The “Why Not” Culture: Why the Georgia Final Report Should Worry Us All

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Below is my column in the Hill on release of the final report of the Special Purpose Grand Jury in Georgia. The recommendation for sweeping indictments involving 39 people, including current and former senators, only magnifies fears over political prosecutions. For many of us, the inclusion of figures like the senators reflects a rogue grand jury. However, Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Cal.) insisted that Sen. Lindsey Graham was “lucky” not to be indicted. According to Schiff, Graham calling Georgia officials about the counting or discarding of votes was enough to justify a criminal charge. Presumably, since Graham could be indicted with Trump, Schiff would also consider him eligible to be barred from ever running again for office under the 14th Amendment, as discussed below. It is the “why not” approach to criminal and constitutional law.

Here is my column:

With the release of the special grand jury final report in Georgia, the nation finally was able to see what foreperson Emily Kohrs last February was giggling about in interviews.

Call it the “Why not?” report.

Back then, when Kohrs was asked if there were recommended charges, she chuckled and said, “Can you imagine doing this for eight months and not coming out with a whole list of recommended indictments? It’s not a short list. It’s not.’”

In addition to nodding at an expected Trump indictment, she added, “There may be some names on that list that you wouldn’t expect.” After all, why not?

The final product did not disappoint. The members recommended 39 people for prosecution, including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and former Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.). They also included lawyers who argued for recounts or investigations into alleged election fraud.

While the report expressly claims that the Fulton County District Attorney’s office did not create the list, it was the office of Fani Willis that presented the law, the evidence and potential targets to the special grand jury. During that process, these members concluded that politicians voicing support for the former president and his allegations could be criminally charged for doing so.

The news that Willis did not indict Graham and others infuriated many on the left. Liberal websites were inundated with comments like “I want all the enablers charged, tried, and given long sentences as traitors to our country” and asking why the list did not include Senators Grassley, Cruz, Lee and “147 current and former members of the House, just to name a few.”

The disappointment of the special grand jury members and commentators is understandable. When one reads the indictment of the 19 defendants, it is surprising that all of the other 20 were dropped. While the indictment does contain serious charges against some individuals, Willis used a sweeping racketeering theory to indict in gross.

One possible reason Willis dropped some of these targets is that she knew the indictment of these senators would have been quickly and firmly rejected by the courts as the criminalization of political speech.

However, the 160 individual acts detailed in Willis’s report include speeches and social media postings by Trump and others claiming evidence of widespread voting fraud.

I disagree with those claims, but many citizens held the same suspicions of the election. Many still do.

It is understandable why the grand jurors thought that anyone pushing these claims was committing a crime, given the 160 acts cited by Willis. Graham, for example, called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger after the November 2020 election to ask about absentee ballots and whether groups of ballots could be rejected.

That call was not ultimately deemed worthy of an indictment. However, Willis launched her investigation based on Trump’s continued demands that Raffensperger investigate the vote tally in two other calls. Once again, I agreed then and now with Raffensperger in his refusal. But the question is whether such requests are evidence of a crime.

I have long criticized the misrepresentation of the two Georgia calls by the Washington Post, which later issued a correction in its reporting. Although it recently made a startling contradictory statement on the truth of its original claims, the transcript of the calls shows that Trump did not tell officials to simply add more than 11,000 votes.

I still disagree with his claims, but I have maintained that Trump was making a predictable argument in a settlement negotiation that he only needed that number of votes and that a new recount or continued investigation would find them.

My questioning of the use of the calls as evidence of a crime has given many people the vapors. They insist that it was preposterous to think that Trump was actually asking for continued recounts or investigations instead of demanding that Raffensperger commit fraud. Yet Raffensperger himself recently took the stand and confirmed that the call was a “settlement negotiation” over whether to conduct further recounts or investigations.

The question is when advocacy or inquiries or negotiations become criminal acts. Willis’s first grand jury clearly believed that senators who called for recounts or Raffensperger’s resignation should go to prison. The comparison between their recommendations and the eventual indictment does not clearly answer how such acts are distinguishable as crimes.

The same lack of limiting principle is evident in the new theory being pushed by various experts under the 14th Amendment to bar Trump from ballots on the grounds that he “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” or gave “aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” Beyond the tendentious claim that the Jan. 6 riot was an actual insurrection, they also maintain that the provision is self-executing, requiring no vote of Congress for secretaries of state to bar Trump from next year’s ballots.

Even though Trump has not been charged, let alone convicted, of insurrection (or even incitement), these advocates believe that he can be removed from the ballot because of his election claims, his inflammatory rhetoric and his delay in calling for supporters to leave the Capitol. This is one of the most dangerous legal theories to arise in decades.

This week, Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes aptly described the claimed right to disqualify as a “radical” measure that would “encompass every elected office in our government — state, local, federal, and so forth.” Indeed, Democrats have called for barring not just Trump but 120 Republicans in Congress from running for office.

As with the Georgia special grand jury, the question is “Why not?” If the standard is “giving aid or comfort” to insurrectionists, then why not throw hundreds of other Republicans who supported the challenge to certification on Jan. 6 off the ballot? And while we’re at it, why not bar every lawyer who helped file claims of voting fraud from ever running for office? They all gave aid or comfort with their actions.

By this reasoning, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) and other Democrats could have been barred from ballots for opposing Trump’s certification in 2016 without any basis, along with leaders such as Hillary Clinton, who continued to call the election “stolen” for years. In 2016, there were also violent riots in Washington opposing Trump’s inauguration, thanks in no small part to such rhetoric. We can then have different candidates of both parties removed from ballots in every state.

This “Why not?” philosophy is all part of our impulse-buy politics, where there is little thought to the implications of actions beyond immediate vengeance and satisfaction. It is a criminal and political system based on the giddy philosophy of Emily Kohrs.

Jonathan Turley is the J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at the George Washington University Law School.

358 thoughts on “The “Why Not” Culture: Why the Georgia Final Report Should Worry Us All”

  1. Tuirley – we are fundimentally at odds over some very important election issues and YOU ARE WRONG!!

    In most of the allegations regarding Trump’s communitcations with Raffensberger – Trump is mostly correct and you are WRONG.

    If we do not conduct elections scrupulously then we can not expect people to trust them.

    This should not be a partisan issue.

    We should not have mailin elections at all – When ballots leave the direct oversight of government we multiple the possibilities for fraud and we dramatically reduce our ability to catch that fraud.

    The same is true about signature rejection on ballots – whether absentee or mailin.

    Many states have voter ID laws ALL should. No matter how you vote you should be required to prove your eligability to vote.

    In the past people showed up at polls where election officials knew them ID was not needed because the officials at the polls knew who you are.

    Frankly we should move back to that. Big centrialized systems – large precincts massive central ballot counting fascilities make Fraud all the more attractive.

    And people are not stupid. Most of us understand that while there will be small scale individual fraud, even some local election fraud in elections where people vote in person at precints with at most a few thousand voters, that organized fraud is much much harder. Way too many people would have to be involved.

    When you count 2M ballots all in one place the oportunity for fraud is enormous, the number of people who have to be involved is small, and the odds of getting caught decrease.

    You beleive that ballot fraud in the 2020 election is unproven.
    I think there is a compelling case of numerous forms of ballot fraud.

    But more important than my beleifs and yours – is the FACT that if we repeat the 2020 election process we WILL get large scale ballot fraud – if not in 2020, eventually.

    You have repeatedly noted that all error is not fraud – and that is correct.

    But error can mask fraud and the greater the degree of error we tolerate and the more centralized we make voting and ballot handling the more oportunities for fraud – safe fraud fraud where the fraudsters will not be detected or caught can occur.

    We do not as an example know that the messes that occured in maricoppa county in 2020 was deliberate, or the even worse mess in 2022.

    The evaluation as to whether the total disater the errors and problems in maricopa county in 2022 were deliberate and were election fraud or whether they were just incompetence and error is subjective.

    But THAT is the problem. Without a doubt the errors effected one set of candidates more than others. Without a doubt the errors were large, and without a doubt they undermine our trust in elections.

    When anything about an election is unusual – we should be suspicious. No SOME will be suspicius

    One of the core problems with These election related prosecutions is that they are an attempt to criminalize distrust in our elections.
    That is itself a driver of future election fruad.

    It is absolutely right for Trump or anyone else to chaallenge ANYTHING that is unusual about any election.

    Throughout the country signature verification was HIGHLY unusal. The normal rejection rate is 6%. In GA in 2020 itr was 0.25%.
    That alone is a reason for the people to be suspicious of fraud – to demand explanations and examination by Raffensberger.

    And I would note that the very limited random signature audit in cobb county that Raffensberger blessed had DAMNING results.

    of 5000 ballots selected at random from an afluent democratic county – 300 – oddly 6% were determined to have not met the laws criteria and should have been rejected.
    Of those 30 were found to be likely fraudulent – that is 0.6% or nearly 3 times Biden’s margin of victory in GA.

    The people of GA, the people of the US have excellent reason to be distrustful of our elections.

    CONTRA you and those on the left the standard for election is NOT innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    The standard is the same we use for judges an court – above reproach, tainted by even the appearance of impropriety.

    If even 10% of the electorate does not trust the means by which the elections are conducted – then we have a massive failure.

    Elections can not be conducted perfectly – but they CAN be conducted such that the possibility of large scale fraud is incredibly low.

    When you give your impramatur to election officials that changed the rules and standards, that conducted elections that are not demonstrably correct,
    When you and the courts fail to grasp that the burden of proof in elections is on those conducting the election – not the challengers. Not the people.

    Then we are in serious danger.

    When the people do not trust the government it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

    Elections are the means by which we accomplish that non-violently.
    When trust in elections is not present – the next step is violence.

    This country was born in a violent revolution caused by distrust of the government.

    Distrust of elections is NOT a crime committed by the people.
    It is ALWAYS a failure on the part of those in government – those conducting the election.

    I would firther note that overall what we have seen regarding elections has been the conduct of people who are GUILTY.

    Immediately after the election you implored Biden to welcome audits and transparencey.
    You correctly noted that though there is error in most electiosn that nearly always errors tend to balance out.
    That is always true when the error is hones. But it is not true where there is fraud.

    Biden did not heed your advice and the challenges to the election resulted in stone walling and a total lack of inquiry – not transparency.

    The message Willis is sending with these indictments is Don’t F#$K with atlanta – we will conduct our elections however we damn well please and
    no one has any reight to know how our elections are conducted.

    Over and over again we have seen a complete LACK of transparency – and where we have enquired more deeply we have found if not proof of fraud proof that the conduct of the election is so bad we could not find fraud if we wanted to.

    The burden of proof on the trustworthyness of elections rests with Govenrment – not voters, not those running for office.

    And the potential consequences of the loss of trust that we already have is disaster.

    Actual proof of any of Trump’s election fraud claims would mean that an actual insurection on J6 would be justified.

    The burden of proof is not on Trump, or voters
    it is on government.

    Conduct elections that we can trust, and do so transparently or ultimately there will be violence.
    And it will be justified.

    It is far less important who wins an election than it is that those who lost trust the results.

    even in 2016 we had problems with that.

    There are innumerable reason the 2020 election is not entitled to our trust.

    Finally I would note – that beyond issues of ballots, we have excellent reasons to distrust our elections.

    The collusion delusion is one reason.
    The untern Biden laptop is another.
    The 51 intelligence officials is another.
    The social meadia censorshiop is another.
    The government participation in that censorship, the government involvement in the collusion delsuion are another.
    The myriads of failures of govenrment during covid are another.

    We have example after example of bad conduct, sometimes criminal conduct all focused on artificially tilting the outcome of an election,
    or now trying to prevent the people from voting for the candidate of their choice.

    Trust in government is at a nadir for excellent reason. Our govenrment is not trustworthy.

    Falsus in unum – falsus in omnibus.

    Those who would rig an election using FBI and DHS agents, would also engage in ballot fraud.

    When the FBI and DHS meddle in elections – nothing else about an election deserves out trust.

  2. It’s absolutely incredible that Jonathan still refuses to acknowledge the widespread endemic fraud in the 2020 election it was rigged Seven Ways to Sunday.
    The fact that he is refusing to acknowledge any election fraud is akin to him looking for a specific tree but be moaning all of the forest in the way.

    1. In GA alone there were over 100,000 illegal votes that were allowed to count. This ranged from felons, non citizens, under 18, people who moved and illegally still voted from old address, etc… That is A LOT of votes that were illegal in a state with what, 11,000 difference? That doesn’t even count the ballot trafficking that went on.

    2. The media refuses to report on the fraudulent voter registrations submitted in Michigan by an employee of GBI Strategies, a democrat supported group. The employee informed the police that she “collected” registrations in multiple counties. In one incident they submitted more voter registrations than residents of the county. Crickets from the media. People, including Turley, say there is no evidence. However, they refuse to look at, or even acknowledge, the evidence that is available.

      1. It would seem, contrary to Miss Fanny’s anti-Trump allegations, that glaring questions of loyalty hang over dozens of officials, elected and otherwise, regarding the elections of both 2020 and 2022.

        Were this a just world, and public intellectuals like our gracious host were more thorough in their analyses, even Gitmo would be a bit inadequate to house all the miscreants.

    3. He does not only refuse to acknowledge the fraud, he goes out of his way to stress that multiple times. I say, he is afraid of the big brother. A standard controlled opposition. Turley is a weak sauce, don’t expect much. Dude has too much to loose….

    4. It’s important to note that Turley, while being the most objective has, like Dershowitz, no right leaning inclinations or perspective whatsoever, and thus is, not ultimately truly objective. If he were, he’d be decrying every indictment as an illegitimate political prosecution that no right-leaning prosecutor would ever consider.

    5. Yes. So many reasonable decent people like him too afraid to acknowledge that clearly there were massive irregularities and fraud are the ones, ultimately, who are causing the republic to go down the drain. They simply refuse to admit that there is a corrupt junta running a post-constitutional republic and want to pretend that everything is fine and will all go back to normal soon. Not going to happen. Either we push the Junta out, or they will soon replace what’s left of the republic with something far, far worse.

  3. First they were hell bent on destroying Trump’s 1st term. They then stole his 2nd term in 2020. Now they want to destroy the lives of those they stole it from, or those that happened to question the theft.

    There needs to be a reckoning in this country. These people are traitors and must be destroyed and imprisoned.

  4. I can’t stand how turly always prefaces every comment, every analysis, every judgment,…. with his rejection out of hand of any 2020 election improprieties.
    He feels compelled to Virtue signal to his leftist audience that he’s not one of ‘those’ ….. he says all the right things but just won’t come to the obvious conclusion …it was fraudulent…and he won’t leave the Democrat Party.

    1. And he always has to remind readers he doesn’t like Trump. Several legal writers preface their comments with that information when writing articles acknowledging that the indictments of Trump are on shaky legal ground.

  5. U.S. Const. amend. XIV, §5, states: The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

    And . . . Tom helpfully points to 18 U.S.C. §2383, which reads in full:

    Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    So – now that Congress has passed “appropriate legislation” to “enforce the provisions of this article” (that is, the provisions of the 14th Amendment), it seems fairly clear that that legislation controls whether someone is “incapable of holding” federal office, right?

    And if it does control, being as it’s a criminal statute, a criminal conviction is needed, either based on a guilty plea or proof by the government beyond a reasonable doubt. See In re Winship, 397 U.S. 358 (1970).

    Change my mind.

      1. Edward – I agree and, being as it’s so obvious, it’s a wonder that there are reams of comments below trying to hash it out or deny it.

  6. This entire thing is Dystopian. Now if Republicans get in they need to bring charges against everyone involved with the Seditious Conspiracy that was the Trump-Russia Collusion Delusion using the Durham investigation as the basis. From Hillary, Pelosi, Schiff, to the FBI and Intel Cabals. They all belong in prison for 20-30 years!

  7. Our legal system has become a joke. And anyone who believes it is honorable, well, I have some used cars for sale. We all know everybody has bias. But usually honor made a person look beyond their bias or political preference when performing their duties as court officers. Bui as we have seen, more than ever before, in the last few years, it’s political motivation that makes justice and government function. Especially in regards to the DOJ and FBI. Nothing is apolitical anymore and the left have been waging an unfettered, unilateral civil war, to seize power, since the sixties. The only thing that is keeping it merely ideological and non-violent; is that the Republican Party is still living in a dream world where they think reason, talking and appeasement will solve everything.

  8. They have really broken this place. A lot of people would not care DC was incinerated. It is a dark and malignant place.

    1. I have had similar thoughts (I won’t say I’m completely ashamed of thinking that way). I sometimes wish, to save our nation, and restore the sanity, something would take out the DC. I do not see any redeemable qualities in our government any more. But then I remember, God will do a better job at vengeance and judgment against the evil empire known as Washington DC than I ever could.

  9. We have never seen Shufflin Joe Briben in the presence of more than a handful of “supporters”. Ever. In the few times he ventured from his basement during his “campaign”, a Biden event consisted of 12 painted white circles, occupied by the media or staffers assembled to pick him up or rush in to halt questioning of a man too senile to understand what he was being asked. A public inauguration was canceled under the guise of Covid. In reality, Democrats knew the paltry crowd would not have been explainable for a man allegedly receiving 81 million votes. When he rarely travels, there are never Biden supporters lining streets to greet or wave to him. Ever. However there are thousands of Trump supporters present to heckle him and cheer for the man they know is the legitimate president, the man they voted for. Indeed, Biden received 81 million ballots. Of that we are sure. But he did not receive 81 million votes from real, living voters.

    1. What’s going on is straight out of the Commie playbook. It’s time for Americans to stand up and stop these criminals now. You may not like Trump but seeing what despicable lengths the Democrats have gone to try to destroy him is beyond disgusting and shameful. It is NOT about Trump, it’s about our constitutional rights and freedoms. Lets go.

    2. Turley’s obligatory tsk tsk at anyone questioning the conduct of the previous election is tiresome. It’s blatant and in our faces, they admitted “fortifying the election” in Newsweek, for cripes sake.

    3. I live just outside DC and have never, ever seen a pro-Biden ballcap, or a Biden tee shirt….anywhere.
      But there are millions of FJB hats, FJB shirts, Let’s Go Brandon flags waving all over the country.
      Whatever disgust we may have toward this illegitimate president and his corrupt, America-last, America-hating, lawless administration, it is not enough.
      Silent no more.
      The Commies must be stopped. Never forget: We The People Have the Power.

  10. I do not understand why the judge in this case does not grant a motion to dismiss with predjudice. Not being a lawyer I do not know if a trial courts order of dismissal with predjudice is appealable but regardless it should be granted. It is governmental abuses such as Georgia and Jack Smith on the Federal Level that leads to talk of open rebellion. Unfair enforcement of laws was one thing that lead to our split from England. I do not advocate a rebellion but point out that these are the types of things that lead to them and frankly the appearance of an unfair election in 2020 was what lead to the Capitol riots on Jan 6th. I firmly believe this event was the result of many citizens believing in their heart of hearts that the election was stolen. Had it been an insurrection as claimed those rioting and breeching the Capital Building would have come seriously armed and that would have been an insurrection. It appears to many that the Federal Government as well as Georgia are trumping up charges in an effort to keep Trump from being elected. His election could lead to the other half of the country engaging in their own civil insurrection. Many on the left tried to get electors to go rogue in 2016 yet they faced no charges nor should they but as we look at things today it just shows how unfair this process is.

    1. Judge McAfee is young and has only been on the bench for six months. He knows he will destroy his career in Atlanta if he applies the law and dismisses the charges. Candidates have been contesting election outcomes for decades. Never before has it been considered a criminal act. While the voters weren’t paying attention, judicial positions such as prosecutors and attorneys general, have been taken over by far left, much the same as school boards have been. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to get those people replaced with people who uphold the law and our states and federal Constitution.

  11. As soon as I read Turley write: ‘ However, the 160 individual acts detailed in Willis’s report include speeches and social media postings by Trump and others claiming evidence of widespread voting fraud. I disagree with those claims . . . ‘, I stopped reading.

    Americans knows what we witnessed: vote counting halted for the first time in history in five battleground states, with Trump holding huge and growing leads, disappearing when counting resumed, thanks to hundreds of thousands of Biden-only ballots. And there are literally dozens of other examples reported contemporaneously in the days following the 2020 election by Breitbart, FOX, Daily Caller, Gateway Pundit, Town Hall, Just the News, Western Journal, Epoch Times and numerous others. More than enough for any curious MSM “journalist” or DOJ to investigate. Instead, we heard, ‘there is no evidence of election fraud’ and told to move along. BS!

    1. Word.

      They could all just humour us with a real investigation. Make us look like fools they think we are. I wonder why we’re not allowed to look.🤔

      1. Instead, they just recount the same illegal ballots without ever checking on legality of the actual ballots. No investigation into the ballot trafficking. None. No investigation into underage people or non citizens voting. What we have learned is that once a ballot gets passed the goalie so to speak, there is no ability to challenge anything. In GA it was at least 100,000 illegal ballots. In WI, it was about 60,000. Neither of those numbers reflect the ballot harvesting/ trafficking. In Wisconsin there were (still are) over 7 million names on the voter rolls. There are only between 4.5 and 5 million actual people of voting age in WI. That means there are over 2 million ghosts on the voter rolls to request ballots for, collect, then fill them out, drop in a drop box. Boom. Untraceable fraudulent ballots. Crooks!!!

    2. Spot on! If FatFanni can hold a grand jury and come up with this BS then where are the sedition, subversion and treason charges against the DNC crew of Marxist deviants? Spying by Obama, Mail in ballots, suppression of Hunters laptop, years of investigations of a false dossier by a corrupt FBI and intelligence (sic) community, 24/7 negative and dishonest allegations by the MSM. They have to be held accountable for America to remain, this is beyond disgusting. It is every Americans right to question their government and election interference and fraud should be exposed and pursued legally, this is a sham!

  12. it is alarming how many people in the legal profession blindly look over the thousands, upon thousands or sworn affidavits of nefarious and illegal behavior; the “coincidental”, simultaneous termination of vote tabulation at the same time, across the critical swing states, all with the same outcome; the historically irregular outcome given the results of critical bell-weather counties and states (which is why the heck they are called “bell-weather” to begin with; the impossibility to possess more votes than registered voters in most, if not all critical blue precincts; the deafness to SWORN whistleblower testimony to deliver fraudulent ballots across state lines; and most of all……. that believe that Joe Biden received more votes that Barak Obama…… wtelf?

  13. This column is a joke sir. You act is if we don’t know these ae political Witch hunts mean to cover up the fact that these clowns stole the elections by breaking ALL THE RULES. Here is why nothing you say matters henceforth, you are too big a coward to call out the stolen elections, which make us a Banana Republic. CASE CLOSED. What in the hell good is any of your other info in light of this?

  14. Mr. Turley: Clearly, you lack an understanding of voting laws, regulations, equipment, processes and the actual facts of the 2020 election in Georgia. I would love to see you debate someone who has that understanding. Such an encounter would prove to be highly embarrassing – for you.

    1. Turley is applying 1970s principles to the actions of the current corrupt politicians, prosecutors, and judges. Much the same as Andrew McCarthy does.They still believe that “if there was no evidence of a crime, the DOJ or state or local prosecutor would not be bringing a case”. Really? Who is that naive after what we have seen over the past decade or so?

      The left insists Trump was and is “destroying our democracy”. Really? What exactly did he do during his four year term that was destructive except for disagree with some on the left on some issues. His true crime in their minds is beating HRC in 2016. They will never forgive him for that “travesty”. The left and the media made Trump “divisive” by their witch hunt with the Russia/Trump collusion Clinton created conspiracy and then use that “divisiveness” to say he is not eligible for the Presidency. What they are doing is a clear case of political prosecution and Turley cannot see that.

  15. Before you render your opinions on the ethics or legality of the election indictments, You better do some research using some better sources on just how corrupt these elections actually were. Then you would affirm these as persecutions rather than prosecutions AND you will be more credible.

  16. I saw 2000 mules for the first time this past weekend (while it was free on X).

    If you haven’t seen 2000 mules, don’t tell me about the relative perfection of the 2020 election, or about your lack of agreement with those who believe or suggest that the election was “rigged,” or that there is “no evidence.”

    And don’t tell me cell tracking apps can’t locate cell devices precisely enough. They have been used in court to prove which room of their own house a suspect was in at a given point in time. (Not the room they claimed.)

    And don’t tell me there is no corroboration. Official drop box video captured multiple instances of people stuffing multiple ballots in–at the times and places shown in the cell tracking data.

    1. reasonable people will agree with you, but the political purist and dogmatic partisan will claims such reasonable evidence is a farce, contrived, fraudulent. WE THE PEOPLE know

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