No Friend of Congress: Pascrell Seeks To Block 120 House Republicans From Being Seated For Signing Amicus Brief

It appears that Rep. Bill Pascrell (D., NJ) has a serious problem with Republicans going to court.  We recently discussed Pascrell’s absurd effort to disbar roughly two dozen Republican lawyers for challenging the results of the 2020 election. Now Pascrell is declaring that 120 House Republicans signing a “Friend of the Court brief” (or amicus brief) is tantamount to supporting a rebellion against the United States and that they should be blocked from taking their seats in Congress. I previously denounced Pascrell for his “dangerous form of demagoguery.” This latest call shows the demagoguery has reached a level of utter delusion.   

From the outset of the Texas lawsuit, I stated that it was virtually guaranteed to fail on standing.  It did fail last night. However, courts are where we take cases alleging such injuries. Tens of millions of American believe that the election was not fair, including many Democratic voters.  Roughly 70 percent of Republican voters believe the election was stolen. Such challenges and concerns are brought to the courts where we can have disputes resolved without violence in a constitutional system.

Pascrell has long denounced political critics of destroying the Constitution based on his disagreement with their views.  In the case of President Trump, he called for impeachment in 2019 on such undefined grounds as “disgrac[ing] his office and our nation beyond measure.”

Rather than welcome such review, Democrats have launched a scorched earth campaign, including an abusive campaign of harassment and abuse by the Lincoln Project. These efforts notably began shortly after Biden was declared the presumptive winner of the election and before any challenges were actually ruled upon by the courts.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also fueled such reckless rhetoric, declaring that the Republicans are “subverting the Constitution by their reckless and fruitless assault on our democracy which threatens to seriously erode public trust in our most sacred democratic institutions, and to set back our progress on the urgent challenges ahead.”

Pascrell’s move against his colleagues mirrors language in the response of Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro calling the Texas lawsuit “seditious.”  Seeking judicial review is the antithesis of sedition or rebellion. It is working within our constitutional system for a legal opinion on the merits of a challenge. These litigants have complied with court orders, as has President Trump.

On Twitter, Pascrell declared

“Stated simply, the men and women who would act to tear the United States Government apart cannot serve as Members of the Congress. These lawsuits seeking to obliterate public confidence in our democratic system by invalidating the clear results of the 2020 presidential election undoubtedly attack the text and the spirit of the Constitution, which each Member swears to support and defend.” 

 Pascrell cites the 14th Amendment to argue that filing with a federal court is an act of rebellion and “trying to overturn a democratic election and install a dictator seems like a pretty clear example of that.”

Pascrell’s call is utterly unhinged from any logical or constitutional foundation. Rebels do not storm the courts with legal filings. They overthrow courts with the rest of the constitutional system. Those who lack faith or fealty in our constitutional system are those who label litigants “rebels” and legal filings as forms of “rebellion” and “sedition.”


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    BREAKING: Antrim Co. Forensic Report BOMBSHELL Reveals Dominion Machines Were Set At 68.05% Error Rate…Meaning 68.05% Of Ballots Could Be Sent Out For Mass Adjudication, Giving Individuals Or Machines Ability To Change 68.05% Of Votes

    This morning, during an emergency hearing, MI 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer granted permission to Attorney Matthew Deperno to release the findings from their forensic examination on 16 Dominion Voting machines in Antrim County, MI where thousands of votes flipped from President Trump to Joe Biden on November 3, 2020.


    Crime — including homicides — is spiking, yet liberals continue push to defund police

    “You cannot diminish the police, defund the police and expect that crime is not going to rise,” -Bernie Kerik, former New York Police Department

    Jeff Asher, a former CIA officer and co-founder of the AH Datalytics firm, reported that in 51 major U.S. cities, murders are up 35% through late fall this year compared to the same period in 2019. And nationwide, murders were up 15% for the first six months of 2020, according to the FBI’s preliminary Uniform Crime Report released in September.”

    Thank you Democrats for the increase in crime and miurder. Thank you Biden for not taking a real stand against violence and defunding the police.


    Warnock’s past scandals reverberate as Georgians prepare to decide Senate control

    Charges of anti-Semitism, racism and sexism haunt Democrat

    “There’s more. In 2002, Warnock and another minister were accused of hindering an investigation into child abuse at a church-run camp.”

    “Warnock was also charged in 2002 with obstructing a police investigation into suspected child abuse at a Maryland summer camp”

    “Then this year, Warnock was accused by his wife of running over her foot with his car during a heated argument”
    He is a typical leftist Democrat and anti-police.

    Today he calls himself a friend of Israel because he wants the votes. Typical liar.

  4. Oregon wants to deny $62 million in COVID relief to residents who aren’t black, sparking a lawsuit
    “It violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution that requires that people who are similarly situated be treated similarly,” says James Huffman, professor and dean emeritus at Lewis & Clark Law School. _JTN (Just the News)

  5. Wisconsin Trump appointed judge in ruling this weekend (linked by MollyG):

    “”A sitting president who did not prevail in his bid for reelection has asked for federal court help in setting aside the popular vote based on disputed issues of election administration, issues he plainly could have raised before the vote occurred,” he wrote.

    “This court allowed the plaintiff the chance to make his case and he has lost on the merits. In his reply brief, plaintiff ‘asks that the Rule of Law be followed.’ It has been.”…

    In the case before Ludwig, Trump argued that some of the state’s long-standing election practices are improper. He contended the system the state uses for in-person early voting — in place for more than a decade — is illegal because voters are required to fill out one form instead of two.

    He also argued clerks should not have set up absentee ballot drop boxes and should not have filled in the addresses of witnesses on absentee ballot envelopes. The policy for witness addresses was put forward by Republicans on the state Elections Commission four years ago.

    Trump also argued some voters improperly labeled themselves indefinitely confined, which allowed them to vote absentee without providing a copy of a photo ID. State law leaves it to voters to determine if their age or a disability renders them indefinitely confined.

    But Ludwig wrote that the state Legislature had given the Wisconsin Elections Commission the ability to advise clerks on how to set up their election procedures. Siding with Trump would allow every losing candidate to run to court after each election, he wrote.”

    This is the kind of BS Trump supporters like Turley think should be pursued as if serious.

    Even today knowledgeable Trump spokesman are claiming late tabulated votes are evidence of fraud, when in those swing states, GOP legislators insisted on no counting of mail in votes until election day.. They point to Florida, which allows counting as they come in. HELLLLOOOOO! This is either stupid beyond belief or just spewing BS for the people stupid enough to believe it. Seems there are plenty of those right here on Turley’s blog comments page.

    1. More biased than the media! You have no honor or integrity! The American people you have spat in the faces of are over it! They will take back the country you have literally stolen from them. When they do- I will cheer as you devious thieves are hung from the street lamps in front of CNN and MSNBC. Unfortunately that won’t be enough. To be really fair… republicans would need to not only beat you to death in the streets- they would need to find your family members and anyone who has ever agreed with your radical communist beliefs to be made examples of! #civilwar! #stopthesteal

    2. From the people who took us through Russia gate, impeachment and Russia meddled in our election, Is now saying that the election process is so secure that no one can see the actual results.
      The delusion is strong with the people and America is done

      1. I am from NJ and my state does have a site to check if your ballot was received. Unfortunately it does not disclose to whom my vote was attributed. We did have drop boxes but they were only placed at city and town halls where our election officials offices are and were secure. As a past election worker I saw this election being a hot mess with the institution of mass mailing ballots.

        1. “I am from NJ and my state does have a site to check if your ballot was received.”
          That is useful for legitimate voters – but it does little to prevent fraud.

          “Unfortunately it does not disclose to whom my vote was attributed.”
          That is by design. Though mailin ballots by their nature violate the requirement for a secret ballot – you had a blank ballot in your home where you filled it. Others had access to you while you posessed a blank ballot and therefore could illegally influence your vote – either by paying you or threatening you. Because you could have in your posession a filled out ballot, you could prove to those paying or threatening you how you voted. This is one of the most ancient forms of fraud.

          If it did not occur in large scale in 2020 – it will if we continue mailin ballots.

          Mailin ballots also mean substantially more handling of ballots by election workers.

          With an inperson election – done properly:

          You can verify that the voter is who they claim to be and is legally able to vote.
          From the time they get a ballot until it is scanned only they get to see the filled in ballot – they can not be bribed or threatened to vote one way or another.

          In theory you could scan your vote yourself and confirm that it was counted properly yourself. So no one but you would have to ever handle your ballot.

          Scanning/counting machines could be verified by random hand audits.

          There is little oportunity for election workers to engage in fraud.

          There is more that can be done than that. But that alone would be better than this.

    3. And today the Wisonsin Supreme court has decided that the State of WI acted outside the law and circumventing Voter ID requirements by allowing people to self declare as indefinitely shutin because of Covid.

      We shall see what happens, but this should invalidate the WI 2020 election, or alternatively flip it to Trump.

      BTW WI is not the only state that did this. All the states sued by TX did the same thing.

      So much for there is no merrit to the election challenges.

      I would further not that the MI legislature has subpeona’d Detroit and Lavernia to explain why the number of votes cast exceeds the number of registered voters.

      BTW we have been over this decisions before – it is NOT on the merits, the court did not allow a proceding on the merits.

      Had it done so they would have had to reach the same conclusion that the WI supreme court just reached – that WI did not follow its own laws.

      BTW the PA supreme court found exactly the same thing – and they are 5-2 democrats. BUT they found that PA could go ahead anyway – regardless of the law or the PA constitution.

        1. Please read your own link.

          WI Scotus found that WI had violated the WI law. Precisely the claim that TX raised. Precisely the claim that your WI Federal Judge claimed was false.

          They denied Trump the remedy he sought and denied claims not because they had no merit but because they were made to late.

          Which is legal nonsense for – please save us from this nightmare democrats have imposed on us.

          It is Dec. 17th. The election was Nov. 2 – that is about 45 days ago. So 45 days after the state of WI fails to follow its own laws, that is too late to make a claim ?

          Again that Begs the question of when does one have to challenge the lawless conduct of an administration ? Before they dream about it ?

          You keep saying that Claims have been decided on their merits.

          The decision on the Merits was the WEC and the WI Administration conducted the election lawlessly.

          WI Scotus was too timid to address the remedy for lawlessness.

          And you still do not seem to grasp – that is this is Democrats idea of winning – you are in deep shit.

          “We cheated, We got caught, but it was too late to do anything about it” makes YOU smell to high heaven.

  6. Every single House Member who voted for impeachment over the Ukrainegate BS should not be seated.

    “Hunter Biden subpoena seeks info on Burisma, other entities”

    “WASHINGTON (AP) — A subpoena seeking documents from Hunter Biden asked for information related to more than two dozen entities, including Ukraine gas company Burisma, according to a person familiar with a Justice Department tax investigation of President-elect Joe Biden’s son.

    The breadth of the subpoena, issued Tuesday, underscores the wide-angle lens prosecutors are taking as they examine the younger Biden’s finances and international business ventures.

    Hunter Biden’s ties to Burisma in particular have long dogged the policy work and political aspirations of his father, Joe Biden, now the president-elect of the United States. It’s unclear whether Hunter Biden’s work at the Ukrainian company is a central part of the federal investigation or whether prosecutors are simply seeking information about all his sources of income in recent years”.

    1. When do the 50% of this country that voted for Biden and democrats wake up to the fact that they are being lied to constantly ?

      About pretty much EVERYTHING ?

      I keep hearing left wingnuts say that the claims of election fraud are just another “right wing conspriacy theory”

      Would that be one like that like the right win conspiracy theories that:

      The Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign ?

      That Russian Collsion was a hoax.

      That the Biden’s (and mony other democrats) dealings in Ukraine and elsewhere (china) stink.

      That Benghazi was a planned terrorist attack.


      So why are we supposed to beleive the same people who have lied to us constantly ?

      So why are we supposed to beleive that a Party that conducted a faux impeachment would not cheat in an election ?

      Why am I supposed to beleive that after ignoring the laws of their states and lying about stopping counting and throwing out republican observers that democrats went back to counting in secret without oversight that they did not continue their long history of cheating ?

      It should be obvious to everyone at this point that XFH was a reprehensible political sham. That it never should have happened.

      That if anything needed investigated – the investigation itself should have been investigated.

      Mueller had to know that Clinesmith criminally altered FISA warant applications (continuing into mueller’s tenure).

      Why wasn’t clinesmith charged by Mueller ?

      If Mueller was properly investigating – why didn’t he go where the evidence lead ? Instead of torturing Gen. Flynn – why wasn’t he investigating how it was that the FBI continued an investigation after it was over ?

      We were unfortunately lead falsely to beleive the investigation of XFH had fizzled prior to the election. Instead we find that it had become a special counsel investigation – which requires that Durham has found significant evidence of criminal conduct.

      Further that the investigation has been expanded to cover conduct during the Mueller investigation.

      So once again – why are we supposed to beleive these people ?

  7. ‘Yes’ Trump’s Election Claims Will Poison Our Democracy

    In a winner-take-all presidential system, Americans are increasingly subject to minority rule. Since 1992, with a single exception (in 2004), no Republican presidential candidate has won a majority of the popular vote. Trump is a remarkable figure in American politics, but he got just 46.1 percent of the popular vote in 2016 and 46.8 percent last month, strikingly similar to John McCain’s and Mitt Romney’s totals. Nevertheless, since 1992, Republicans have occupied the White House for 12 years and run the Senate for 18 years, thanks to rules that guarantee rural overrepresentation.

    Second, as Republican flag-bearers failed, the party seemed to have gradually lost confidence that it could win a majority of the popular vote in free and fair contests. There is growing evidence that adherence to soft democratic norms (not threatening critics with “Lock ’em up” or violence, for instance) crumbled, and authoritarian values and practices started to take root in the party, even before Trump descended his golden escalator. These rely on the notion that one tribe is under existential threat from another, justifying progressively more radical actions in (what adherents see as) self-defense. Republicans have sought political advantage, for instance, by suppressing voting rights through strict state voter-ID laws and limited access to convenient balloting.

    Contentious elections in divided countries suggest the damage here is likely to endure. The World Values Survey has monitored public attitudes toward electoral integrity across a wide range of societies since 2012. The evidence demonstrates that public faith in electoral integrity matters for feelings of political legitimacy among supporters of all parties. In general, conspiratorial beliefs about electoral fraud, rigged contests and stolen votes usually have damaging consequences. In many countries, contentious elections erode confidence in electoral authorities and procedures, deepen dissatisfaction with how democracy works, reduce citizens’ willingness to obey the law and to vote, fuel protest movements, and even, in the worst-case scenarios, trigger violence and exacerbate conflict in deeply divided societies such as Kenya, Belarus and Venezuela.

    In short, elections are the heart of liberal democracy. Losers voluntarily leave office. Winners assume rightful power. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution mandating that presidents concede graciously, but it is a centuries-old practice. When faith in these fundamental norms of democracy fades, when comity between opponents erodes, so does our civic culture.

    In a liberal democracy, legitimacy is the mechanism that ensures voluntary compliance with the decisions of officeholders and acceptance of the rules of the game. It’s a judgment by Americans that those in government exercise rightful legal authority. Only then are taxes paid, regulations followed and laws obeyed.

    Edited From: “Can Our Democracy Survive If Most Republicans Think The Government Is Illegitimate?”

    This Evening’s Washington Post

    1. Well, our democratic republic survived for four years while the Democrats claimed that Trump was an illegitimate president, so I think that we’ll be fine.

      1. Trillium, never heard of you. Just popped out of nowhere? Trump’s a stooge for Putin.

        1. The left and most of the Democrats tried for four years to link Trump with Putin while Trump did more harm to Putin’s regime than Obama did in 8 years. In fact Obama permitted the Crimea

          Additionally we now see that the Democrats have been cozying up to China for personal benefit. One of China’s assets, Swalwell was put on the Intelligence Committee by Pelosi despite her knowledge of the Chinese spy. The biggest Democrat donor depend on China for much of their income and treat China more deferentially than the US.

          The likely next President, Biden a Democrat had direct business dealings with China through his son. His son has been under investigation for multiple crimes and his brother Jimmy is now under indictment. Kamala, the presumed Vice President has been linked via email to the companies the Biden Family is presently under investigation for. We should not forget Feinstein’s driver of 20 years, a Chinese spy and all the pro China legislation the Democrats pushed or prevented from being passed.

            1. Stupidity exists because people like you wear blinders They only see one side of the coin.

            2. The Biden investigation encompassing China and Ukraine is being covered by the entire MSM.

              NBC, ABC, CBS, AP, MSNBC, and CNN are the right wing media?!

              You’re a lying troll.

            3. Try reading the DOJ news of arrests and prosecutions.

              Friday, December 11, 2020
              Man Who Worked At Local Research Institute For 10 Years Pleads Guilty To Conspiring To Steal Trade Secrets, Sell Them In China


              DOJ site is searchable and there are far more China and Terrorism cases than crimes related to Russia that is no longer communist since 1991.

            4. Yes because CNN and company, whomever the nonrightwing media presumably is, are receiving generous advertising contracts from the CHICOMS along with many “hongbao”

              Billionaires control the media, and most if not 90% of them have business interests which will be enriched by an end to the trade war

              That’s why they got rid of Trump. He was bad for billionaires.

              Biden will probably end up the same way, but even sooner. Want to take bets on gone before his term is up?

              Why would the billionaires stop with Trump,. their ploys work so well they can have it all!

              Sal Sar

          1. Biden is the next president. Get over it.

            Swalwell cooperated with the FBI.

            Trump and his family have direct business ties to China.

            Trump and his family are under investigation for multiple crimes, such as tax fraud.

            Looks like you have double standards.

            1. Biden is likely the next President despite the criminal activities of the left, Democrats and Biden. We are using some of the criminality coming to the surface. That you support any means to gain power for your team is quite noticeable. You lack morals and ethics. More to the point, you are inherently stupid.

              Swalwell was given a pass by the FBI and Pelosi. That is why he sits on the Intelligence Committee and I think the ethics committee as well. I can’t help it that you are too stupid to recognize that the tainting alone meant he was not a good candidate for either position.

              1. Repeat after me: thank you President Biden for rescuing me from the smoldering public health and economic wreckage of yet another republican administration gone horribly wrong.

                1. Generalizations are not a substitute for facts except when the individual is ignorant of them.

                2. Explain then, why are companies moving headquarters from California to Texas? Why are people fleeing New York and moving to Florida in record numbers? These idiot progressives are fleeing the disastrous policies of Democrat run states only to move to better managed, more favorable policies in Republican run states and then they continue voting idiot Democrats into power only to ruin the states they fled to? This is the liberal idiocy that will now be running the country into the ground. Biden is staffing up with Obama retreads. Obama’s presidency was a disaster for the country. God help us.

                  1. And if you don’t believe me, pay attention to what Democrats think about Joe Biden’s cabinet picks thus far. It ain’t good. Biden is looking worse than the mess that was Obama’s cabinet handpicked by Citibank. (as we saw in the Podesta emails courtesy of WikiLeaks). It ain’t gonna be pretty, folks. Biden is lucky he has the media in his corner cause he’s gonna need it.

                  2. Or those leaving haver had an epiphany. 🙂 Keep in mind not all in those states are Democrats.

                3. Another question for you: have you ever seen Joe Biden or Kamala Harris take on a series of unscripted, un-vetted, on-the-fly reporters’ questions at a press conference or a press gaggle? No, you have not. Neither of them has ever done it. Trump regulary answers questions. Come January, you will hear nothing from Biden but for the prepared statements and talking points put out by his communications shop. Biden will be kept on a tight leash and protected by the press. Same with Kamala. Journalism is dead. It’s a disgrace, really.

                4. Forgetting Covid originated in China that allowed their people to travel the world, bur refused them travel in their own country.; Also ignoring Operation Warp Speed has worked to produce a vaccine in record breaking time and the first doses will be will be given today to hospital employees. Moderna’s vaccine is scheduled to be approved by the end of this week. Biden had nothing to do with it and he will have nothing to do end Covid in the US as Trump’s plan is already in place for distribution.

                  Sadly you blame those of your own nation for China releasing their experiment on the whole world.

                5. Amazing – Biden has magically succeeded at that – and he is not even president.

                  I guess he was right on is leaked phone call. He can change the world with the magical incantations of his tongue.

                  As to your nonsense claims – Healthcare is not the legitimate business of the government. That should be an obvious less from all of this.

                  You asked us to thank Biden for present tense fixing something that is not fixable – because it is neither relevant nor legitimate.

                  Absent welding sick people into their homes to die – which presumably neither you nor biden support, there is no public policy that has worked against Covid – not in the US, not anywhere.

                  You can accurately predict Covid in every nation, and every state within that nation bases SOLELY on demographics and geography.

                  Absolutely nothing else has a significant positive correlation to Covid – not any public policy measures anywhere.

                  Neither Biden nor Trump can fix what can not work.

                1. “you used to address Anonymous the Stupid ”

                  It was the correct way of addressing the stupid person you are.Yes, you are ignorant and a coward. The rat latrine was descriptive because though your brain resembles a rat more than a human, you have two legs.

                  Without question this blog would be better without the rancor and stupidity of people like you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that will ever be. You are factless so though puerile, you exist on the list in numbers. As they say, go with the flow.

                  1. Allan, you project all of your own failing onto others. It’s one of your go-to strategies.

                    1. In your vocabulary the word “project” means you don’t know what you are talking about and you are stuck in stupid mode, therefore unable to respond with any intelligent answer.

              2. I have not heard all the facts regarding Swalwell.

                I have no idea whether he engaged in malfeasance.

                I do know that membership in the house intelligence committee is a priviledge not a right and that under the circumstances he should resign or be removed.

                All stupidity is not a crime. But some bad choices DO forclose opportunities or trust.

            2. Trump has no business connections to Russia that interfere with his Presidency. In fact he has done great harm to Russia and Putin.

              The left prosecutes for non-crimes. They prosecute normal citizens for tax evasion when they haven’t lived in NY for years. They prosecute normal businessmen for not bending over.

              NYC accuses apartment house owners of racism because of mathematically generated numbers that have nothing to do with reality. However the most racist “apartment house owners” is the city itself as they determined housing based on race for decades.

              You are too ignorant to recognize any of these things so you go on and on with your stupidity unable to produce adequate content.

            3. Finally you accuse another of double standards because that is what you live by and you heard the term so you repeat it. Prove it. You can’t (except perhaps where gamesmanship is involved, not substance) It is doubtful you understand what a double standard is. You live in a double standard and are ignorant of the world around you.

            4. “Biden is the next president. Get over it.”

              Why ? Did you ?

              “Swalwell cooperated with the FBI.”
              And that changes What ?

              “Trump and his family have direct business ties to China.”
              Are they sleeping with Chinese spies ?

              “Trump and his family are under investigation for multiple crimes, such as tax fraud.”
              None have gone anywhere. Nor will they, and you know it.
              There is zero chance of getting a billionaire with an army of accountants and lawyers who signed off on his taxes convicted of tax fraud.
              Trump is audited constantly, you are engaged in wishful thinking.

              Trump does not have millions in unexplained payments from Russian Billionaries to explain.
              The Biden’s do.

              Regardless, let the chips fall where they do.
              If there is evidence against Trump – investigate away.
              But you must do the same for Biden etc.

              I would further note there is a huge difference regarding all the claims against Trump and all of those against Biden.

              Trump is not accused of selling out his country. That is what the accusations against the Biden’s are.

              That Hunter Biden took money in return for influencing his father – the Vice President of the United States to grant favors to those who paid him.

              That is a world of difference from any allegation against Trump.

              If we were in the midst of a war and Russia was our enemy – things YOU keep claiming are true – then Biden’s actions are treason.

              “Looks like you have double standards.”

              How so ?

              I expect an election to be conducted according to the law – ALL ELECTIONS – republicans, democrats.
              I support auditing red districts in the same fashion as blue ones.

              Had you ever made a credible case of consequential election fraud in 2016 I would have challenged Trump’s legitimacy.

              Further I have a life time record of not buying stupid conspiracy theories – left or right.

              In the past decade – so many of the “right wing conspiracy theories” have proven to be facts.
              So many of those of the left have proven to be nonsense.

              1. LMAO that you say “Trump is not accused of selling out his country” with a straight face.

                1. You should be laughing at your own idiocy.

                  Please!!! Have you got ANYTHING ?

                  We have listened to this Orange Man bad – anything we can make up about him must be true, garbage for 4 years.

                  Give it a break. We have heard about “right wing conspiracy theories” – what kind of world do we live in when Alex Jones is Right much more than every single major MSM host ? I mean really – Alex Jones has been more credible over the past 4 years than Anderson Cooper ?

                  We have been told that AG Barr is some fascist Nazi Trump psychophant – yet what do we find out ? That Barr has done what Lorretta Lynch Sally Yates, James Comey – could not manage. He was able to keep under wraps for TWO YEARS that he was investigating Hunter Biden in the midst of an election AND through the Trump impeachment where an investigation into the Biden’s by DOJ not started by Trump would blow what little legitimacy the faux impeachment had away. And where do we find out that Hunter is being investigated ? Not from AG Barr who even AFTER the election somehow managed to keep it secret, but from the Biden campaign who is pretending it is a minor tax matter – right, just like it was “russian disinformation” or a Right wing conspiracy theory.

                  We wasted 4 years over the steele Dossier – which was ACTUAL russian disinformation – bought and paid for by Democrat Clinton.

                  Yet, you idiots keep having to make up new excuses for the Bidens.

                  Your Russian disinformation/right wing conspiracy theory has LOTS of corroborating evidence. Not from Roger Stone, but from the Biden’s actual partners. Now we have “Dr.” Jill – ya know like “Dr.” Cosby, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and a now disappeared Chinese billionaire with ties to Chinese military sharing office space.

                  And what do we need – a photo ? To prove that Joe Biden met with Top Burisma exec’s ?

                  YOU ranted that Trump was a Russian Puppet – that Putin had dirt on him – well just about every journalist in the world went looking for that dirt or the shadow of that dirt, or the shadow or the shadow, or anjyone who once heard someone else say they might have heard something about the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of dirt – and NADA, And we had pit bull mueller who wasted millions looking for what any teenager with half a brain could figure out does not exist, and then wrote a 500 page report the gist of which is Trump pissed on me so he must be guilty of something and if only you had given me a thousand years I might have been able to find it.

                  Every left wing conspiracy theory has proven to be yellow trash – and often actual russian disinformation.

                  While supposed “right wing conspiracy theories” have nearly all proven true.

                  Sidney Powell’s claim of DVS systems changing hundreds of thousands of Trump votes to Biden would normally seem implausible.
                  But not after the bat$hit that democrats have actually done.

                  You wonder why tens of millions of people think you stole the election ?

                  Because no rational person beleives you any more.

                  “When someone shows you who they are, beleive them the first time”
                  Maya Angelou

                  You do not even care about being caught in your own lies – the ends justifies the means.

                  If you can gain power – whats is an incredible amount of lying and cheating ?

          2. The Dem obsession with Russia is a farce. The state of Texas GDP is larger than Russia’s. They neither have the economy or manpower to be a real threat to the US.

          1. Muellers special counsel is not being investigated for criminal conduct by Durham as special counsel.

            Mueller is not worth much.

        2. Strange Anonymous – I just heard on NPR – so it must be true, that the US relationship with russia was at its lowest ebb in a long time, that Trump and Putin do not actually get along or trust each other and that everything is going to improve now because Putin and Biden get along well.

          Do you left wing nuts ever check the rot you spew to make sure it actually makes sense ?

          I will make a prediction:

          The Russian economy will grow faster relative to the US under Biden than under Trump.

          You left wing nuts have not been able to grasp that in the real world – what you DO matters more than what you SAY.

          You ranted about sanctions to russia. The largest sanction the the US could have put on Russia was to increase US fracking.
          The next largest which flows from the first was to guarantee EU Natural gas in return for increasing their spending on self defence.

          just as the ACTUAL IC analysts in 2016 concluded – not the idiocy that was concocted into the bogus IC report.

          Putin favored Clinton – because Trump’s policies were not in Russia’s interests.

          ACTIONS not words.

      2. We will be fine.

        Most likely Biden will do little beyond try to speak plattitudes like Obama – though more bumblingly.

        Despite that nothing he says will be meaningful or true most of the press will fawn over him.

        America will decline – but not alot. The world will become less stable – but not alot.
        China and Russia will resurge – but not alot, The economy will weaken – but not alot.

        All out federal yokes will get heavier – but not alot.

        And young left wing nutjobs will learn that there will be no revolution, that they can not change the world – which is fortunate as they do not have a clue what they are doing.

        1. I’ve been on here for quite a while. For some reason, sometimes I’m listed as Akennas, sometimes it lists me by my actual name. I see you are still Anonymous the Cowardly Troll…

          1. Yes and Walter Mondale really beat Reagan! The election was stolen from George McGovern!

            1. Anyone who believes the election was stolen must also believe that the Earth is flat.

                  1. One has to be rather foolish to accept either as true unless they are saying that both Putin and Comey helped and and hurt both Trump and Clinton though the FBI did a lot to hurt Trump. If you are the gabby night and day anonymous then you would be the foolish one.

                    1. China interferred and stole the election for its preferred candidate Joe Beijing Biden.

                1. Not comparable since the election system was changed. At least in 2016 we voted at the polls where proper voter registration was done. Not so this time.

                2. If you can demostrate that it was I am listening.

                  But please lets stop the nonsense about Russia – that left wing nut conspiracy story was bought and paid for by Clinton herself and has long been debunked.

              1. Becasue you say so ?

                Why is it hard for you to beleive that a party and supporters and voters who have been caught lying and cheating over and over for the past 4 years (or more) did not stop with the election ?

                Why is it hard for you to beleive that the same people who lied to the FISA court would cheat to win an election ?

                “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”
                Maya Angelou

            2. And you have evidence of either of those claims ?

              I will be happy to look at claims that Republicans engaged in voter fraud.

              I am sure it occurs – but Republicans do not have the opportunity for large scale voter fraud.

              Republicans controlled areas are mostly rural. The number of voters in each district are small.

              There is not a single state in the country where republican counties do not outnumber democratic ones.
              The overwhelming majority of democrats live in or near a few deep blue cities. This is not new.

              10% of all PA voters were from Philadelphia country.
              Biden’s margin in PA was larger than AZ, GA, WI put together. but only a small percentage of Philadelphia mailin ballots.

        1. 40,000 votes in 3 states is a landslide ? 0.1% is a landslide ?

          Any victory in an election where you did not have to get out of your couch to vote is meaningless.

          Biden absolutely crushed the couch potato vote.

          He did not do so well in people who have to work for a living.

          1. It’s not a landslide. It also wasn’t a landslide when Trump was elected in 2016.

            1. I do not recall saying that Trump won in a landslide.

              But he did not win in an election significantly tainted by Fraud.

              Though you spent 4 years claiming otherwise.

    2. Cutting and pasting entire articles with no quotation marks and no links is why your posts get deleted, trollboy.

    3. If Government stick to the limits of the constitution – it would not matter much who was president.

      You fixate on minority rule – why ?

      Why do you care who rules ?

      Is WHO more important than WHAT ?

      I do not care if the president has only 1% of the vote – if government is limited.
      I do not care if the president has 99% of the vote – if the rights of the other 1% are abriged.

      While the right is unfortunately not friends of limited government – of individual rights, they are still by far the lessor evil.

      We are already learning that Biden has lied to get election – either to left or moderates or sometimes both.

      He NOW claims he can not do by executive order much of what he promissed the left he would do – thank god he beleives that. Hopefully he will when push comes to shove.

      But he claims he will rush to repeal Trump EO’s.

      So are we going back to the highly unpopular Obama DOE process of making our colleges into kangaroo courts – where the accused is guilty until proven innocent ?

      Are we going to expand censorship of ideas and words we dis agree with ?

      Are we going to rescind all the restrictions on the chinese meddling in US, spying on us ?

      NPR told me that Biden would heal the US’s posioned relationship with Russia under Trump ? What ?
      I thought that Trump was Putin’s beta Boy ?

      Is it actually necescary for the claims of left wing nuts to make any sense ?

      Regardless – why do you expect to be beleived or trusted when you are obviously lying much of the time ?

      Is Biden going to get back in bed with Iran ?

      Regardless – how exactly is it that Biden can expect to do as well as Trump in Russia, Asia, the mid-east, or the EU?

      Is there anyone on the planet that thinks Biden could have gotten 3 vaccines to Covid done in less than a year ?
      Actually more like 5 if you count the Chinese ?

      And what is with the FDA delays in approval ? First WHY do we need FDA approval ? We can all find the test data on the Vaccines. wnhy can’t we choose for ourselves whether the vaccines is safe ? If you are some nut job that thinks it has nano-bots and is going to alter your DNA – do not take it. If you are some left wing nut that think it was rushed to fast and is unsafe – do not take it ?

      Why is much of the world getting a vaccine that is onlyu available this fast because of TRUMP, weeks ahead of us ?

      Because deep state Trolls still run most of the government and because left wing nuts can’t do math.

      I am told by the left that gazillions of people are getting infected every day, and that thousands are dying. That littlerally means that every delay in administering the vaccine costs thousands of lives.

      Here is a critical thinking test – we actually had most of these vaccines in June. If we had put them into mass production THEN, skipped more than the preliminary testing done in May, if the result is 100000 americans died from the vaccine and the vaccine was only 75% effective – should we have done that instead of 4 more months of testing ?

      If you are capable of doing math the answer is HELL YES.

      The vaccine does not need to be perfectly safe. It does not need to perfectly effective. It just needs to be better than no vaccine.

      But those on the left do not grasp that – not about vaccines, not about ANYTHING.

      So is Biden going to stop Fracking ?
      Raising gas prices ? Showing the EU back into the arms of Russia ? Boosting the Russian Economy as well as that of Venezuella, and Ira ? Destabilizing the mideast – and even empowering China ?

      Oh, and shifting US energy consumption back towards coal and increasing US CO2 production ?

      Is Biden going to undo the Trump EO requiring eliminating two significant government regulations for each new one passed – which has been a great economic benefit ?

      If Biden going to rescind the Trump EO on immigration from countries with improper vetting and high rates of terrorism ?
      An EO that despite the foaming and frothing of the left was based on a similar Obama EO ?

      Is Biden going to restore abortion funding to PP ? Why is the US government ever paying for elective anything much less abortion ?

      Is Biden going to weaken southern boarder security ? I suspect that even if Biden does absolutely nothing that by shortly after innauguration day there may be caravans of hyndreds of thousands coming north to the US southern border in the hopes that Biden is impotent.

      Regardless, need I remind you the cages for children were built by Obama. Obama/Biden were no friends to immigrants, the press was just quieter about it.

      And what Is Biden going to do about policing in democratic cities ? Police are retiring in droves, and violent crime is increasing.
      So how is it that Biden will defund the police concurrent with reducing crime and violence ?

      I found the leaked biden tape increadably revealing – and mostly reasurring. The left wing nuts who elected him have found that Biden is mostly words – and openly admits that. As he said no one has spoken out on their issues more than he has.

      The left is all about words – not acts. I expect a big flourish by Biden about how things will be different – lots of WORDS – but no consequential change – thank god.

      Because all the ranting under Trump by the left – was all about style – not substance. Because the left does not actually want to do anything. The left is not out feeding the homeless or acting to improve anything. They are merely ranting and raving and demanding that government steal money to pay for their pet causes. God forbid they dhould have to personally DO anything in their own lives to make the world better.

      It is so much easier to save the world – if you do not have to start with yourself. If all you need do is dictate how OTHERS must change or do as you wish.

      Regardless, I am not especially worried about a Biden presidency.

      It will be a disaster one way or the other – but we will all survive.

      And we will have to learn once again from real world experience that the ideas of the left do not work – not even in small doses.

  8. Crime — including homicides — is spiking, yet liberals continue push to defund police
    “You cannot diminish the police, defund the police and expect that crime is not going to rise,” -Bernie Kerik, former New York Police Department Commissioner

    Though violent crime, including homicides, is sharply rising in the United States, liberal activists continue to push to defund police departments, particularly in urban areas hardest hit by the spike in violence _JTN

    1. Like Hitler, Democrats are planning the destruction of specific groups of people whom they deem deplorable. Democrats, controlled by Beijing Biden, are the enemy of the US of A.

      1. Every leader who intends to gain and keep power seeks to harm his enemies

        Every leader who fails to punish his adversaries, soon is no longer a leader

        The average Democrat is not the enemy. They are fellow citizens.

        The enemy are 700 billionaire globalists bent on total spectrum dominance of all relevant American institutions]

        They are not content with total control over finance and the internet. They have added public health and politics to their game too.

        They’re the enemy

        Sal Sar

    2. it is time for conservatives to embrace the collapse of the corrupt state

      we should applaud “defund the police” and begin to establish our own “green zones”

      Sal Sar

  9. Harris, prominent Democrats listed as ‘key contacts’ for Biden family business venture projects
    Email is unrelated to the laptop or hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden

    EXCLUSIVE: A list of “key domestic contacts” for a joint venture involving Jim and Hunter Biden and now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co. included former Vice President Joe Biden’s current running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, among other prominent Democrats, Fox News has learned.

    An email exclusively obtained by Fox News, with the subject line “Phase one domestic contacts/ projects” and dated May 15, 2017, Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, shared a list of “key domestic contacts for phase one target projects.”

    1. This is how the Constitution handles elections. This is entirely constitutional and it’s been this way for a very long time dating back to the 1800’s. This is not the first time an election has been fought till the bitter end. There is a well defined process and it’s entirely legal and proper. To claim otherwise feeds on the ignorance of the American People who haven’t been taught Civics 101 in 30 years. This is the way America works at a fundamental level.

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