The White House Changes Long-Standing Position of President on Hunter Biden’s Foreign Deals

Starting with his campaign for the presidency and continuing until this week, President Joe Biden has maintained one clear and consistent position on his son’s influence peddling schemes. As a virtual mantra, Biden — and the White House staff — have categorically maintained that he had no knowledge of any foreign dealings of his son. That has been proven to be a lie, but Biden continued to maintain the position. Yet, on the eve of the testimony of a key Biden associate, the White House has changed its position. Now the President is only claiming that he was “not in business” with his son.Some of us have written multiple columns over the last four years arguing that the President was clearly and knowingly lying in his denials of knowledge and discussions of these deals. Even when he made the statement, it was clearly untrue but most of the media shrugged and happily walked away.

Then the evidence began to mount.

The laptop includes pictures and appointments of Hunter’s foreign business associates with Joe Biden. There is also a recording of Joe Biden discussing a Times report on Dec. 12, 2018, detailing Hunter’s dealings with Ye Jianming, the head of CEFC China Energy Company. He assures his son that “I think you’re clear” after lawyers worked on the New York Times before the story ran.

There is also a recording of his uncle James assuring Hunter that he and his father were going to arrange for “safe harbor” for him as his world began to collapse.

Then there is the July 30, 2017 Whatsapp message from Hunter Biden to one of his Chinese associates, Henry Zhao, the director of Harvest Fund Management and Communist Party official. Zhao was funneling money to Hunter’s firm BHR Partners. Hunter is quoted as writing:

“I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled. Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight. And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”

Nevertheless, the White House has maintained the total denial . . . until this week before the testimony of Devon Archer.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked by Fox News journalist Gillian Turner:

“Chairman James Comer today says that the Oversight Committee has evidence that the president in the past communicated directly with foreign business associates of his son Hunter Biden many times. Curious if the White House and the president still stand behind his comment that he’s never been involved and has never even spoken to his son about his business?”

The response from Jean-Pierre was surprising:

“So, I’ve been I’ve been asked this question a million times. The answer is not going to change. The answer remains the same. The president was never in business with his son. I just don’t have anything else to add.”

It takes an utter contempt for the intelligence of the public to insist that “the answer remains the same” and then give an entirely new answer. However, that is only if most of the public is informed of the contradiction. None of the media in the White House press corp followed up on Turner’s questions when Jean-Pierre immediately moved on.

If that is now the new spin of the President, it is about four years too late. The President assured the public repeatedly and consistently that he never discussed or knew of these dealings even as evidence mounted in contradiction. He made this false denial part of his presidency in having his staff echo the same denials to the press and the public. As allegations of bribery and influence peddling swirl around the White House, this pattern of dishonesty and denial can become a basis for impeachment inquiries, as it was with Nixon.

It is tempting to say that the President is being too clever by half, but this was never particularly clever. Biden was counting on the media watching his back and hoping that he could hold both houses of Congress. The problem is that the media blackout was not total and he lost the House. Now these denials and conflicting accounts are threatening the possibility that he could lose much more than his political standing. If the evidence continues to contradict his blanket denials, Biden could lose his office.

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  1. This blog is beginning to look like SF with anonymous’s scattered all over the roadway with their bottles and needles. They approach spouting garbage without any logic attached. They know nothing and stand on orange crates telling everyone their sad story. They are ignoramuses and should be placed into a flop house so the streets can be clean again.

  2. The old lie was that Biden never discussed his son’s business. The new lie is that he was not “in business” with his son. But of course he was in business with his son — the Biden business was monetising Joe Biden’s political power. And Joe was involved whenever called upon, which appears to have been fairly often. Without Joe’s starring role as the big guy, with the power to deliver, there was no business.

    1. Daniel,
      And that is what our leftists friends continue to ignore, dismiss, or ‘whataboutism.’
      They also ignore the fact the corrupt DOJ, FBI, IRS all did what they could to stop investigations, slow roll investigations, or sweetheart deals that would of gotten any of us not named Biden the maximum sentence in prison.

    2. It was that he “technically” was not in business, i.e. none of the shell LLC’s or any other legal business construct shares both of their names. He benefitted, he may have used his influence, but he was not in “business” with his son. Bet you lunch that is how the media cheerleaders spin it… it won’t work, but that’s the next stop on this train wreck of a family and administration.

    3. “House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Monday said that allegations stemming from Republican probes into the business dealings of family members of President Joe Biden are “rising to the level of impeachment inquiry.”

      It shouldn’t be too hard to rise above the allegations – the charges – outlined in the impeachment inquiries against Trump. Op ed Steel dossier pee tapes, Trump’s immaculate phone call to Zelenskiy and the J6 coup were all dismissed. .. and those failures should never be expunged.
      Special Counsel Durham indicated there was no legitimate reason to investigate the allegations.

      Any ‘allegations’ against president Biden, otoh, will need to be investigated. U.S. Atty Weiss, through the DoJ, has ‘vowed’ to make himself available to congress sometime. Maybe. FBI Dir. Wray can not/will not talk about ongoing investigations.

      *lots of alarming casualty/kill-ratio figures coming out of Ukraine being bandied about and Joe Biden has declared Victory .. . but I’m not so sure.

    4. “The old lie was that Biden never discussed his son’s business.”

      Here’s the lie timeline, in sequence:

      There were no foreign deals.

      There was no profit from those deals.

      JB did not know about those deals.

      JB did not profit from those deals.

      JB was not in business with HB on those deals.

      And if you don’t see how all of those answers are the same, we have ways of persuading you.

  3. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive ”
    is a very famous quote from Sir Walter Scott’s play “Marmion.”

    I can’t stand the marriage.
    You’re no fun, you suffocate me.
    There’s no rapport
    and I don’t dig you physically.

    For God’s sake, ̶A̶l̶l̶e̶n̶ Joe,
    don’t take it personal.
    ( Play it again Sam Woody Allen 1972 )

  4. Dear Members of Cult 45: in the years 2017 and 2018, the years of these communications mentioned by Turley: Biden was NOT in public office. Turley says: ” The President assured the public repeatedly and consistently that he never discussed or knew of these dealings even as evidence* mounted in contradiction. He made this **false denial part of his presidency in having his staff echo the same denials to the press and the public. As ***allegations of bribery and influence peddling swirl around the White House, this pattern of dishonesty and denial can become a basis for impeachment inquiries, as it was with Nixon”: Turley says: “It takes an utter contempt for the intelligence of the public to insist that “the answer remains the same” and then give an entirely new answer. ”

    Now, explain to me just HOW Biden could “peddle influence” if he wasn’t in public office. And, as Turley has previously admitted, influence peddling is NOT illegal. Nixon was directly involved in the break-in at the Democratic National Headquarters–that was proven. What has been PROVEN about JOE Biden? Quoting Turley: “it takes utter contempt for the intelligence of the public” to insist that there’s any merit to today’s post.

    *the “evidence” is from the laptop–NOT from Joe Biden.
    **”false”? according to whom? Nothing on the laptop has been proven, or was authored by JOE Biden.
    ***”allegations” are NOT evidence–just unproven accusations.

    1. as I remember it Nixon got in trouble for the cover-up. He was not directly involved in the break-in. Comer has shown that Hunter and related family members recieved multiple payments when Joe was still VP and according to Gregg Jarrett Joe does not have to recive any money directly to be involved in criminal activity. I think there needs to be an impeachment inquiry to put all this to rest one way or the other. The DOJ would be too conflcted and mistrusted to handle this task.

    2. Gigi, facts don’t get in the way the Cult 45 crowd thinks. Turley is doing nothing more than making rage and hate for the cult.

      1. FishStick and a small one at that,
        The good professor is doing nothing of the kind.
        He is merely pointing out the double standard that has become the DNC.
        We all see the double standard, and say, “Okay, I will vote against corruption.”
        The only cult is the cult of the DNC. You are a prod member. Keep drinking that kool aide!

        1. FishStick and a small one at that…..

          Boom! I knew I liked you for a reason.

          I recently attended a free class on brazilian jiu-jitsu to consider enrolling in BJJ as self-defense. However, I decided it was not for me. The MMA action on this blog, as Olly recenty observed, is more than enough without giving me a cauliflower ear! I wonder if Darren can issue us Black Belts.


          1. My take on BJJ is that it’s a good martial art but one issue I found to be a bit troubling about some of the technique used in the street is that it leaves a person vulnerable being stabbed, cut or shot with a concealed weapon when the defender restrains the attacker to the ground and applies some of the holds. It does have its utility in taking down an attacker for self-defense purposes, but until you control the hands you are vulnerable.

            1. The instructor and I had a long talk about what you mentioned, and my concern was any blows to my head given my cochlear implant. I walked away not feeling good about that possibility, and figured I will have to rely on my Glock for any street fights. It does seem like a good sport though for overall strength and cardio fitness. A buddy of mine at the gym is a bodybuilder, former USMC Iraq Vet Medic x 2 tours, mid-40s, and he tells me BJJ helps keep the voices subdued in his head. At least he is addressing them. If only most Americans did as well

              1. If you have concerns about blows to the head one avenue of defense might be the Taser Bolt 2 as it has a good form factor for carrying (though it is spendy) The civilian Tasers are less powerful than the L.E. models but they have an advantage of delivering a 30 second shock. They are deployable to 15 feet with the darts. The 30 seconds can give you enough time to get out of Dodge and leave the attacker a half a minute of illumination to contemplate the error of his ways. Good when protection is needed but a pistol is too much. (this is of course if the jurisdiction you are within allows civilians to possess and use Tasers)

                The only thing I strongly suggest is to use your “weak” hand for the Taser, that is the opposite hand from what you normally hold a firearm, especially if using a Taser that has the same form factor as a gun. That way you don’t confuse the two during a stress situation and draw the wrong weapon with bad results.

                I know it’s just one more thing to carry but if you want to keep some distance while protecting yourself from a less than lethal attaack, it might be worth considering.

                  1. One matter for consideration that falls within the “Getting out of Dodge” strategy is that under certain warranty conditions, if a person has to flee to escape an attacker and leaves the Taser behind there can be a possibility of a free replacement of the device if it is subsequenty stolen. The Taser website has info in this. See info under The TASER Safe Escape program. I haven’t had any experience with the civilian side of buying a Taser or the civilian warranty as the department delt with that on our behalf. I believe with the Safe Escape program the device must be purchased through an authorized vendor.


      2. Fishbait
        I did not vote for Trump in either election, gaslighter. Unlike you, my conscience wouldn’t allow me to vote for someone I knew wasn’t fit for the office.

    3. NUTCHACHACHA, per the “Cult of 1789,” the American Founders, you would never have been allowed to vote or, within the year, “…be admitted to become a citizen thereof….”

    4. Alexander Mackler and the many roles he has had in Biden world…

      Alexander Mackler served:
      ✅As press secretary to Sen. Joe Biden.
      ✅As legal counsel to VP Joe Biden.
      ✅As campaign manager for Beau Biden’s successful Delaware AG campaign
      ✅On the Biden-Harris transition team
      ✅As Hunter Biden’s personal confidant
      and… SHOCK:

      1. That all can not possibly be true. Has it been confirmed that is consistent with Mackler’s work experience? If it is true, the only rational way to interpret it is Garland, once again, giving us his middle finger.

    5. Gigi
      Gas lights, red herrings, straw men.

      Could you reach new heights of wrong? Apparently. Devin Archer met with Joe IN THE WEST WING. He was the VPOTUS. He went to Ukraine and got the prosecutor fired. He was the VPOTUS. He took Hunter to China on AF2 while he was VPOTUS. He took Hunters business associate to Mexico City on AF2. He was the VPOTUS. Bobolinski met with Joe while he was VPOTUS. Joe met Hunters business partners in Ukraine at the 4 Seasons while he was VPOTUS. This is all PROVEN. There, you like the word. PROVEN. Video and documentary evidence. PROOF. He was up to no good and you know it. Give it up, it makes you look sad.
      Is this all just too complex for your simple mind?

      1. I like this Tom guy. The mouth-breathers ignore reality, Tom brings receipts for his position. Well done, sir.

        1. Thanks Jason
          It really must be a labor of love, because they just pile so many unsubstantiated, bogus, half truths and outright lies into every post, that it can be exhausting to dispel all of them with the facts.

    6. Gigi, gigi, gigi…once more for the galactically stupid.

      Correct, allegations are not evidence. Allegations are made when there is evidence. They become proven or disproven when the evidence is investigated and examined. So stop calling evidence, allegations. Joe’s name is everywhere. On the laptop, in emails, in texts, in testimony and first hand accounts. Joe is everywhere. In the West Wing, in Ukraine, in Mexico City, in China, in the four seasons hotel, sitting “next to Hunter” when Hunter throws his name into an extortionist threat, with Tony Bobolinski (and Jim Biden), with the ex first lady of moscow. It’s enough already, stop saying the evidence against Joe doesn’t exist. You do know that circumstantial evidence is still evidence, fully admissible, right? Or was I assuming too much re: your literacy?

    7. Now, explain to me just HOW Biden could “peddle influence” if he wasn’t in public office.

      Gigi, you are too stupid to be left alone

      Check the rooster of any DC lobbying firm. All of them have a handful of “rainmakers”. Those no longer holding elected office, but still connecting clients to people that guide and affect policy. That’s not even counting the fact that Biden was always running for President in 2020. Where you on a decade long heroin binge and never heard of ‘The Clinton Global Initiative, and, the Clinton Foundation. $billions rolled into the Clintons and the weren’t in office.

      You cannot be more clueless.

  5. Joe Biden and his administration have presented the narrative time after time that Joe Biden had no knowledge of any of the foreign dealings of his son and I didn’t believe that narrative (see below) and now they’re changing their narrative to the president was never in business with his son and I don’t believe this narrative either (see below).

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    “The political left has shown its pattern of propaganda lies within their narratives so many times that it’s beyond me why anyone would blindly accept any narrative that the political left and their lapdog Pravda-USA media actively push?”

    Look behind the curtain.

      1. UpstateFarmer: What is truly disturbing is the willingness of the Cult of 45 to believe in a chronic, habitual liar, someone who couldn’t even manage his own finances, taking bankruptcy 6 times, a womanizing, racist xenophobe who cheated his way into office, wrecked our economy, our public health, our relations with our allies, and when all polls predicted he would lose once again, went on a tour to stir up his fans to invade the Capitol to try to prevent Joe Biden from taking office. Then, he stole classified documents to use to show off to young female staffers and/or leverage for money or other things of value. He’s being brought to justice over his un-American and illegal conduct, so the alt-right media have to do something, anything, to divert attention. That’s what Turley uses his credentials for, and it’s wrong.There is NO proof that JOE Biden lied about anything–just unproven allegations. Even assuming there was “influence peddling”, how could Biden do this in 2017-2018 when Trump was in office? Explain that to me. And, Turley has admitted that “influence peddling” is not illegal. Most outrageous of all is Turley’s suggestion that Biden should be impeached over unproven allegations of influence peddling based on communications dated at a time when he wasn’t even in public office. Turley sold his sense of shame to Fox.

        1. Gigi, just how hard do you think Turley laughs when those checks get into his account? Turley could write tomorrow that Hunter bought the moon, and is selling it, and the Turley crowd would whine and yell about how come there’s no investigation.

          1. Fish Wings: If I were a student at Turley’s university, I would refuse to sign up for any class he teaches. He simply has no credibility and his values are questionable. Turley has to know better–and what is the ultimate upshot of all of these attacks and allegations against Joe Biden, like today’s post that doesn’t even make sense? To try to get Trump and Republicans elected in 2024? Turley has to understand what utter chaos would result. Wasn’t 4 years of Trumpenomics enough? He turned around a successful economy into the worst recesstion since the Great Depression. He botched the pandemic. America had the worst rate of COVID infections and deaths of any developed country while we had a leader who constantly fought with public health officials and downplayed the seriousness of this deadly disease becaise he didn’t know how to handle it and thought it made him look bad. Schools, businesses and restaurants had to close, and leisure travel mostly went away. Unemployment was in 2-digits. Because of Trump, we have a SCOTUS with the lowest approval rating in history, women have lost their Constitutionally-protected right to bodily autonomy, universities cannot use race as a factor in achieving diversity–the hits keep on coming. If Thomas has his way, states can criminilize sex between consenting adults and contraception. Trump has proven he is incompetent and that he ran for office because his fragile ego needs affirmation, attention and adulation. He pledges to take over all federal agencies, including the DOJ, the FBI, the EPA, the IRS, etc–something that has never happened before in our history–and he would use them for endless acts of vengeance against perceived enemies, to favor his friends, federal workers would lose seniority and could be fired at will for not bowing down to the king, and he would pull the US out of NATO, making Ukraine more vulnerable. If Republicans get a majority in Congress, they will cut back Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and give more tax breaks to the wealthy, and cut back on consumer and environmental protections–we are seeing the effects of climate change right now, with record heat all over the country. Why would anyone want to spin facts to try to help make any of this happen?

            1. Gigi
              The pandemic damaged our very good economy. Try to at least minimize the moronic lies the NO ONE believes

              1. The pandemic didn’t damage the economy of any other developed country to the extent it damaged America—and, for one basic reason–Trump.

                1. But yet Joe Bribin’ has said REPEATEDLY that the US economy was better off than other country’s. The hits keep comin’ with you LMAO

            2. Gigi and catfish
              For hopefully the last time
              Evidence is the body of information indicating whether a belief is true or valid.
              An allegation is a claim that someone has done something wrong based on evidence.
              Proof is what happens when the allegations are made, and the evidence is discovered to be factual during the investigation.

              STOP conflating the 3.

              There IS GOING to be an impeachment inquiry. This will empower Congress with additional ability to investigate. I predict that Joe will resign due to “health issues” on the eve of the house vote. He doesn’t want to have his blood spilt at a Senate trial. So railing at JT is tilting at windmills at this point. Your boy is going down. My advice…cut and run like you will soon see the house dems do.

              1. There is “Congress” and the “House of Representatives”–run by Kevin McCarthy, who set a record for requiring 15 rsounds of votes to get the Speaker’s gavel, selling his soul and American values in the process to the likes of mentally-ill people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Bobert. The House has no credibility–look at all of the taxpayer money that has been wasted on one “investigation” after another that has gone nowhere–and, to what end? To pre-defend Trump against the criminal indictments that have come and will be coming. It’s pathetic, really. I still want someone from Cult 45 to explain to me just HOW Biden could peddle influence while Trump was in office.

                1. I gave you the only some examples of EVIDENCE of his public corruption while in office. You ignored it.

                  1. Devin Archer met with Joe IN THE WEST WING. He was the VPOTUS. He went to Ukraine and got the prosecutor fired. He was the VPOTUS. He took Hunter to China on AF2 while he was VPOTUS. He took Hunters business associate to Mexico City on AF2. He was the VPOTUS. Bobolinski met with Joe while he was VPOTUS. Joe met Hunters business partners in Ukraine at the 4 Seasons while he was VPOTUS. This is all PROVEN. There, you like the word. PROVEN. Video and documentary evidence. PROOF. He was up to no good and you know it. Give it up, it makes you look sad.
                    Is this all just too complex for your simple mind?

            3. Gigi
              I will ask for only two explanations from amongst that mountainous pile of horse manure you spewed earlier. How (EXACTLY) did TRUMP cause the double digit unemployment that occurred during Covid?
              Also, explain (coherently) why more people died from Covid in Bribin’s first two years in office, despite access to vaccines and therapeutics that were not available during Trump’s tenure?

              1. “Also, explain (coherently) why more people died from Covid in Bribin’s first two years in office, despite access to vaccines…”

                Because the vax is killing people.

              2. And of course in your world, its a coincidence that the Covid tickers on your favorite news stations went away when Biden took office. I guess those lives don’t matter as much.

              3. Also, explain (coherently) why more people died from Covid in Bribin’s first two years in office, despite access to vaccines and therapeutics that were not available during Trump’s tenure?

                The data is junk. I stated on this forum in 2020/21 that the cause of death and death certificates were always going to take time (about 3 years) to get them sorted and verifiable for epidemiological purposes. It takes at least 3 years minimum. We are not even past 3 years, so anything coming out of any public, government or private source can not be trusted. Sadly most medical news these days is garbage and theatrical.

                One important fact that is not being discussed by >99% of the literature is something known as polymorphisms. Every protein has the possibility of expressing polymorphisms. Toll-like Receptors (TLRs) are the most studied Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRR), and they are expressed in polymorphisms. In other words, 2 healthy individuals have different genetic expression of PRRs but especially TLRs. This is why one person might get sick from a virus but another person will not. Ditto for response to vaccines. No one discusses TLR polymorphisms because it is a very complex topic and we don’t really understand it. You can search for it if you are interested on the WWW

                Mukherjee S, et al. Toll-like receptor polymorphism in host immune response to infectious diseases: A review. Scand J Immunol. 2019 Jul;90(1):e12771. doi: 10.1111/sji.12771.

                TL;DR: the COVID vaccines did not cause what you think it caused. TLR polymorphisms are likely involved

                  1. Here are just a couple of numerous resources explaining how Trump made the pandemic much worse than it had to be:
                    and from Vox:

                    From NPR, 10/30/2020:

                    During this pandemic, people in the United States are dying at rates unparalleled elsewhere in the world.

                    A new report in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that in the past five months, per capita deaths in the U.S., both from COVID-19 and other causes, have been far greater than in 18 other high-income countries.

                    “It’s shocking. It’s horrible,” says Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, a professor of health policy and medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the authors of the study.

                    “The United States really has done remarkably badly compared to other countries,” he says. “I mean, remarkably badly.”

                    The study looks at per capita death rates in 2020 in 18 countries with populations larger than 5 million people and per capita gross domestic product levels above $25,000 per year. It breaks out deaths attributed to COVID-19 and examines how total deaths in the U.S. are higher than normal this year. This so-called “all-cause” mortality takes into account fatalities that may have been due to the coronavirus but were never confirmed or were due to other factors such as people not seeking medical care during the crisis.

                    Overall deaths in the United States this year are more than 85% higher than in places such as Germany, Israel and Denmark after adjusting for population size. Deaths in the U.S. are 29% higher than even in Sweden, “which ignored everything for so long,” Emanuel says. Sweden made a point of refusing to order strict social restrictions and never went in to a full lockdown. “We have 29% more mortality than we should have if we’d followed Sweden’s path and Sweden virtually did nothing.”

                    Even looking just at confirmed COVID-19 deaths, the number of people dying since May 10 — again after adjusting for population size — is on average 50% higher than every other country in the study. In addition, the rate people are dying in the U.S. has stayed far above everywhere else. Emanuel says the current elevated mortality rates are important because they eliminate the chaotic early months of the pandemic when testing, treatment and reporting varied dramatically around the globe.

                    The rate of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. since June 7 is 27.2 per 100,000 people. In contrast, in Italy, the death rate is down to 3.1 per 100,000.

                    “It’s not like Italy has some secret medicine that we don’t,” Emmanuel says. “They’ve got the same public health measures we’ve got. They just implemented them effectively and we implemented them poorly.” If the U.S. had managed to keep its per capita death rate at the level of Italy’s, 79,120 fewer Americans would have died.

                    Why not look up some pieces for yourself instead of falling for the drivel you got from alt-right media?

                    1. “Here are just a couple of numerous resources explaining how Trump made the pandemic much worse than it had to be:
                      and from Vox: are just a couple of numerous resources explaining how Trump made the pandemic much worse than it had to be:
                      and from Vox:

                      Both links lead to 404 Not found
                      “This page couldn’t be found! Visit the Vox homepage if you like…”

                      Copying and pasting leads to this quite frequently. Also not found is gigi’s intelligence.

          1. Steve,
            I will have to take your word for it.
            I check the “Recent Comments” section and click on people’s comments I am interested in reading.
            Obviously, you are one of them along with sensible, rational, common sense, logical people on the good professor’s blog. They know who they are.
            All the others, just best to scroll past the others who do not fit into the above description. They know who they are.

            1. Just like your alt-right news: don’t watch mainstream media–they lie to you. Don’t you understand propaganda when you see it? Apparently not. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS, etc. do NOT tell people that alt-right media are liars. Everything I wrote is factual–Biden was not in office in 2017 or 2018, when these posts were created–so HOW could he peddle influence? Turley is not only calling our President a liar based on these posts, but suggesting he should be impeached, when there’s no proof of the truth of any of them. Hunter Biden is a troubled man–so maybe he lied or puffed the goods. At any rate, Joe Biden couldn’t peddle influence when he wasn’t in public office.

                1. Where’s the proof that Biden “took a bribe”? Where? Even Lev Parnas, associate of Giuliani, says there are NO cancelled checks or other proof. Why do you prefer to believe lies? Whom did he “extort”, and for what purpose? You don’t know, but you still believe.

                  1. Once again (I can do this as long as you can)

                    I don’t need PROOF. My DNA on the knife that killed you and your blood on my shirt isn’t PROOF. Its EVIDENCE.
                    The evidence is in the shell companies. The payments to grandkids thru these shell companies. His multi million dollar home. the emails, the texts, the eye witness accounts. the bank records, his own words!

                    So now you just want to resort to calling them lies.
                    Tony Bobolinski—lying
                    IRS whistelblowers—lying
                    Devin Archer—lying
                    Hunter in contemporaneous emails, texts, phone calls—lying
                    Trusted FBI informant—lying

                    Everybody seems to be lying except except Pedo Joe. Why is that? Joe, who said “I have never spoken to my son, or my brother, OR ANYONE else, about my family’s overseas business dealings.” PROVEN to be a lie over and over again. Why did he lie Gigi??

                    Give a plausible explanation to any of this, PLEASE

                    And this one doesn’t fit the bill.

                    “Hunter, the drug addicted, sex addicted, tax fraud, military drop, extortionist, still lives with his daddy, screwed his dead brothers wife, credibly accused of acting inappropriately to his niece (apple not far from the Pedo tree), somehow managed to “puff” MILLIONS of dollars from savvy and potentially dangerous foreign business people, without daddy’s help.”—Gigi’s reality.

                    1. Also…while Hunter was screwing his dead brother’s wife, and prostitutes in hotels, he was also screwing the sister of dead brother’s wife….and all of them were doing ilicit drugs…..and these are the parents of Joe Biden’s beloved screwed up grandchildren….the ones he acknowledges…..
                      Just how screwed up, corrupt and sick is Joe Biden’s family? Very.

                    2. Anon
                      Well, creepy Joe showered nude with his daughter. He sexually assaulted a staffer in the capital. He sniffs young girls hair uncontrollably. He squeezed an 8yo girls breast. He kisses strangers and mild acquaintances on the lips. He constantly makes misogynistic, inappropriate comments to and about young women and girls.
                      What f-ing chance did Hunter have to be normal??? He is a victim.

                  2. Lev Parnas, LMAO. Rudy G, LMFAO.
                    You don’t find either one of them credible until now??? A new low even for you.
                    If Lev needs a cancelled check, he is just as simple as you.

                    Lets just suspend logic and reason and look for the photo of Joe being handed cash by Zlovshevsky. Because until we find that, there is not PROOF

              1. Gigi
                The MAIN STREAM conservative news channel, FOX, plays the hilarious lies, half truths, panderings, conspiracies, etc, of the state media outlets you watch ALL THE TIME. And they proceed to show why YOU, and underinformed, gullible others like you shouldn’t watch them either. So spare us the lectures.

        2. ELECTION DENIER!!! Gigi still claims Trump cheated his way into office. Absolutely pitiful.
          Every garbled word before and after that assertion lost any credibility a newbie might here might have given you, Gig

  6. This tweet by an *actual* journalist, Glenn Greenwald, sums up the fake news propaganda press perfectly —->

    “That was so funny how they found cocaine in the White House – probably the most surveilled building on the planet – and after a week they were like “Yeah, we looked and we unfortunately can’t find who left it,” and the media said: “Oh, OK, too bad, thanks for looking.”

  7. Sorry, Jean-Pierre, but your answer has noticeably changed. You changed it just today. The change has moved the Big Guy one backstep closer before finding himself up against the wall. “Never in business with his son” is the last failed retreat before having to next say “he never received any wealth from his son’s business dealings.” The time it will require to unwind the labyrinth of Biden Family shell companies may well be all that remains to save him from a deserved impeachment.

  8. Dear Prof Turley,

    I’m pretty sure Joe Biden IS the business. So, Joe never was ‘in business’ with Hunter, or anyone else – Joe is a ‘sole proprietor’. WH spokesperson Jean-Pierre was right to correct the record, speaking from there.

    Hunter Biden et al are merely independent contractors [of the business] – although I doubt the IRS will find any 1099s were issued.

    And even if 1099s were issued, Hunter could claim it as a loss – against the ‘$5 million’ salary he could make at ‘any law firm in the country’ – if he were not otherwise employed as an independent contractor for Joe Biden [the ‘business’] Hunter took a loss at Burisma, for example, but lets not ‘quibble over peanuts’.

    The IRS whistleblowers may have been ‘dismissed’/removed (?) from the Biden(s) investigation, but rest assured the FBI and U.S. Atty Weiss are still on the job. These delicate and sensitive investigations will take another 4 or 5 years, at least.

    I suspect the 2024 Election season is just warming up and some strong winds are going to blow . .. this is hurricane country.

    *here is the link to the Dec. 12, 2018 NYT article president Biden believes ‘cleared Hunter Biden’ .. . ” A Chinese Tycoon Sought Power and Influence. Washington Responded.”

  9. The question now is: Will Devon Archer make it to Congress Monday, or will he be “hanging” with Jeffrey Epstein or otherwise Arkancided?

  10. Speaker of the House Kevin “The Bumpkin From Bakersfield” McCarthy, if you’re going to impeach “the President,” you’re going to have to impeach Obama.

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    – Barack Obama

    “[Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”

    – Lisa Page to FBI paramour Peter Strzok

  11. Elected Bureaucrats’ (those that get elected for a lifetime) have been the bane of societies. History has many examples of their failures and governments/countries have fallen due to their very existence. With increased time in the bureaucrat realm, temptations become actionable and moral standards are abandoned to the luxuries of position.

    As Edmund Bentley wrote in ‘Baseless Biography’
    “When the lordships asked Bacon
    How many bribes he had taken
    He had at least the grace
    To get very red in the face.”

  12. Just a thought. Barack Obama snatched Biden up for VP. One has to wonder if he turned a blind eye to all of this, since this seemed to start when Biden was VP to Obama. With Obama’s near stranglehold on the DOJ and Intelligence apparatus it’s seems a far stretch that Obama was not aware.since his denizens were well entrenched and seemed to know about Trump’s every move yet they paid no attention to Biden. Obama is not stupid so I think it reasonable to ask. What did Obama know?

    1. Obama is many things but not stupid. Of course he knew or deliberately looked away from the smoke. Problem is when the DOJ has an ideological bent , they’re going to refuse to investigate inconvenient situations. This has become a very grave matter that threatens our freedom. Most people are blissfully ignorant.

      1. Obama is certainly not stupid, but Einstein he is not, relying more on brute political force, a compliant media, and his racial identity than anything resembling cogent thought.

    2. Someone should at least ask Obama if it really was ‘his policy’ for VP Biden to ‘give’ Ukraine 6 hours to fire chief prosecutor, Viktor Shorkin, investigating Burisma. .. Biden insists he was only doing ‘his job’, impeccably.

      *and if so, where did Obama/NATO/EU get the authority to meddle in the affairs of Ukraine?

      1. snowden

        F that. I want to see ONE SINGLE internal document that substantiates that Obama gave him the authority to leverage $1B US dollars against the firing of one obscure prosecutor. If it existed, Joe would have produced it and shut all of these “idiots” up about Barisma. Its obviously not classified, he bragged about it on video. Let’s see it!

        Are we to believe that this policy was something Barack shouted to Joe over the jet engines on the tarmac as he was headed to Ukraine???

    3. GEB
      This is PRECISELY why Obama implored Joe not to run for President. Everyone seems to thinks its because he knew feeble, bigoted, dim-witted Joe just wasn’t up to the task. NO.
      It is because he knew what Joe was guilty of and where this would all end up.

  13. Joe Biden is, by far, the most corrupt, stupid, and mean-spirited president in American history. This is now clear to an overwhelming number of conservatives and independents. Soon it will become clear to an overwhelming majority of working-class Democrats, at which point, not only will Biden be impeached by the House, he will be convicted by the Senate.

    1. I agree that he is destined for conviction if he is talked into not resigning by his puppeteers, but as for an overwhelming majority of any democrats being convinced, I think you underestimate the power of todays state media, or the sound proofness of the left’s echo chamber.
      During the 2020 campaign, I was dating a VERY liberal progressive. She was also very well informed on most issues. Yet on the eve of the election, she had NEVER heard of Hunter Bidens laptop or the name Tony Bobolinski, until I mentioned them. To her credit, she took a look that night and decided to sit the election out (Presidential).

    2. And lets be perfectly clear here. This is HORRIFIC news for EVERYONE in our country. The only good thing about Joe Biden’s presidency was the same thing that was bad about it. HE wasn’t running the show. Unelected asshats were. But at least there was no worry that they would trip over the nuclear football and launch a first strike (that’s metaphor in case you don’t know). His cognitive level is so low, they were able to just point him where they wanted him to go, which made him less dangerous than the man who thought it was ok to put his hand up an aide’s dress in the halls of congress and shower with his daughter.

      Now what prospect faces us??? Kamala Harris. If I need to say more, this person won’t take even good advice from her aides when its given. She is way more dangerous to this country than sleepy Joe.

      Dumbass Joe thinks Hunter is the smartest person on the planet. Kamala thinks she is. Which is more troubling??

    3. I would like to know what Mr. Turley’s thoughts are regarding impeachment of Biden and the others especially knowing that Mr. Turley
      has a high view when and when not to impeach.

    4. >”Joe Biden is, by far, the most corrupt, stupid, and mean-spirited president in American history. ” ~ ohio

      There’s no need to sugar coat it, buckeye.

      *I suspect Trump will be impeached, again, before Joe Biden. .. if such a thing is possible.

  14. The only thing that we know for certain, at this point, is that if a biden (or, for that matter, any prog/left dem) is speaking, it is a lie.

    1. The only question left is, how much more damage will Pedo Joe Bribin’ do to this country by dragging this out before he resigns? He’s not Trump, there is no way he will suffer the utter embarassment of an impeachment trial.
      He knows he is cooked. Now if his lemmings will face it.

  15. Imagine being from the corporate HQ state of DE, being legally able to do insider trading, but that isn’t good enough…

  16. Thank God for Prof. Turley’s spot-on, razor-sharp Honest view of both the forest and the trees… the epitome of Level Setting. Thank You.

  17. It’s true that none of the Democrats have gone to jail but they lost the House and they are going to lose the Senate and Presidency. Historians will write that they were a party on favor of totalitarian control. The shame of the Democratic Party of today will reverberate throughout the ages. In the past they have been allowed to speak freely to facilitate their control of government but now they want to eliminate the right of free speech for their enemies. They are now finally being seen for who they are and the legacy of deceit that they embrace will be looked at in the future as a very sad time in history. Be of good cheer. There are those who are fighting to see that their legacy will be seen as the despicable thing that it is. They will be counted among the ranks of such leaders as Stalin and Mao because their intentions are identical.

    1. TiT,
      Well said.
      Future historians will be examining the smoldering remains of what once was America. They will try to pinpoint exactly what happened that made one political party that once championed free speech, suddenly went insane, and made a hard left turn toward totalitarianism, wokeism and censorship.

  18. Funny how that statement comes out (after utter silence) the evening before Archer just happens to back out of his testimony.

    1. And even Turley gets the quote wrong…Look at what she really said

      “So, I’ve been I’ve been asked this question a million times. The answer is not going to change. The answer remains the same. The president has never…was not in business with his son. I just don’t have anything else to add.”

      She started to repeat the old lie, that he has never spoken to Hunter, his family, or ANYONE ELSE, about their business dealings. She has repeated the old lie so many times that she almost said it again, instead of the new lie. She said the answer is not going to change…it changed mid sentence!!! you can’t make this sh!t up!

  19. I remember when Watergate was just beginning, except for two reporters with the Washington Post, the media ignored the story. After all, it was just a few men caught breaking into the Democrat headquarters. It was not because the media was trying to cover for Nixon (whom they did not like); instead, I think they were afraid to take on the powerful– Nixon had an enemies list– and besides, the public did not seem that interested. As the story grew, however, the public reached a tipping point and turned on Nixon with a vengeance. The media followed suit. The difference between then and now is that today the media actively has worked to protect Biden even when there is good reason to believe that he and his family are corrupt to the core. Why protect him? I suspect it is because Trump regularly knocked them off their perches, and Biden gives the media’s owners and their friends all they want. One thing I know for certain: it has nothing to do with what the public needs to know– it is simply what the media wants us to know so they can continue to get what they want. I believe Diogenes is right, “If the American people reward the Democrats for this, we will be in a wilderness from which we will never emerge.”

    1. Honestlawyer, I am sorry but I disagree with your premise. Although I agree that there is a huge difference bewteen reporters of yesterday and “reporters” of today, the biggest difference today is that there is a DEMOCRAT in power and not Nixon, a guy that was as hated as Trump and for an even longer time. To prove my point let me ask you if you think that there would be no “reporters” rooting out the story if Trump or DeSantis was in the WH?

      PS. It should also be noted that Woodward and Bernstein would not have had the story if not for an FBI guy feeding them inside information. Sound familiar?

      1. Hullbobby– You make good points but I never understood why the media stayed away from the Watergate story until it no longer could be denied, given that they could not stand Nixon. Clearly, today the media would be all over anything negative about Trump or DeSantis whether true or not.

        1. I’m sure they waited until they were sure that Liddy et al didn’t have the goods on them.

          1. Nah, they waited until they couldn’t possibly ignore it any longer. Just like with your boy this time around.

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