“Inordinately Intelligent”: Canadian Woman Sentenced to 22 Years in Attempt on Trump’s Life

68 thoughts on ““Inordinately Intelligent”: Canadian Woman Sentenced to 22 Years in Attempt on Trump’s Life”

  1. the lawyer should write comedy. this person is just your average democrat…. and must have been artificially inseminated. very sad what the children must have gone through.

    1. Yes. You forgot to add there are also different orders of magnitude.

      Any examples on the opposite aside similar to the Black Lives Matter/Black Panthers murderer that murdered five Dallas police officers from ambush and wounded almost a dozen others?

      How about a similar example of the Bernie Sanders acolyte/campaign worker that attempted the mass murder of GOP Congressman at a baseball practice?

      Anything similar in scale and levels of violence to the 540+ instances of rioting, looting, pillaging and burning across the USA in 2020? In different cities, with different participants in each of those riots?

      Remember when context used to matter?

  2. Sounds like a dishonest lawyer using a defense he knows is legally baseless. Defrauding the govt, conspiracy against the govt. Rico would would apply


    Bill Clinton denied he knew a million Africans were being murdered. He lied. He knew all about it. Ssssh. Don’t breathe a word. We are pursuing Trump, remember.
    Over and out

  4. She’s so darn intelligent that she she tried to drive across the U.S.-Canada border with a gun, a knife, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

    1. Turns out she was brilliant enough to install a Romulan Cloaking Device in her 2018 Toyota Camry to sneak across the Canadian border — or as she calls it, “The Neutral Zone” — but too stupid to realize that Star Trek was fiction.

    1. Hey Folks, Robert L Peters here, or Robin Ware, or JRB Ware, please send me all evidence that Trump misbehaved, and I’ll be sure to cc it to my lawyer, Gunter Hiden and we’ll use it to nail that creep. S’awright? S’awright!

      1. How’s that Lake Tahoe vacation going?
        Scandals? What scandals?
        You and Hunter enjoy yet another well deserved vacation, sir!
        Love, the Fake News media that kisses yo a$$.

      2. How intelligent does one need to be to use his own initials in a fake name? It’s a head scratcher.

  5. OT but related to Canada,
    Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly said they are considering a “game plan,” “if the United States “takes a far-right, authoritarian shift.”
    In short, if anyone but Biden is elected in 2024, then it is “a far-right, authoritarian shift.”
    So, what if Biden, sensing he is going to lose, and takes a far-left authoritarian shift?
    And would this be an indicator if the situation in the US were to devolve into Civil War 2.0, that Canada would intervene on the far-left wing authoritarian side?

      1. That’s very funny. I notice the map at the end seems ti include a big chunk of Washington State as populated with “striking Canadians.” That could actually explain allot.

    1. Well, Upstate, they can just bring it. If Ottawa loses, we get the Canadian interior all the way from the Yukon to the St. Laurence Seaway. It might not take a lot of persuading to bring over the provinces.

  6. “The homicidal-but-smart defense did not work.” And I hope that this will be the attempted defense of all the pro- Antifa, BLM, communist, transgender and other such woke ideologies. They were just so smart that we didn’t realize the wisdom of their actions – lol.

  7. What makes her case striking is that it’s been ignored by mainstream media which only considers violence by right wingers newsworthy.

    1. And leftists think anyone to the right of Mao is “right wing.”
      Leftists think RFK Jr., Bill Maher, Elon Musk, heck even JFK are “right wing.” They think Gays Against Groomers are “right wing” Trumpists.

      1. That is ridiculous to say the least. I consider myself to be an extreme conservative and I agree with much of what Reagan said about government. Your remark smacks of prog/left group-think.

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