purposes of detail. what specific role did “Crazy Abe” play in “the antithetical, unconstitutional, and improperly ratified aberrations, the “Reconstruction Amendments,” only happened under the brutal, post-war military occupation and oppression…”?

          1. Precisely, my dear Watson!

            Communism is a continuum!

            Lincoln and his communist successors also WROTE the “fake,” propagandized history books that Americans have been forced to consume as indoctrination since that glorious day in April.

            And “Crazy Abe” was illicit, illegal and irrefutably unconstitutional from the outset to the conclusion of his “Reign of Terror” by his denial of fully constitutional, and absolutely not prohibited, secession, a constitutional right and a natural and God-given freedom that the Founders availed themselves of, or hadn’t you noticed with your unparalleled powers of perception?

            1. @George
              ROTFLMAO! Not answering the question speaks volumes, Lestrade!

              And the ‘Communism is a continuum!’ is so catchy!! Nice work! But a little worn, right?

              So is it correct to assume that you comments are really nothing more than an updated version the ‘Lost Cause’ version for the Civil War promoted by Jubal Early? Undoubtedly, ‘old Jubel would have and did view anything short of his views as “illicit, illegal and irrefutably unconstitutional”. And we know how that ended for him.

              BTW, how do you rationalize “secession, a constitutional right” and attacking without military provocation, a property of a country which you claimed you were no longer a part of? I mean, you had already ceded all rights to Fort Sumter to the US Gov. So why create a beef? Since you are still dwelling on that time period, do you think that Jubel and his crowd would have been better served in going after their “natural and God-given freedom” peacefully? I mean, if you pick a fight and lose very badly, can you then try to cover that action by ‘putting lipstick on a pig’ reasoning? The outcome represents such a severe miscalculation and devastation for Jubel’s crowd, you have to wonder if they truly represented their individual states. I mean, heck, do you think they polled the blacks and women about such a course? How about poor landless whites? Highly unlikely. And you expect no less from any good fascist. And under such circumstances, you have to question the legitimacy of their action on behalf of the region and the unrepresented.

              No need to answer, Lestrade. The failure to answer the previous question, the time lines involved and the old Jubel “Lost Cause” story line tells it all.

    2. When Dennis McIntyre makes a post we should all remind ourselves that Dennis believed that Trump peed on a couple of prostitutes in Moscow. RussiaGate was the first chapter in Dennis’s bible. Now after all thats happened Dennis thinks that we should take him seriously. Jesters are fun to watch but we recognize that they are being silly. Once they turn serious the circus turns and sour.

    3. These brainwashed lefties are for real…..they believe…..they are true believers…..they listen to “the science”….go take another “booster.”
      The only purpose of MSNBC, et al, is to brainwash with propaganda….disinformation….lies….
      MK Ultra is real and it is happening millions of brains…..they have been MK Ultra’d….just like Dennis.
      Very scary indeed.

    4. Hunter Biden will be just a distant memory, just like he hopes that poor grandchild will be.

    5. Dennis
      You finally said something that makes sense. Next election this won’t be on voters minds. They will be choosing between Kamala Harris (the incumbent) and either Glenn Youngkin or Ron Desantis.
      Joe will be writing his memoirs, having resigned for health reasons on the eve of impeachment.

      LMAO at you over and over again.

    6. Poor deluded Dennis
      Where is your PROOF of what Jared Cushner spent “most of his time” doing?
      If I were married to Ivanka, I know what I’d spend most of my time doing…

    7. @Dennis McIntyre
      Thank you for a less than inspiring and thoughtful approach. It is rare to see this much effort arranged to appear like anti-conspiracy theory against conspiracy theory. Bravo.

      “So far” no credible evidence. In whose view? Yours? No bias, right? Of course not. Besides, typically the accepted procedure is to wait until all evidence in in and the investigation concluded before making such pronouncements as ‘no credible evidence”. But that does not seem to be your style. Shocking.

      So your standard of moral, legal and appropriate is based on what Jared got and Hunter did not? Some standard. Are you offended Hunter did not get more $?
      How come the Democrats have not prosecuted Jared? And are you saying that if Jared is prosecuted, Hunter should be too? And if not, then Hunter should not, right? For those of us that are neither Repub or Dem fanatics, that is an outrageous claim.

      I’m not a betting man but I predict that next year most voters will have one main issue on their mind: They are sick and tired of seeing the people they pay salaries to ignore the same laws they have to obey, ignore the duties of the offices the citizens appointed them to serve in, pay much lesser penalties than other citizens do for the same crimes and watch those same bureaucrats turn government agencies upon the citizens. And all the while during all those partisan activities call anyone who opposes their views any and every name in the book that labels them less than scum and then censors/cancels them.

      There is no panic. There is only revulsion at what the Democratic party has become, an unprincipled fascist regime the only goal of which is power at the expense of the rights of the citizenry.

      1. Show Me,
        Well said.
        And right on about voters seeing the brazen two tiered justice system.
        This Independent voter is voting Republican no matter who the candidate is.
        Although I would not rule out RFK Jr. if he were on the ballot.

  11. It is inconceivable to me that Obama and Holder knew nothing about the Bidens’ activities and corruption yet there is not a whisper about Obama.

    1. @Jack…

      Obama is smarter than that.
      He knows that his payoff is coming after he is out of office.
      He can shake down businesses and make millions all legally thru deals.

      He could be an artist too and because he was former POTUS it would sell.
      But he and his wife are doing their thing and making tonnes of money.


  12. The question now is: Will Devon Archer make it to Congress Monday, or will he be “hanging” with Jeffrey Epstein or otherwise Arkancided?

    1. @George…

      Have you noticed the pattern of will he or wont he appear?

      There’s a bit of negotiation going on behind the scene thru his lawyer.
      Potential immunity vs. getting a potential pardon or easier prison time from the DoJ.

      Pitting one side vs. the other.

      He’ll be alive because its already too public.
      Now it wouldn’t be a suicide, but possibly a love triangle in prison gone wrong.

    2. Makes you wonder what Obama’s personal chef found out…..before he drowned….in a pond….in 8 feet of water…..

  13. Speaker of the House Kevin “The Bumpkin From Bakersfield” McCarthy, if you’re going to impeach “the President,” you’re going to have to impeach Obama.

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    – Barack Obama

    “[Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”

    – Lisa Page to FBI paramour Peter Strzok

  14. you forgot to mention the question by Rep Maxwell Frost (D) FL about various horrendous crimes against African-Americans. Brought up the Groveland 4. all trying to point out that black, brown and poor people are subjected to a two-tier justice system. And that the Hunter Biden case is not an example of two-tier justice system.
    The Democrats are nothing more than justice clowns. Jamie Raskin is the lead clown

  15. Thank you Rep. Dan Goldman (D.-N.Y.)!
    Without your insight and perspective we would have no notion as to the legitimacy of the circumstances surrounding these hearings.
    You boldly demonstrate the significance of experience in being not only a federal prosecutor but a legal analyst for MSNBC.
    Many were wondering when you folded to Letitia James. However, you have really flowered in your current position and exposed your value!

    1. I gotta hand it to Dennis and Gigi, at least they have been ashamed enough to lay low today. ATS gets the award again!

      1. The commie tag team is Dennis the Meanass and NUTCHACHACHA.

        Dennis is assigned to the “Turley Blog Desk” at the DNC.

        There is actually no Gigi.

      1. @Dan Goldman
        You are welcome, my little shlimazel!
        But why are all my Republican friends complimenting me about you while my Democrat friends refuse to speak to me?

  16. It’s time to start taking bets as to how much longer leading Democrat Party members and sympathizers will continue to fall further and ever more forcefully on their swords for the Big Guy.

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