Why the House Has No Alternative to an Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden

Below is my column in The Messenger on the expanding evidence in the Biden corruption scandal and the need for Congress to take commensurate action to investigate the matter. After this column ran, Fox’s Brian Kilmeade conducted an interview with Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin. What was striking about the interview is not just the contradiction with other accounts (like insisting that he was investigating Burisma and the investigation was expanding when he was fired), but that he claimed that Kilmeade was the first to seek to interview him. This is just Shokin’s account and many question his veracity. However, it is astonishing that this is the first interview that I have seen of one of the key figures in this scandal. It highlights the need to still fully investigate a scandal that the media has largely avoided in prior years.  However, the greatest case for an impeachment inquiry was made by Attorney General Merrick Garland himself.

Here is the column:

When Congress returns next month, it has little alternative but to launch a long-discussed impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. For House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the case for an inquiry came from a most unlikely source: Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The debacle in the Hunter Biden investigation has left most objective legal analysts in disbelief, with one CNN analyst calling it an “unholy mess.”

Even before the collapse of a widely condemned “sweetheart deal” with Hunter, the investigation headed by U.S. Attorney David Weiss was a growing concern for many observers. In prior years, I wrote about Garland’s refusal to appoint a special counsel despite the obvious conflicts posed by the potential involvement of President Biden in his son’s alleged influence-peddling scandal. I also raised the problem of an investigation that remained ongoing for years as the statute of limitations expired on major potential crimes.

It turns out that the same concerns were being raised within the Weiss team. Two IRS whistleblowers recently confirmed that the expiration of potential tax felony crimes was raised with Weiss and the Department of Justice (DOJ). There reportedly was an agreement to extend that period, including on the violations tied to the most controversial alleged payments from sources in Ukraine and other countries. The two witnesses testified that the Justice Department instead allowed the statute of limitations to expire.

These two whistleblowers — and, more recently, a former FBI agent — said that the DOJ tipped off the Biden team on attempts to interview Hunter and to conduct searches. They describe an investigation that was anything but the “routine” matter described by congressional Democrats in seeking to block House investigations.

What followed has bordered on the burlesque. Weiss cut a deal with Hunter’s legal team that was widely derided. After years of investigation, he and the DOJ agreed to a couple of tax misdemeanors, a papered-over gun charge, and no risk of jail time for the president’s son. The deal disassembled in court after a few questions from the presiding judge about sweeping immunity language and other curious elements. When District Judge Maryellen Noreika asked the prosecutor if he had ever seen any agreement like this one, he replied “no.”

House Republicans had previously demanded that Weiss and his team answer questions about the investigation and the plea bargain. And an appearance before a House committee was planned when Garland suddenly preempted that by doing what many of us have demanded for years: He appointed a special counsel. To the amazement of many, though, he appointed the one prosecutor who should have been categorically excluded — David Weiss.

Section 600.3 of the DOJ’s code on special counsels requires an appointment from outside the Justice Department, for obvious reasons. While another prior special counsel, John Durham, also came from within the Justice Department, Durham was retiring from the department at the time of his appointment. Not only did Garland have to ignore his own regulations to appoint Weiss but he also had to ignore the main qualification: The appointed outside counsel should be someone with “a reputation for integrity and impartial decision-making.”

Weiss could well have a legitimate defense to Republican complaints that he ran a fixed investigation into Hunter or accusations that he made false statements to his own team. However, he clearly remains under suspicion by many people. That is reflected in an ABC News/Ipsos poll in which almost half of Americans lack trust that the DOJ will conduct the Hunter Biden investigation in a “fair and nonpartisan manner.”

In addition to this controversial appointment, Garland again refused to expressly extend the special counsel’s mandate to include influence-peddling allegations involving President Biden.

Even some liberal pundits are mystified by these moves and why Garland would not simply appoint someone in compliance with the regulations who could guarantee a new and full investigation.

So Weiss is now investigating crimes that continue to dwindle in number due to the long delays in prosecution. It is like waiting for winter to go goose hunting in Canada, long after the geese have flown South. Everyone just gets dressed up and fires aimlessly into an empty sky.

While Hunter still can be charged on the same meager grounds (and possibly the addition of a Foreign Agents Registration Act charge), the alleged fix remains in the Biden investigation.

Now, however, Congress will have a more difficult time getting answers out of Weiss because he can claim he is engaged in an ongoing special counsel investigation, and he can use the eventual special counsel report as much to defend his own actions as to detail any potential crimes.

At the same time, the Biden administration still is resisting the sharing of information with the House, including records held by the National Archives.

For months, I have discussed a potential impeachment of the president with Republican House members and have encouraged them not to repeat the abuses of House Democrats in the use of “snap impeachments” and the discarding of fact hearings in the House Judiciary Committee.

Garland, however, has effectively forced their hands.

While Garland seems incapable of imagining any crime involving the president, he has made a conclusive — if unintended — case for an impeachment inquiry.

With the investigative impediments created by the Weiss appointment and by Garland’s refusal to expressly extend the special counsel’s mandate to the allegations of Biden family influence-peddling, there is little choice but to commence an impeachment inquiry. The authority of the House is at its apex when carrying out its duties under the impeachment clause.

Whatever interest — or ability — remains to prosecute Hunter Biden, Congress has a separate duty to confirm any high crimes and misdemeanors committed by President Biden. Indeed, the Democrats themselves established precedent for carrying out retroactive impeachments for prior offices, including any which may have occurred when Biden was vice president.

With the current state of the Hunter Biden investigation and the baffling conduct of Attorney General Garland, there is no alternative for the House but to launch the impeachment inquiry.

Jonathan Turley, an attorney, constitutional law scholar and legal analyst, is the Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law at The George Washington University Law School.



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  1. Mr. Turley… so you continue to be merely “baffled” about Attorney General Garland’s actions after watching what he’s done over the last three years. Just a good man inexplicably acting by mistake? Repeatedly acting like the equivalent of the Soviet Union’s Lavarentiy Beria/KBG – The Sword And Shield of the state and the police state fascist in power?

    You write that you’re baffled? I suggest that you’re desperately looking past the obvious to shield Garland – while writing about everything AG Garland has done.

    Try to come up with something better than “baffled” to explain Garland in your writing. It doesn’t do much to enhance your credibility nor judgement.

    1. He’s mystified and baffled, and things that go wrong in Govt. seem to be “misfortunate” to Mr. Turley. I think its mystifying and unfortunate that Mr. Turley can’t seem to muster any level of outrage. He just seems puzzled all the time. At least he acknowledges wrongdoing as opposed to flat out denial like Mr. Goldman. Gives us hope that someone can see the emperors aren’t wearing any clothes.

  2. Big issue that will present itself in the House is, many members are in races where an impeachment – if not supported by strong evidence – will hurt them. And could result in losing the House with such a small majority.

    Leader McCarthy is in a tough spot – lead impeachment or lose title – because he will lose that title without following thru. And leading an impeachment could doom the House GOP.

    1. Presently, it is an inquiry. How will that hurt Republicans especially since that will lead to the release of data showing Biden is corrupt.

      1. “And leading an impeachment could doom the House GOP.”

        Or, the truth will come to light, and Joe Biden, who has been PROVEN many times to be a liar and a fraud, may be the first President to be removed from office.

        At the very least, the major news media will finally be forced to report on the corruption and their ill informed and uniformed followers will get an earful.

        Now we’ve learned that Hunter was cc’d on an email to Joe regarding his phone call to the Ukranian President.

        Joe also sent Hunter a copy of a draft of his corruption speech in Ukraine.

        These emails were not included in the original batch sent to Congress when they requested “all emails” between joe and hunter. “Oops, we forgot about Joe’s email aliases.”—-NARA

  3. Let’s be perfectly clear about what we are being asked to believe here.

    Joe Biden demanded that Ukraine fire their Prosecutor General because he WAS NOT investigating Burisma, the company that was paying his son $83k per month.

    1. Ahem, not sure how one could mess it up that badly, except by accident: Shokin has repeatedly claimed, including in a recent interview with Fox News, that he was fired for investigating Burisma and its “founder”.

  4. Deliberately slow walking and obstructing investigations into Hunter Biden until the statutes of limitations runs out is corruption at the highest level. It’s 3 letter agencies protecting the President from investigations into corruption orchestrated by his son.

    We need to know if this was coordinated by the Biden Administration, or via activists on their own.

    In addition to this collusion to protect himself and his son from criminal investigations, Joe Biden must also answer for the corruption scheme outlined in the laptop.

    I’m just a lay person, but if this doesn’t meet the standard of high crimes and misdemeanors, I don’t know what would. Maybe doing coke in the White House and leaving it lying around?

  5. Professor, perhaps you could explain for our Democrat friends and their pals in the media, the difference between “evidence” and “proof”?!

    They keep saying there is “no proof” and hoping their low-info base hears “no evidence”!

  6. Nothing mysterious about Weiss’s appointment. As Special Counsel he can stonewall Congressional investigators by asserting that there is an “ongoing investigation

  7. 28 CFR § 600.3 is Federal Law, not “the DOJ’s code.” The appointment of David Weiss as Special Counsel is patently illegal.

    1. Its amazing that Garland literally did this ..knowingly….. it tells us everythign we need to know hoe corrupt this whole mess of an admin is.

  8. While we have the trolls and idjits who post just to be seen and mocked. Lets get back to the facts.

    Absolutely the House will have to start the impeachment process.

    But the reality Biden doesn’t care because it won’t go anywhere.
    While he’s in office, the House investigates. House majority will vote to impeach.
    The evidence will be collected and presented.
    The MSM will collectively cover for Biden as much as they can.

    This gets to the Senate.
    No impeachment.
    Meanwhile DoJ stalls this until everything gets beyond statute of limitations.

    While no one (hint hint Jonathan Turley) discuses the potential for stopping the clock due to a conspiracy to obstruct the case(s) against Hunter and Joe, that is something that should be discussed. Why or why not that idea holds water.


    1. I agree, but there is another aspect to this that not even the estimable Mr. Turley has noticed.

      NB: Under IRS regulations, there is a two mile wide exception to the statute of limitations tossed about by lawyers, pundits and politiicans. If willful fraud is involved, such as hiding income or tax evasion, which in this case is visibly true, then no statute of limitations applies. The IRS and the DOJ are both free to pursue criminal prosecutions.

      I recall there was a question about this on my CPA exam years ago, and I recall reading about this subject in my tax law textbook. It was stressed heavily enough that I still remember it after almost 50 years. Near as I can tell, the laws are unchanged. The current tax laws are summarized in a document released by the IRS itself at https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-utl/tax_crimes_handbook.pdf

      It cites willfully concealing taxable income, hiding non-deductible expenses (such as prostitutes charged off as business expenses), intentionally obfuscating the flow of funds with complex banking arrangements, failure to file, and several other chargeable offenses, all of them criminal in nature. Penalties range from $100,000 fines to 5 years in federal prison.

      1. Thank you, I downloaded the Handbook and searched for “willful’ , and hit all the applicable clauses.
        Your right, the IRS can pick Hunter (and Joe) up anytime they please. – Nice Work.

        1. If Trump signed tax returns which hid payments to Cohen for reimbursement of payments to Stormy Daniels as legal fees he would be similiarly deprived of the Statute of Limitations.

      2. Apple Computer should be prosecuted. The “Paradise Papers” leak showed them moving $250 million from Ireland accounts to the Isle of Jersey strictly to get a more favorable tax dodge. This as Tax Dodge Timmy Cook himself was waving his finger at the Congressional committee lecturing them into how Apple had so many employees in Ireland it justified their Irish accounts. The way the offshore big corps abuse part-timers and contract employees to make their numbers look bigger than they actually are is another way these stinkers abuse everything. Meanwhile Silicon Valley throws titanic political donations at the Left to protect their privileged status while howling about “inequality”. And now the DOJ is suing Elon Musk for hiring Americans in preference to foreigners and illegals! They want 10 years back pay they would have gotten IF they had been hired!

  9. My day wouldn’t be nearly as good without having Professor Turley’s great site as well as enjoying MOST of the people that comment here. Of course we have the usual 5% of people that have an odd need to destroy anything that most people enjoy, see gas stoves, normal light bulbs, gas water heaters, fans, cars, meat and not having kids mutilated for a fad. These 5% will comment over and over again due to some inner need to be different.

    I suppose we should empathize with the odd 5%, but they are so moronic, so aggressive, so partisan and so obnoxious that I am guessing that, like me, most people just continue to ignore the trolls.

    Anyone that comes to Professor Turley’s great site and then comments 200 times about how much they dislike Turley and his views should probably ask themselves why they behave this way. I know that I don’t watch CNN or MSNBC, I don’t read the NY Times, I don’t pick up Newsweek or the Guardian and I don’t read Salon, so why do these weird 5% come here daily? It would be a good phycological study, like Marlin Perkins or Margaret Mead. The Odd Habits of The North American Self-Hater.

    1. HullBobby,
      As always, well said.
      I have mentioned before, I will occasionally read their blather as to gain insight into the leftist mind. Never fails to be a dark, twisted place. Filled with hate and rage.
      Or, just plain dumb and juvenile.

      1. “It’s called “daily affirmation “— proof of discipleship and lack of a discerning mind.”

        And there you have it, from the #1 bootlicker on this site! Let me go back and count how many times this troll has led off her posts with “thank you dennis” or “thank you fishwings” or “thank you anonymous”. Irony is completely lost on this one.

        And tell us troll, have u been able to discern
        The difference between crude oil and natural gas?

        The difference between rising and lowering inflation?

        The different charges of the DC National Guard?

        The connection between Hunter Biden, Amos Hochstein, and Joe Biden?


  10. Jonathan: Now that we have dispensed more keyboard diarrhea for the edification of your ignorant MAGA audience, Iwe wanna whine a bit about Trump raising money for his defense by selling his mugs-shot (see what we did there, oh god we crack ourselves up). I don’t know why I refer to myself as “we”, it’s either the narcissist in me or I wanna be a Smeagol too.

    This is almost as unfair as Ray Davies changing the words (poor bug man) and holding a benefit concert for Trump’s defense fund. When are they gonna write a song about us? Oh wait, Aztec Camera already did (Oblivious).

    And did you hear the latest that Ashley Biden had to say to her lover? “Daddy, get off me, you’re crushing my cigarettes. We gotta be careful, Hunter will be home any minute now.”

    Ty Cobb, the MLB hall of famer, who retired the year after Pedo Joe was elected to the Senate, had this to say about it. “They crticised me for sticking my spikes into second basemen, but this guy Briben, he gets to stick his fingers in a woman in the halls of Congress, and people like Dennis defend him.”

    That Donald, what a poser. He even used this opportunity to help the local Atlanta economy by using a local bail bondsmen. The audacity of that guy. Of course, I can only conclude from that, he is saving his money for his planned escape to Mars, knowing full well that a local redkneck schlep can’t afford to chase him there. Man, that dude is sneaky. But you know I am the most brilliant person I know, so you can count on me to out his dastardly schemes.

    I know I already said that a sugar daddy has Jenna’s legal bills paid, but I’m gonna lie again and say she’s complaning about DJT not paying them. What’s one more lie??

    That Fani gonna spank that Fanny and turn them defendents over like flapjacks. You just watch and see. They gonna show ’em how we do it don hea in Jawja. I know Fani “don’t know how all that computer stuff work” or how the indictment got posted in advance, but she is one brilliant prosecutor I tell you!!!

    Theres a red under my bed
    And there’s a little ORANGE man in my head
    And he said, “you’re not going crazy, you’re just a bit sad”
    “‘Cause there’s a man in ya, gnawing ya, tearing ya into two”

    I said at the top of my last post that I am a MORON. Anyone disagree?

    1. Right on cue, here’s the 3rd grader again. So let me give it to him in a way he can comprehend.

      Takes one to know one!!!

      Or how about this classic, I know you are but what am I???

      Poor little bug, it’s a tough life for sure.

    2. Hehe…he called Dennis a moron and a Dick Head again…hehe

      You do realize that’s Dennis posting under an alias, right???

      LMAO at the little bug

  11. Jonathan: Let me reveal what everyone here has long suspected. I am a MORON. Instead of understanding that your discussions with House members are because they rightfully came to you for advice on subject matter for which you are an expert, I will somehow claim that you are behind the whole thing. Its YOUR fault the R’s are out to get the current President, not the fault of the last Congress, who twice impeached the prior one with no cause. I’m sorry, I just can’t hide my stupidity anymore. Its pretty transparent.

    Now I am going to move on to terms like “concrete evidence” or “direct evidence”, since I realize there is now a MOUNTAIN of circumstantial evidence pointing to the guilt of both Hunter and Joe. And I will also slip in the term “direct involvement”, because the “never spoke to” and “was never involved with” defenses have fallen faster than Kabul. And I will conflate Articles of Impeachment with Impeachment Inquiry because although I have held myself out as some sort of lawyer or legal expert in the past, all I really am is a regurgitator of Democrat talking points. I really don’t know the difference (or maybe I do but I just pretend to be stupid). Look, they told us in the DNC emails that if we just keep saying there is no evidence, it will somehow become true.

    Complaints about my keyboard diarrhea are a distraction. Yes, I know I said before that Weiss is a Republican, but I was rightfully called out for that lie, since obviously I did not have acces to his voter registration. As Special Counsel, Weiss SHOULD have all the authority he needs to investigate any and all alleged “crimes” of Hunter. The fact he is NOT outside the DOJ means he can still be stonewalled, but don’t bore me with details. Besides he was appointed by DJT at the request of 2 Dem Delaware Senators. So what if he was originally appointed by Obama?
    He is not a Democrat, I say, stamping my feet!!

    We must stop looking NOW!!! You might find something! No evidence. No facts. (Gotta say it again and again til its true!!!!!!!

    There is no evidence Joe ever recived any BRIDES I tell you! Sure, he likes to fondle young girls and shower with his own daughter, but he didn’t marry any of them!!!
    Wait, shut up!!! There is no DIRECT EVIDENCE that Joe showered with his daughter!! Where is the video!!! Fondled girls???? What are you talking about!! Her boobs weren’t developed, so you have no concrete evidence!!!

    Now I am going to make myself look really STUPID and claim that you are doing all this to get more exposure. Because according to my sources, Fox is NOT #1 in viewership among cable news networks!!! I am also gonna use the term “mainstream media” just to demonstrate what a partisan hack I am. Or maybe I do think their views are mainstream (also see partisan hack).

    I dont care about Shokin’s statements. I dont care about Zlovchevsky’s statements. I don’t care about Archers statements. I don’t care who Amos Hochstein is. I don’t care about Bobolinski’s statements. I don’t care about emails on the laptop. I don’t care what Schwerin has to say. YOU GOT NOTHIN’!!!

    I don’t care that Archer testified that Zlovchevsky approached Hunter SPECIFICALLY because Shokin was on his a$$. That has been “debunked” by that hard hitting news outlet Salon/i> with several nebulous referrals to “the European community” and such.
    So what if there is a state department memo in late 2015, commending Shokin for his work fighting corruption? Gigi says its all BS, and I believe her over my own lying eyes. Archer visited Joe in the White House for 2-1/2 hours, 5 days before he left for Ukraine??? So what? Couple days later, Archer is added to the Burisma board??? So what? Then Joe tells Ukraine to fire Shokin??? So what? No document to support that it was the admin policy for the $1B coercion and several to the contrary?? So what? Archer testified that Hunter and Z called Joe and then changed his testimony on the advice of counsel?? So what??? Amos Hochstein was approached by Hunter to help with the Z problem. So what? Hochstein flew on AF2 with Biden to Ukraine (where the plot to extort the Ukranians was cooked up). So what?
    None of that is evidence of a damn thing Turley, and you know it!

    Now, I am going to just say some incoherent crap about MAGA this and that and cards and snap. Whatever, I just got burgers!

    And now for the important stuff that you left out

    Trump Trump TrumpTrump Trump Trump Trump Trump TrumpTrump Trump Trump
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    Theres a red under my bed
    And there’s a little ORANGE man in my head
    And he said, “you’re not going crazy, you’re just a bit sad”
    “‘Cause there’s a man in ya, gnawing ya, tearing ya into two”

    Gigi and bug man, where ya at? My boots are gettin’ dry.

  12. “non stop op eds about Hunter.”

    You can say it as many times as you want, bug man, it’s still gonna be about Joe.

  13. I’m thankful for Jon. He’s brilliant, incredibly articulate, a pleasure to read and he is balanced, open and honest. He really wants to get it right, let the chips fall…
    Liberals pride themselves on open mindedness, being eager to research new ideas, the willingness to let go of the “same old, same old” for better ideas.
    What I find disappointing, to put it mildly, is how dishonest they are when evaluating various political positions; this is the very thing they cannot tolerate about conservatives. It is mind boggling to see how biased and unfair they are and how they hurt our country without a care.

    1. There is no Media; it’s just the Democrat party with video hardware and a monopoly on distribution.

  14. Of course Garland’s conduct is “baffling” if you cling to the notion that:

    “Merrick Garland is a person with unimpeachable ethics and integrity.” (8/16/22) Professor Turley

    1. My new pal Turley may have wept for joy when Joe Biden was elected president and appointed Garland AG, but he clearly feels bad about it now!

      Idk if Turley has repented, but he’s writing a lot of Hail Mary’s now. Turley may be at the apex of his contrition powers calling for impeachment, which would almost certainly involve Garland. What more can he do?

      In 2008, after 8 years of Bush/Cheney, I thought Obama walked on water .. . Obama may still believe that.

      *it’s a cross I have to bear.

      1. Obama is nothing but a covetous, dependent parasite that has never created one dollar of wealth but unconstitutionally steals other people’s money because of his extreme personal failure as nothing but a communist community organizer.

        Thou Shalt Not Covet

        Thou Shalt Not Steal

        Unless you join the church of Rev. Wright and God Damn America while you covet its money and steal it!

        Oh, and he’s the ineligible son of a radical, extremist, anti-American, anti-Colonialist, foreign citizen who was jailed by the British for six months.

  15. Said it earlier, and I’ll say it AGAIN: For all of the political rambling in this article, Turley never mentions what the POINT of having an “impeachment inquiry” is supposed to be. Other idiots commenting here can speculate until the COVID cows come home, but the FACT is that Turley never says what HE thinks the POINT is, so this article is a sort of literary Rorschach test for people to see whatever they WANT to see.

    No rational person knowledgeable concerning the current state of politics in the US believes that Fake President Joetard is going to be removed from office by the democrat-controlled Senate. And if he were to be removed, it would only happen because that would fit with DEMOCRAT plans for the 2024 election.

    And House republicans haven’t even bothered to arrange for relevant testimony by Ukrainian former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. Rather, it was Shokin who had to find Fox “News” anti-Trumper MORON Brian Kilmeade to remind people that he exists, has information, and wants to share it. The House doesn’t need an “impeachment inquiry” to get Shokin’s testimony — they only need to sober up and stop clowning around.

    I guess the professor forgot to mention any of that while stirring the “impeachment inquiry” pot. All I can say is that I started reading this blog many years ago when it was almost entirely about law, NOT politics. When the professor sticks to law, the articles AND many of the comments are still worth reading, but when the articles ventures off into pure politics — not so much.

    And this is where Turley’s attack dogs usually come after me, because lord knows reasonable criticism needs to be hounded off of this site.

    1. Ralph, again I actually agree with much of this. Comer should get Shokin’s testimony.

      For all his alleged corruption, Shokin has not to my knowledge been prosecuted for anything. Nor does he appear to be a wealthy man. From what I can tell, the criticism of him relates mainly to lack of action against Yanukovich cronies and supporters. If so, this is likely part of the continued faction struggle in Ukraine following the US-supported coup in February 2014. In this regard it may be significant that the Nov 22 2015 interagency memos, discussed by John Solomon, which appear to have introduced for the first time the idea of firing Shokin as a US policy objective, were said to have involved Victoria Nuland.

      For the reasons I’ve stated before I think an impeachment inquiry should be opened. At the same time, I agree with you that there is a lot more Comer could be doing to develop the case against Biden.

    2. If Comer and the gang can produce anything resembling a smoking gun, Senate democrats won’t be able to vote no.

      They didn’t want Biden in 2020 and they don’t want Biden now.

      They can dump Biden and put their man in; they might as well get this party started right now.

      For rational people, that production of evidence has already occurred against the “Big Guy” and the entire Biden Crime Family.

      What the —- do 150 SARs tell you?

      How many SARs have been attached to your accounts?

      How many whistleblowers, accomplices and foreign prosecutors have testified against you in the media?

    3. Ralph, my attack dogs were left in the cistern. Hold your fire.

      My opinion, the Democrats will never impeach and convict or force the resignation of a Democrat POTUS under any circumstances. Such an exit would explode their conceit of moral superiority–especially if he was one of those who stood in judgement of Richard Nixon. Even The Machine can’t spin that much karma.

      And of course, there’s Kamala. Can’t let that happen.

      For what it’s worth, I know a very prominent Democrat attorney in my state, and he’s privately telling people that Biden is guilty as sin, but he’ll never put that in print.

      1. Pretty sure they ALL know Joetard is “guilty as sin.” That’s what makes him and THEM the abomination that they are. Joetard is probably the only one who doesn’t know it. He truly has no morality and never had any even back when his brain sort of almost functioned, and it takes a sense of morality to recognize guilt. I would be willing to bet that Joetard could easily pass a lie-detector test even when telling a thousand lies, because the test doesn’t really recognize lies — it only recognizes when the liar knows he’s lying.

        1. “He truly has no morality “

          What does that say about his supporters? Are they absent of morality? If they are not moral can they cheat on elections and convict innocent people? The answer was already provided.

          Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. –John Adams

          1. S. Meyer,
            I question the morality of people who think it is okay for pornography in elementary schools, talking to 3rd graders about sex or getting them to question their own sex, mutilating children or prescribing puberty blockers, hiding anything from a child’s parents, taking a 6 year old to a drag show.

            1. Immorality abounds on the left. All we have to do is listen to the voices of ATS, Bug, Dennis, Bob and Bill, and all those past voices demonstrating their perversions. A pig pen is cleaner.

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