Biden’s Break-The-Glass Option: Pardon Hunter and Withdraw from the 2024 Election

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Below is my column in The Messenger on what I called Biden’s “break-the-glass” option after the disaster in Delaware. After the column ran, Fox News asked White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre about the possibility of a pardon. Jean-Pierre cut him off and responded  unequivocally “no.” I hope that proves to be true but it would have been more assuring to come from someone who did not clearly misrepresent the President’s earlier denial just a day earlier and change his long-standing position. The President previously denied a series of facts that have been proven, including the fact that his son did make money in China and President Biden did have knowledge of (and interact with) his son’s business dealings. The real question is whether the fix in this case will fail and leave the President with the pardon option behind the glass.

Here is the column:

The collapse of the Hunter Biden plea bargain has left many in Washington shocked. After all, this is a city that knows how to fix a fight. After five years, the Biden corruption scandal was supposed to die with a vacuous plea bargain and no jail time. Most everyone was in on the fix, from members of Congress to the media to the prosecutors. The problem was the one notable omission: Judge Maryellen Noreika of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

The sentencing hearing was a moment that made the Hindenburg disaster look like a seamless landing. Noreika asked a basic question on the implications of the agreement, and the entire deal immediately collapsed.

Now the Justice Department is in a bind. It could not admit in the hearing that Hunter Biden could escape future liability for a host of uncharged crimes. Yet, when a defendant backs out of a generous plea deal, federal prosecutors ordinarily will pursue all of the available charges — and jail time.

While President Joe Biden once declared, in more colorful terms, that no one messes with a Biden, the Justice Department may now find it has no choice. It could be forced to actually treat Hunter like an ordinary citizen.

The debacle in Delaware still could result in a plea deal. The parties have a month to “work things out,” and most judges sign off on deals, given the discretion afforded to the executive branch on criminal charging decisions. They just need to be clear about the terms, and clarity is something neither side seemed eager to establish publicly during Wednesday’s hearing. However, an agreement would require prosecutors either to fight to preserve a sweetheart deal — one without additional future charges — or to proceed, as they would in most cases, with a full prosecution.

That would include obvious potential charges under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Noreika forced the Justice Department to admit that it still could charge Biden as an unregistered foreign agent. That was the charge used against onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and the similarities between the cases are striking. It took little time for the Justice Department to use the charge against Manafort. Yet, in the Hunter Biden investigation, five years have passed, and the Justice Department seemed mired in doubt over applying the same standard to the president’s son.

A FARA charge could further expose Hunter’s alleged influence-peddling operations, with what House GOP investigators say were millions in foreign payments from a virtual rogue’s gallery of foreign officials. The Justice Department also would face pressure to seek the same long jail sentence given to Manafort; he was sentenced to 73 months of imprisonment, which included the statutory maximum 60 months for a conspiracy to violate FARA. (That same year, political consultant W. Samuel Patten pleaded guilty to lobbying and consulting on behalf of the Opposition Bloc, a Ukrainian political party, and received 36 months of probation.)

That is not even including potential felony charges for the original gun violation, money laundering, or other crimes. If the Justice Department were to show the same aggressive effort toward Hunter Biden that was shown to figures like Manafort, Hunter could be looking at a real possibility of years in jail.

There is, however, the ultimate “break-the-glass” option that I raised previously if the Bidens and their supporters could not rig the process: Joe Biden could pardon his son and then announce that he will not run for reelection.

Facing an impeachment inquirylow public support, and a son in the legal dock, Biden could use the case to close out his political career. Of course, a pardon would be what I consider another abuse of the pardon power for personal benefit. President Bill Clinton waited until the end of his second term to pardon his half-brother. Biden could do the same by acknowledging that the pardoning of his son is a form of raw self-dealing. However, as he has said throughout the scandal, he loves his son and blames his crimes on his struggle with addiction and grieving.

With that, Biden could bow out of the election without admitting (as many on both sides are saying) that old age has taken its toll on his mental and physical capacity. He would end his political career with an act as a father, which some would condemn but most would understand. That would clear the way for a new generation of Democratic candidates who would have a better chance of defeating Donald Trump or another Republican presidential candidate.

President Biden could even give Hunter a preemptive or prospective pardon. That would effectively end any federal investigation, although the pardon would need to cover the waterfront of possible charges. By resigning and becoming a lame-duck president, Biden also would undermine congressional Republicans’ impeachment calls. And it would allow his own allies to declare the scandal over, with Biden taking responsibility by giving up a second term in office.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the congressional investigation would end. Even if such a move dampened the demand for an impeachment inquiry, it would not likely stop Republicans from pursuing answers about the official handling of this investigation and claims of political interference.

Yet, any damage would be contained by Biden offering himself up as a sin-eater for his family. Democratic candidates would not likely face backlash for their opposition to investigating the scandal; their chances of retaking the House could be substantially increased. Likewise, the media would not have to face the mounting evidence that it has steadfastly ignored for years.

The pardon-and-apology approach might appeal to Biden not only as an effort to convert vice into virtue but to justify his withdrawal from the election as a selfless act.

Everyone in Washington would win — except, of course, the public: The Bidens would keep alleged millions in influence-peddling profits; Hunter would not even have to pay his full taxes; members of Congress and the media could avoid taking responsibility for burying the reports of corruption.

That is what is called a “happy ending” in Washington.

Jonathan Turley, an attorney, constitutional law scholar and legal analyst, is the Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law at The George Washington University Law School.

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  1. Just heard Andy McCarthy say since there is no indictment of Hunter. If there is no indictment the statue of limitations runs out in October and Hunter can’t be prosecuted for the gun charge and taxes. They have been investigating for 5 years, they know what he did and no indictment but he can take a plea and then when it doesn’t go his way he can plead no guilty. This is another part of this sham deal. I hope the judge see through this too. Plenty of indictments of Trump……never for a Democrat.

    1. Marbury vs. Madison was decided in 1803 establishing the power of Judicial Review.

      It’s about time the judicial branch, with emphasis on the Supreme Court, began exercising the “…authority to determine the legitimacy of the acts of the executive and the legislative branches of government.”

      Judicial Review in the United States

      The legitimacy of judicial review and the judge’s approach to judicial review are discussed.

      The doctrine of judicial review holds that the courts are vested with the authority to determine the legitimacy of the acts of the executive and the legislative branches of government.

      – Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

      Judicial Review in the United States

      In the United States, judicial review is the legal power of a court to determine if a statute, treaty, or administrative regulation contradicts or violates the provisions of existing law, a State Constitution, or ultimately the United States Constitution. While the U.S. Constitution does not explicitly define the power of judicial review, the authority for judicial review in the United States has been inferred from the structure, provisions, and history of the Constitution.[1]

      – Wiki

  2. Now that the plea deal is either dead in the water, or a source of continuing embarrassment during the upcoming presidential campaign circus, I’m surprised the Democrats haven’t seen the light:
    Appoint a Special Prosecutor immediately, effectively burying the Hunter story for the remainder of Biden’s term, just as the Mueller investigation, while it was ongoing, closed all the doors to any evidence, witnesses or informants that Congress could find, because the matter was “under investigation.”
    Then Biden could pardon his son on the way out the door and kill off the Special Prosecutor investigation too.

  3. The FBI, DOJ and Biden don’t even try to hide their corruption anymore, they do it in full view and don’t care who knows. That is a serious sign of a Dictatorship evolving!

  4. Been forecasting this for a year. The primary will be Michelle, Newsom and RFK. The primary automatically opens up once Joe steps down. And let’s be honest, Kamala is a party gal, she will do the same things Joe is doing via staff, who actually run the White House for Joe. Kamala can slide in, claim all the glory for being the FIRST FEMALE BLACK POTUS and then sail of into the sunset in her delusions.

    Michelle will win the primary hands down. My fellow conservatives cannot seem to grasp that Michelle is THE MOST POPULAR WOMAN IN AMERICA. And she will have the support of an unimaginably huge number of dark money and activist orgs, along with the media sopping it up. RFK would be a great POTUS candidate cuz he will draw so many independents no other Dem could ever reach. My hope is RFK bows out gracefully and Trump announces he will offer a new “Health Czar” post in his cabinet to RFK and play up how he wants to reform the entire thing too. I doubt it but that would destroy Michelle. Watch Michelle Obama 2024 on Netflix, you’ll realize that everything you’ve been told about her is a lie. And no, she’s not a man, you guys need to stop doing that dumb stuff…

  5. I guess the only question left to answer will be: Will “Big Election” back VP Harris?

  6. There is no question whatsoever that Joe will pardon Hunter, and not allow him to face justice. It’s absurd to think otherwise. He will do this right before the end of his term, if not earlier.

  7. Professor Turley is not alone. The dam is breaking:

    The point of Joe Biden is he’s been corrupt his whole life. He’s been a liar his whole life. I mean, he lied about, you know, he plagiarized things when he was, I forget if it was in law school or soon after law school. This is who Joe Biden is. Why would anybody expect that he would tell the truth about anything? So, we’ve got to get to the bottom of it because, and I’ve been saying for two years now, it appears Joe Biden sold not just his office, but his future office, that he sold his influence.

    He sold the fact that he was going to be a presidential candidate to the highest bidders, and those highest bidders appear to have been in Ukraine and China. So, this is potentially the biggest scandal, dwarfing Watergate by far. certainly dwarfing the inaccurate Russia collusion allegations, which were never proven. So this is massive. I mean, we have a vice president, presidential candidate who sold his office. That’s what the documents coming out seem to indicate, and we better get to the bottom of it. We can’t allow the media and the FBI to squash this thing, just like they did in 2020.

    -Professor William Jacobson
    Cornell Law School

    1. More from Professor Jacobson:

      Well, I think what the House needs to do is hold impeachment hearings. Before they vote to impeach they should hold impeachment, hearing, call witnesses, subpoena records, put it out there, and then make a decision. I think that because you can’t trust the FBI, you can’t trust DOJ, you can’t even trust a special prosecutor acting under DOJ, to do the right thing. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. And all the things that are coming out now show that they cannot be trusted to be politically fair. And so I think the House Committee maybe needs to, the House needs to maybe vote to appoint an impeachment committee and take testimony and look into these things.

    2. Glad to see at least one fellow Cornellian not just coloring on the sidewalk safe space…as an alumni, it was quite embarrassing. As is Pfauci, an embarrassment.

  8. To Mr. Turley the law is a game, an academic exercise, played out by Ivy League lawyers and judges who cannot, or will not, focus on Justice. It’s become a joke to the average American. It no longer symbolizes blind Justice, but a two tiered system that screams “What applies to Thee doesn’t apply to Me.” The law no longer commands respect, nor does it deserve obedience. No good can come of this.

    1. I’m not sure it’s a game to Professor Turley. He does comment other people treating it as a game. His comments are generally not made with approval of such tactics.

  9. You forgot the best part for democrats. Nothing changes for Trump. He still gets railroaded by the corrupt DOJ.

  10. Though I am fond of Prof Turley I no longer read the columns. Selective justice (as we have seen by the corrupt left and co) is by very definition “communism”. When their one-sided application finally takes hold law and precedents and judges won’t mean much. I think we are in the 8th Inning

    1. Listen to this talk….very clarifying….

      “James Lindsay discusses that woke ideology is an evolution of Marxism, designed to attack the West and transform societies through tactics similar to Maoist cultural revolutions. By using Americanized identity categories and provoking middle-level violence, it seeks to dismantle Western civilization. Europe must understand the nature of this threat to effectively respond, as giving in or overreacting could lead to dire consequences. The ultimate goal of this movement is to establish a global citizenry, focused on global responsibilities rather than rights, creating a future that resembles China’s oppressive regime. It is crucial to fight back against this movement by understanding and identifying the true nature of the enemy.”

      1. We even heard the pope say it.
        Pope Francis (woke Marxist that he is) say outright that we all have a moral responsibility to take the covid vaccines. It’s no matter to the church that aborted fetal tissue and cell lines are used in vaccines, you have a moral duty to take the experimental shots….
        You must do it for the greater good. You should have no individual right to refuse.

        1. Pope Francis is an evil imposter. We all know he was installed, just like Biden and so many other world “leaders” …the ones on board with the WEF, UN, WHO globalist agenda…..

    2. The deal to make is to recognize that Garland’s DOJ is as corrupt as the Bidens themselves so if you give out pardons then pardon Trump and his associates as well- without requiring Trump to withdraw. He has already served enough at the hands of the DOJ

  11. Is it me….or has AG Garland gone Missing-In-Action?

    No news reports or statements or anything from Garland about his having approved the Hunter Plea Bargain or having any role whatsoever in the matter.

    1. Garland is the LeBron James of the justice system. He only shoots his mouth off to take credit for the wins, while the losses are always somebody else’s fault.

    2. President Biden is MIA as well.
      He’s off for 10 days beach vacation time, more hiding out, more avoiding press questions.
      When is the press going to get riled up and insist the president stand before them and answer questions?
      Biden’s press secretary is a total incompetent who doesn’t even answer questions. “I’m not going to speak to that.”
      Well then who is?
      When has President Biden ever had to answer direct questions about all that has come to light and transpired?
      He’s now hiding out at the beach while his corrupt DOJ protects Biden, Inc. and goes after a maintenance worker at Mar a Lago.
      Absolute disgrace.
      Where is Garland?
      Impeach them both.
      Impeach Biden.
      Impeach Garland.
      What are you waiting for?
      Do it now, Repubs.

  12. “He would end his political career with an act as a father, which some would condemn but most would understand.”
    You got to wonder what kind of fathers the way too understanding “most” suffered with. My own father would have sat me down, explained that nothing in by rearing led to the crimes I’m charged with and then said the best thing he could do for me and my eternal soul was to let me pay the price for my selfish indulgences, But then again my father wouldn’t have put me up to criminality that undermined our country and led directly to his own self-aggrandizement. The Biden’s are from the family from Hell. They ought to go back there.

  13. The “break the glass” option is interesting but I prefer the Mickey Spillane option: put Hunter and Joe in a sleazy motel room near the docks, Throw in a bottle of cheap booze and a loaded five-shot revolver and ask them to do the right thing.

  14. Darren: the webpages are consuming more memory than ever for downloading, paging, scrolling and following links to pages within the blog. I use multiple devices (Macs, tablets, smartphones), use multiple browsers as well as private/public ISP, and have disabled my ad blocks. Yet, I find the same clunky behaviors on all of the aforementioned. I think it might be the Twitter background scripts considering that site no longer allows their feeds to be reflected to non-subscribers off of their platform, yet Professor Turley still has links to them. OTOH, perhaps you have added new scripts that are the culprit for tracking purposes. Would you investigate please? Perhaps disable the Twitter links considering they are essentially pointing to old tweets and those scripts are memory intensive?


    1. Estovir:

      Could you try the following in a Windows based computer (or translate the below to perform similar commands in a different operating system)

      * Login as Administrator
      * Open a command prompt
      * cd /d %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc
      * notepad.exe hosts
      * add the following two lines to the hosts file after the # comments (either use a space char or a tab after
      * Save hosts
      * close all web browsers (clear cache and history for added measures)
      * ipconfig /flushdns
      * open web browser and navigate to (set up perfmon if you wish)
      * see if problem you mentioned manifests

      The changes to the “hosts” file are that you are redirecting and to LOCALHOST (loopback IP addr). which if you are not running a web service on port 80 or such your local computer should return an error to the browser (refuses to connect) and that should cause the web browser to give up attempting to connect to and should continue rendering the web site. The ipconfig /flushdns command wipes out your current DNS mapping cache and this will in turn cause your system to then query DNS to get the IP address for which it first will look up the “hosts” file before doing a DNS lookup and then it will get LOCALHOST instead of the current DNS record for twitter’s actual address. (oh and hopefully you are using IPv4 addresses and not ipv6 in which case my information might or might not work.)

      The intent behind this is to verify that it is the twitter situation that is actually the root cause of the problem that you mention. Let me know if these tests return any information.

      1. Note: after I posted the above comment, I saw that wordpress had changed the line having the second from what I intened to be to a fully qualified domain name with the http protocol added. meaning it became I had to manually edit the correction by some trickery to fool wordpress. HTTP is not part of a line entry for the “hosts” file.

      2. I dont have Windows at home but can try the university computers. However I do not believe the PCs on campus will allow me to access as an administrator, the root or a DOS prompt. I have to go to campus tomorrow and see if I can execute what you suggested. I have been meaning to learn UNIX but it is low on my “to do” list

        On my end, this is what appears on the right column, upper frame of my browser, Tweets from 2020, hence my suspicion:


        Jonathan Turley

        Apr 3, 2020
        Jim Acosta’s interruption of Dr. Birx is an example of how CNN’s echo-journalism model is destroying the media’s credibility. Every question from Acosta is an effort to score points rather than elicit information. It is a press pandemic that continues to rage without relief.

        Jonathan Turley

        Mar 30, 2020
        CNN is running a headline that Trump “now” claims Easter was aspirational. I have criticized Trump statements but he never said Easter was a firm deadline as opposed to his hope. The unrelentingly negative spin on stories makes it difficult for viewers to trust the media.

        Jonathan Turley

        Feb 4, 2020
        Pelosi’s act dishonored the institution and destroyed even the pretense of civility and decorum in the House. If this is the Speaker’s “drop the mike” moment, it is a disgrace that should never be celebrated or repeated. In a single act, she obliterated decades of tradition.

        1. Your experience is different than what my browsers are currently reading: In the column at the right, it appears in decending order:

          Follow via email
          Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
          [Text Box]

          My Tweets // this is a hyperlink to professor turley’s twitter site

          Top Posts

          I checked using three MSFT Windows based web browsers and one text browser from the Command Prompt. I did not see the old twitter tweets from three years ago that you mentioned. Also I tried logging in to wordpress and also in scenarios not being logged in. Sorry but I didn’t see the old tweets on the right column.

          I don’t know if my experience is unique in that I am not seeing the old tweets. But if you are, there is something odd going on. I wonder if you tried going to a completely new computer that has never experienced and just connect to his website without first logging into wordpress or gravatar or what ever else is out there. If you don’t see the old tweets, using the same machine connect as you normally might to login (if that is what you do) to see if the old tweets suddenly appear.

          That might be helpful to know as well.

        2. Estovir:

          If you are using MacOs here is a website that describes how it edit the ‘hosts’ file on that OS. Note, I do not own a Mac so I can’t verify this will work but it likely will.

          there is a link toward the bottom of that website to FLUSH YOUR CACHE

          which you need to do as well as closing your brosers / deleting history / as I mentioned.

          In trying to speculate what might be happening I was entertaining the idea that there might be some kind of horked-up condition that you might have with regard to twitter. Note that I do not have a twitter account so I can’t verify an experience other than what I decribed in my situation. But I am wondering if whenever it was that Twitter Inc decided to no longer allow access to new tweets (since that date after turley’s tweets are visible to non-subscribers) it created brokenness in twitter users who have closed/suspended their accounts or some other issue. Here is my thinking

          {intended design}
          If USER has twitter account ( show professors newest tweets )
          ELSE (only show link to professor’s twitter site)

          {broken design result}
          (( unhanded error due to User account that is on record but no longer usable))
          Server sends only last few tweets that were allowable to be seen by users who have no twitter account
          Server or web browser gets into infinite loop trying to retrieve newer tweets via script but DATABASE keeps refusing to honor request. But stupid serverside script or browser does not know when to quit and the web broser keeps allocating/leaking memory and other resources.

          The above is pure speculation and likely might not be correct. If you have a twitter account and know its configuration / status it might help you know what might be going on in this respect.

          That’s all I can think of at the moment.

          1. Darren,

            I am posting this comment from a Windows based Dell computer at the university, using Microsoft Edge browser. Check my IP and headers to learn more.

            I just now repeated the exercise I did 2 days ago from my Mac. I copied/pasted the content from this WordPress page, right side column, using this Windows machine, Edge browser, university ISP. Unlike last time, I tried copying/pasting the “view-source” code from a new Edge Browser window. However, the WordPress server indicated the comment was too long. I do not believe you will see it on your end as moderator in a spam folder. So instead, I have created a txt file with the entirety of the content I tried to post. It includes an incredibly long string of HTML codes just from the twitter hyperlinks alone. You can find the txt file on my G Drive entitled:
            “Turley Twitter coding.txt”

            Note, this is a public file, no password required, and I will delete it once you respond to this comment.

            I believe the Twitter links/scripts are the reason for the clunky loading of the pages since it also occurs on this high-capacity, university medical school library, Windows machine using Edge browser on a very fast ISP connection. If it is happening on this machine just like my Mac, it is likely happening to other machines. I do not understand why the Twitter links reflect Tweets from April 3, 2020, March 30, 2020, and February 4, 2020. Nonetheless, at this point it might be that my experience is morphing into an academic exercise since no one else from the blog seems to be expressing a similar concern. OTOH, it could be that blog users do not realize what is occurring, do not care, or perhaps would rather close the blog and surf to a different website b/c it is interfering with their user experience. It is why I walked away from my own blogs and listserves b/c I could not keep up with the various browser requirements to create friendly user experiences for everyone. It was far easier when only Netscape browser existed. I leave it up to you whether any of this is worth pursuing. I find it fascinating, but I do have academic deadlines to meet. Cheers

            1. Estovir,

              I will need some time to look at this page source. I am wondering if the machine you used has been used by someone having a twitter account or has left a cookie or other piece of software that is prompting the wordpress server to add the old links to the right side column of the webpage. As I mentioned before, I tried to reproduce the problem using machines that have no relationahsip to twitter and I do not have a twitter account. All I see is just a basic link to the professor’s twitter page on

              Also, are any of the twitter tweets on the side of the page from today, yesterday or recent? or are they all from three years ago?

              1. University computers are accessible only to those individuals affiliated with the university. Once a university member accesses a university computer, all browsers have empty caches. Upon exiting the computer, the cache is reset on all browswers. Since I do not have a Twitter account, and only accessed Turley’s blog from the university computer when I posted earlier, whatever I copied/pasted came from the blog itself, links and all.

                I don’t think this is worth your time nor knocking your head around. As a rule, I disable java script on most websites that are script intensive, e.g. news sites particularly. I can do likewise for Turley’s blog. the drawback is that if I reply to comments, they will not remain in the thread. I suppose I could activate java script at that point.

                On a side note, I always use browsers in private mode. there is no need to empty my cache because my browsers do not store anything in the cache. Using private mode ensures no cookies….ever.

                I am on my Mac at the moment at the university, using Chrome in private mode. I use multiple browsers on my Mac: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Duckduckgo, and Brave. When one renders a page poorly, I try another browser. Interestingly Duckduckgo and Brave Browsers on my Mac do not reflect what Chrome, Edge and Safari reflect re: the Twitter links. Cleary Duckduckgo and Brave block scripts from Turley’s blog that Chrome, Edge and Safari fail to do. Odd but beyond my pay grade

                1. Estovir,

                  There are several factors that influence what a user experiences when viewing complex webpages. One of them is to render the page to the user based upon which browser, and often which browser version, the person is connecting to the page with. During the conversation between the client (your browser) and the server (the webpage’s library) most browsers will by default send what is refered to as a USER_AGENT to the server when requesting a page. The server can be configured to return a different experience (version of the website) to the client browser based upon that information. The most basic is that if the server intends to use a particular script but the webpage’s author knows that the script does not work for say the X-Browser, if a client tells the server its User_agent is X-Broser the server will not send the script and will offer instead a different webpage experience with a different script or none at all.

                  There are browsers out there that can be configured to send a spoofed User_Agent to mimic another browser. Such as Internet Explorer disguising itself as Brave by identifying itself as the Brave Broswer when it sends the User Agent string, which causes the server/website to think a Brave browser and then send a webpage designed for that browser.

                  It might be possible to configure your webbrowser to change its user agent to something that does not cause this brokenness with the twitter links. You mentioned that Brave does not deliver this problem to you, so perhaps you can configure your web browsesr to do this. Internet Explorer used it under developer tools (I think but am not sure) It could be in the windows registry. As for a Mac, I don’t have a clue. But this would be a band aid and will only affect one machine at a time.

                  I called someone who has a twitter account and uses Firefox to try and reproduce the problem you were seeing. I could not get it to see the twitter tweets on the right side column of ‘s website. But he might have turned off some scripts. It’s been so long since he set up the browser and doesn’t remember what scripts are allowed or disallowed and only sees the single individual hyperlink to the professor’s website on the right column.

                  One thing might be to find a way in your browser to look at individual scripts or objects and one by one disable them as you go along. If it doesn’t cure the problem, reenable it, then go to the next one until you find the offending version. Then just leave that one disabled. That way the system will keep it around (and not reload it if it was deleted) but not act upon it.

                  Yeah, it looks like this is a real bugbear to try and hunt down. I’ll look over the source code you supplied and see if it renders any leads.

                  One thing I do need to know for diagnostic purposes is if when you see the tweets on the right side, are they new or just old ones?

                  1. I am replying on a university PC computer, Windows operating system, Chrome Browser, private/incognito window, empty cache, since I had to use my university credentials to log into the computer. The Tweets are the same as the ones I saw on my Mac Chrome browser 2 days ago: April 3,2020, March 30, 2020, and Feb 4, 2020. Why those dates I do not know. If I click on any of those tweets, they take me to Twitter and Professor Turley’s linked tweets.

                    Note: it takes several seconds (5-10) for the Tweets to download onto the blog page. Meaning, upon landing on the page, all that appears on the right side of the page is the Twitter logo. If I wait a few more seconds, the Tweets from 2020 are embedded in the page. Again, I have no idea why 2020 tweets are reflected on my end, both Chrome and Edge Browsers on a Windows machine. Again, the caches are empty prior to my opening the browsers.

                    I will log out of the computer, and anything I saved, cached or downloaded onto this computer, will literally be deleted automatically, per university IT protocols. For understandable reasons, the university does not allow users to keep their files, passwords, cache, etc on their computers once users exit the computers. So each time I access the university computer, it’s a clean slate. However, since I dislike Windows, I prefer to use my Mac even on campus.

                    I’m also going home b/c I have been on campus since 11 am and it’s time to pack it up. Sorry I was not more help.

                    My biggest regret from college (1980s) is not taking the launch of computer mainframes seriously. In my college days, Digital VAX mainframes were the rage, and computer courses in Fortran, BASIC, and Cobol, were the popular ones. I shunned them all. I’m not proud of that at all I erroneously thought Americans would never prefer computers over face/face interaction with people. Boy was I wrong. Not surprisingly the computer courses in those days were taken by the “nerd” types, the quiet ones, the folks who had little to no interpersonal skills, while the social, outgoing students like me took the courses for careers that involved people skills like medicine. Now that medicine is basically EMR….. So it goes.

                    1. This comment is being posted using a university PC computer, Windows based operating system, Microsoft Edge Browser, “in private” window, empty cache.

                      Once again, the Tweets on the right side of the blog page below Turley’s photo and the following:

                      Search for:
                      Search …
                      FOLLOW VIA EMAIL
                      Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

                      Email Address
                      Email Address


                      reflect the same dates as above: April 3, 2020, March 30, 2020 and Feb 4, 2020.

                      Sorry I couldn’t be much help. I know diagnosing these things at a distance is a thankless task.

                      going home

                    2. Try using TeamViewer or setup a Zoom meeting so you can share your screen in real time if you’re both available at the same time.

                    3. Estovir:

                      I believe I might have found a possible solution to your problem. A little background on my investigation recently.

                      I noticed the probable reason why the “old” tweets were stacking up in the right column. I believe it is because they are ordered by Most Popular and not by Most Recent. That explains the older tweets, and it disproves my now recognized as incorrect belief there was some horked up state with twiter account that was causing only old tweets to show. Instead it is because wordpress is showing Most Popular tweets on the website first. But that is moot. It is the presence of the large caching of tweets that is likely causing you problems.

                      So we need to find a workaround that fits your situation.

                      I believe I have discovered the problematic script. Its address is:


                      I put Opera on a machine and then accessed At first the right side twitter column (the problem one) only showed:

                      My Tweets

                      After a minute or two for the first time I then saw the “old” tweets that you had mentioned. This was the first time I was able to reproduce what you were seeing. My regular machines’ broswers block the .js page so I didn’t see it.

                      Returning to the New Opera install that sees the tweets as you do I found a workaround that was reproducable and I found that I could turn off and turn on the tweets on the right.

                      In general on your Opera browser you will need to create a Custom List under Ad blocker that contains the twitter .js

                      1. Create a new text file somewhere on your computer called blocktwitter.txt (or something like that)
                      2. Paste the above widgets . js file on a single line for that file and save that file
                      3. Open Opera and select the Settings Page
                      4. Under the Privacy and Protection heading look for Ad Blocker “Manage Lists” and open that
                      5. Scroll to the bottom and open Custom Lists and click Add
                      6. In the popup point the text box (or select Choose file) to the file that you created above and click [add]
                      7. restart Opera
                      8. goto jonathanturley’s site and scroll down to where the twitter tweets normall appear and wait a minute or so
                      9. If the tweets do not appear and instead it just has a one line link for My Tweets, the workaround is successful

                      See if that works. If not, try adding to your HOSTS file as I explained earlier.

                      In my testing of the problem I noticed that once I followed the steps enumerated in the ordered list above I could undo and redo the appearance of the tweets at will just by adding the custom list containing the .js link or removing it.

                      Let me know if this helps

                    4. In general on your Opera browser you will need to create a Custom List under Ad blocker that contains the twitter .js

                      Create a new text file somewhere on your computer called blocktwitter.txt (or something like that)
                      Paste the above widgets . js file on a single line for that file and save that file
                      Open Opera and select the Settings Page

                      I dont use Opera but your idea makes a lot of sense. I will try your suggestions sometime this week for my preferred browsers, Safari and Chrome, config accordingly, for both my Apple devices. Glad you were able to see the older tweets on your end. I had wondered if perhaps your router settings were somehow filtering the scripts associated with my observation. I was going to suggest you accessing the blog by using your cell phone carrier as a hotspot instead of your usual wifi router connection to bypass any possible router scripts.

                      I know none of this work around pays your bills nor mine, but speaking for myself, I do find it interesting and see it as an academic challenge. Thanks for putting up with my observations. Presumably others are experiencing the same sluggish page loads that I am, but do not realize it or perhaps as I stated earlier do not care, or navigate away from the blog, and hence lose a potential regular visitor. OTOH, the Twitter links could be removed for reasons already stated. Just a thought 😉

                      It is bed time. Gym at 4 am.

                      buenas noches.

                  2. Daren, assuming that the WordPress Site uses a Twitter API to load the Tweet Data, and that the Data Base is growing old,
                    You may want to Archive the Twitter Tweets and then reset the DB and start fresh or at a retro-date you wish to start from.
                    (i.e.: Delete Tweets prior to 2022)

                    Once Archived: How to delete your Twitter history

                    At any rate this exercize will create an Archive for Backup. Can’t hurt.



                    1. Tipster,

                      That is something that is worth considering if that is what Professor Turley wishes to do. In the coming few days I’m going to try to see if we can find a way to limit the number of tweets that are available for display on the right of the page to perhaps the most recent 10 or so. I’m hoping there is some kind of argument that can be passed via the URL to twitter . com’s widget . js to cause it to only return the last few of the professor’s tweets. Of course we have no control over how twitter writes their widgets but if we can edit the wordpress site to present to the client’s browser a link using the .js that passes arguments it might solve the problem.

                      My thinking at the moment is that it’s not that any tweets are being prefetched/cached/downloaded, it is that too many of them are and as a result client browsers get bogged down. It’s certainly true that only the last dozen or so will be even read via jonathanturley . org so for resource conservation perhaps the most 10 or 12 should be enough.

                    2. Daren,
                      Along those lines of thought,
                      Here are some ideas to guide your own build:

                      1st> TWT End Points references

                      2nd> Path & Query Parameters

                      Search Tweets
                      GET /2/tweets/search/recent
                      The recent search endpoint returns Tweets from the last seven days that match a search query.

                      GET /2/users/:id/tweets
                      Returns Tweets composed by a single user, specified by the requested user ID. By default, the most recent ten Tweets are returned per request. Using pagination, the most recent 3,200 Tweets can be retrieved.

                      3rd> WP Plugin
                      Recent Tweets Widget

                      F.Y.I. (For your IT Budget)
                      Twitter’s new API platform now opened to academic researchers

                    3. Daren, put Tweets in chronological order first.

                      Google: tweets in chronological order

                      How To See Tweets In Chronological Order (Latest Tweets First)

                      This maybe easiest way since you are only using a Forwarding Link to Turley’s Twitter Page.

                      If you want to do 10 latest Links via API Feed into WP (embed or link),
                      then do as previously suggested:

                      𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬 (𝐀𝐏𝐈)
                      GET /2/users/:id/tweets
                      Returns Tweets composed by a single user, specified by the requested user ID. 𝐁𝐲 𝐝𝐞𝐟𝐚𝐮𝐥𝐭, 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐓𝐞𝐧 (𝟏𝟎) 𝐓𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐝 𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭. Using pagination, the most recent 3,200 Tweets can be retrieved.

                      Google: set limit of tweets displayed

                      1.> Limiting the number of Tweets displayed
                      Display a specific number of items between 1 and 20 by customizing your embed HTML.

                      Add a data-tweet-limit attribute to the embed code to specify a number of Tweets. The timeline will automatically adjust its height to display a specified number of Tweets. The timeline is fixed after display; it will not poll for new Tweets until the page is refreshed.


                      Tweets by @TwitterDev


                      2.> Setting a limit to Tweets displayed in an embedded timeline

                    4. Tipster,

                      Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll take a look at them and see what we can do.

                    5. BTY:

                      Also See these handy tools for Troll-Patrol

                      WordPress – How to Search for Comments by IP Address


            2. Note: file has been removed from my G drive since I just noticed my name is available to viewers on the details tab. Hopefully you, Darren, were able to view it prior to my removal. Let me know if interested

    2. I’m running Firefox and Brave Browsers
      2% CPU 62% Burst Memory per Task Manager – all seems normal to me.

      Just a few useful tips for everyone.

      Use ‘Glary Tracks Eraser’ after and between Browser closing and opening.

      In an open Browser you can dump the Browser Cache by pressing Ctrl+Shift=R to flush cache.
      Sometimes this helps if your surfing a lot of different web pages.

      Flush your Router occasionally:

      Type CMD in the Task Bar ‘Search’, this will give you the Command Prompt App (You can choose to use Run as Administration if you want, don’t matter)

      Highlight and Copy and past this at the Command Prompt: (just put your cursor at the end of the command line and paste, then hit enter):

      ipconfig /flushdns
      ipconfig /release

      This will release the Con (your connection to the internet)
      and flush the Windows Cache.

      Then Copy and past this at the Command Prompt:

      ipconfig /renew

      This renews the internet connection,
      Then Type ‘exit’ or just close the App.

      You’re good to go

      1. Typo Correction:
        In an open Browser you can dump the Browser Cache by pressing 𝐂𝐭𝐫𝐥+𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐟𝐭+𝐑 to flush cache.
        Sometimes this helps if your surfing a lot of different web pages.

        This is the simplest thing to do.
        All 3 methods are pretty much non-destructive (won’t wipe out your passwords or raise anti-virus alarms.

  15. There are a number of insightful comments here concerning what might happen, and several ways this could play out. One thing that I think is pretty clear is that the law concerning impeachment needs to be refined, even if it requires amending the Constitution. We simply cannot have legitimacy of government when a president can pardon his own relative or business associate, especially when that relative or business associate is funneling massive amounts of money back to the president.

    That state of affairs doesn’t just allow massive corruption, it INVITES it, and it looks like Joetard has been positioned all along to take full advantage. As the results of numerous investigations slowly roll in, the dumbest imbecile ever to sit in the White House is looking more and more like a genius when it comes to the art or science of punishment-free corruption.

    1. Even an intellectual midget, as I think we may safely describes Faux Joe fairly accurately, can, through a lifetime of sucking the taxpayers’ teats dry and rubbing elbows with some of the nation’s worst crooks and other, sometimes worse still, malefactors (i.e. Washingtonians inside and tangential to government) and the possession of a little low cunning, learn to squeeze multimillions out of the globalist war machine and its supporters/supportees.

    2. No. Leave it alone. As it is today, given the power of a corrupt DoJ and FBI, even Barron Trumps goldfish is not safe.
      Properly done, pardons are an escape route from our eternal drive to “get even”. A presidential pardon is a final, imperfect way to close a chapter in an imperfect process.

  16. 2 questions. What if the DOJ just lets this run out and does not make any charges? Even if they do make charges- will the Statute of limitations keep running?

  17. No, the DOJ is not in “a bind.” Far from it. If Judge Noreika cannot be coaxed or threatened in some way into going along with the DOJ’s plea deal or some similar alternative, then the DOJ is ready for a rigged trial.

    When the DOJ and the defense attorneys have identical positions and interests, the DOJ is sufficiently skilled to put on a “Washington Generals” style “prosecution” against Hunter’s “Harlem Globetrotters” defense legal team. In other words, both sides are prepared for another legal song and dance routine designed to enable Hunter to skate away free.

    And, if worse comes to worst, Joe can defer pardoning Hunter until the end of his term, whenever that turns out to be. The Banana Republic remains strong and any talk from the pesky Constitutionalists can readily be silenced.

    1. The basic problem, aside from the endemic corruption, is that the prosecutor’s boss is the defendant’s father. How can there be an untainted plea deal (or prosecution in general) under those conditions?

      1. The Democrats and their media allies will simply cotinue to claim that the DOJ’s appointment of David Weiss as counsel for the prosecution untaints the plea deal. They will continue to underscore that Weiss is a registered Republican who was nominated by Trump and approved unanimously by both Democrats and Republicans. And it seems Weiss is fully prepared to lie or palter under oath before Congress, as necessary, to continue the joint DOJ-Defense plan to insulate all Biden family members. And the media will loudly proclaim that everything was done above board, suggesting that the whistleblowers “lack credibility.”

  18. In a perfect world, Joe would lose to RFK in the Democrat primary or Trump in the general election, after which both Joe and Hunter would be indicted and sent to prison in 2025.

  19. pardon, But the dear professor has been living inside the Washington DC bubble too long – only a fool would have any compassion for Biden, who is a career corrupted poltician

    1. Joe Biden is pure scum. The man USED his sick, drug addict son as the bag man and the go-between….so that when the Biden crime syndicate comes crashing down, Hunter would be the fall guy. THAT is who Joe Biden is. Total scumbag human being. Corrupt to his core. Joe acts like a king, like a corrupt dictator, like a mafioso crime boss — all while posing as some kind of ‘aww shucks’ lunchbox, ‘uniter’ Joe. What a fraud. He is the most corrupt and divisive president we have ever had. He did not win the election; he was installed. The election was stolen. Joe Biden is an illegitimate president and EVERYONE in Washington DC knows it.

      We are now living in Biden’s banana republic. The country is in big trouble.

      Joe Biden deserves to take a spectacular fall *and* serve prison time — that is how bad that man actually is. Total Scum. So is his wife.

      1. It is Joe Biden who deserves to take a spectacular fall *and* serve prison – not just Hunter, not just Jimmy, but Joe Biden himself should serve time. Joe is the the crime boss who USED his sick son as his fall guy. Joe Biden is utter filth.

        JOE should be the one who goes to prison when the Biden global racketeering crime syndicate comes crashing down.

        And make no mistake, Biden, Inc. is about to come crashing down.

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