Tree Cutting Dispute Leads to Murder Charges in Florida

Edward Druzolowski, 78, is facing a second-degree murder charge in Florida after gunning down his neighbor over a tree cutting dispute. Brian Ford, 42, was on Druzolowski’s property trimming limbs from a tree between their property when Druzolowski told him to leave. What unfolded led not only to murder charges, but may lead to a controversial defense.

 According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, Druzolowski said that he was watching football on Sunday night when his wife told him that Ford was on their property cutting branches. He said that he was afraid of Ford because he would talk about his doing time in prison and fighting other inmates. He told the police that he brought the gun for protection, even though they had never had problems in the past.

Druzolowski said that he told Ford to get off his property and that Ford cursed him and told him to mind his own business. Druzolowski then pulled his gun and pointed it at Ford. He said that Ford was undeterred and said “‘You are pointing a gun at me, are you going to shoot me?’”

Druzolowski said Ford was approaching him as he told him to stop.  He also said that he kept the first two chambers empty for safety. He said that he pulled the trigger on the first empty chamber, but Ford continued to advance.  He then pulled the trigger again and it went off. Druzolowski insisted that he thought the second chamber was also empty.

Ford was shot in front of his young son.

The most helpful evidence for Druzolowski may have come from the child who told police that his father told Druzolowski, “I’ll cut your head off with the chain saw.” However, he said that the chain saw was not on or running at the time.

We have previously discussed Castle Doctrine laws or “make my day” laws, including other cases involving garage shootings or shootings off the property of the homeowner.  This includes the Montana case of Brice Harper, 24, who gunned down Dan Fredenberg, 40, in his garage. Fredenberg, 40, was coming over to confront Harper about having an affair with his wife, Heather Fredenberg. Harper cut the encounter short by shooting him dead and a prosecutor declared that the shooting cannot be prosecuted given the state’s Castle Doctrine or “Make My Day” law.

The common law has long offered ample protections even for reasonable mistakes. These laws are based on an urban legend that people are routinely prosecuted for defending their homes from intruders. The laws have produced perverse results as in the controversial case of Tom Horn in Texas. Yet, the popularity of these laws have spawned “Make My Day Better” laws that extend the privilege of lethal force to businesses and cars.

Florida is a Castle Doctrine state as well as a Stand Your Ground state. That could factor heavily into the criminal investigation. The SYG law was widely debated with the George Zimmerman murder case.

The shooting in this case occurred outside of the house. It is likely also outside of the “curtilage” of the home, where the protection of the domicile can extend. However, Druzolowski is saying that Ford had the chain saw and was threatening him. A position partially supported by his son.

There is an allowance in torts for mistaken self-defense. In the case of Courvoisier v. Raymond, 23 Colo. 113 (1896), a man chased a group out of his home only to fire when a man approached him outside his home from the stone-throwing mob. It turned out to be a deputy sheriff but the court found that Courvoisier could rely on reasonable mistaken self-defense. The common law has long offered ample protections even for reasonable mistakes.

Of course, the difference is that, in Courvoisier, the victim was in fact armed and that was a violent confrontation occurring at the scene.

Juries often resolve doubts in favor of the shooter. It is often perplexing to some of us. For example, there was the notorious case involving the shooting of a Japanese student in Baton Rouge. The 16-year-old Japanese exchange student, Yoshihiro Hattori, was looking for a Halloween party and scared the wife of Rodney Peairs when he spoke a strange language and approached the house. Peairs shot him in the chest with a .44 Magnum handgun and was later cleared under a Make My Day law as mistaken defense of his home and self. We also saw a tragic such case involving the killing of a law student.

There was an equally baffling acquittal of a lawyer who shot an elderly farmer armed only with half of a broomstick used to guide his bull.

This could come down to whether Ford was holding the chain saw at the time, though Druzolowski’sadvanced age could factor into whether he “reasonably” believe that he was being threatened with “great bodily harm.”

Here is the relevant provision in the Stand Your Ground law:

A person is justified in using or threatening to use deadly force if he or she reasonably believes that using or threatening to use such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony. A person who uses or threatens to use deadly force in accordance with this subsection does not have a duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground if the person using or threatening to use the deadly force is not engaged in a criminal activity and is in a place where he or she has a right to be.

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  1. On a related matter, Peggy Noonan shines in her latest article at WSJ. She nails it all too well: the decay of our nation

    The Senator’s Shorts and America’s Decline
    “We want to be respected but no longer think we need to be respectable.”

    We are in a crisis of political comportment. We are witnessing the rise of the classless. Our politicians are becoming degenerate. This has been happening for a while but gets worse as the country coarsens. We are defining deviancy ever downward.

    Two examples from the past two weeks. One is the congresswoman who was witnessed sexually groping and being groped by a friend in a theater, … The other is the candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates who performed a series of live sex acts with her husband on a pornographic website,….

    It was within this recent context that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer did something that isn’t in the same league in terms of shock but nonetheless has a deep institutional resonance. … Mr. Schumer apparently doesn’t know—lucky him, life apparently hasn’t taught him—that when you ask less of people they don’t give you less; they give you much, much less. So we must brace ourselves.


  2. Seems like your first paragraph should have been:

    Druzolowski approaches Ford and orders him off his property. Ford responds he is trimming the trees his mother has been asking Druzolowski to trim for months! Druzolowski BRANDISHES (you conveniently gloss over that fact, huh?) his pistol and orders Ford off his property. Ford attempts to shield and protect his son and states he will cut Druzolowski. Druzolowski premeditatedly murders Ford.

    There are several facts you conveniently left out.
    1. The fence was at least two feet on Ford’s property and Ford was likely on his own property when Druzolowski started brandishing and threatening Ford’s and his son’s life. Ford was standing his ground and protecting his son’s life.

    2. In FL, Ford has every right to trim overhanding branches, whether Druzolowski likes it or not, especially after he has refused to do so himself. And that may require some reasonable access to Druzolowski’s property.

    4. By taking the gun with him to confront Ford, although he had never previously felt threatened, I think Druzolowski was acting to impress his wife, and this was a premeditated murder.

    If I were grandma, I think it’s time for the grandson to forget exactly what his father said.

    thanks, Finn

  3. “The SYG law was widely debated with the George Zimmerman murder case.” This despite the fact the SYG law played no part in the criminal case.

  4. Well since this one involves the work I do I’ll toss my two cents worth in.

    First thing I thought of is what the law says in Florida about cutting limbs off a neighbors tree. Here in Virginia a neighbor is allowed to hire a tree cutter (or cut them himself if he can) to perform limb reduction on an offending tree, meaning one whose trunk may be located on the neighbors property but whose branches extend onto the neighbors property. Sometimes a tree cutter has to access the trunk in order to climb the tree to access the targeted branches but usually they do it from the neighbors side if they can reach it with a bucket truck or pole saw, etc and stop at the fence line. But its not unheard of for a tree cutter to access the neighbors property to climb the tree, but in almost all cases we’d have the homeowner first inform the neighbor of the need to trim back his tree first, giving him the option to hire someone.

    If the neighbor doesn’t handle it themselves and if it requires accessing the trunk to climb the tree, then we’d of course ask permission. I’ve never had anyone deny a free trimming of their overgrown tree, (however VA law supposedly allows the homeowner to bill it to the neighbor with the offending tree, but I’m not well versed in that aspect of it) but again I’ve always made sure either the neighbor gives permission to enter the property to access the trunk or made sure the neighbor wasn’t there (ha ha).

    As for the saw being turned on or not, sure its more scary turned on but assuming he keeps his chain sharp then its still pretty lethal. I wouldn’t need the saw running to cut someone’s head off with it. Run your hand along one of my bars and the teeth would slice your hand open. So its still a heavy sharp weapon, sort of like a heavy sword with a big handle.

    And I’d also want to know what kind of chainsaw. If its one of the new battery operated, then it wouldn’t need to be running. All he has to do is squeeze the trigger and it’d take a head right off.

    If the guy with the chainsaw was approaching a homeowner on the homeowners property who’s pointing a gun at him telling him to leave, and he’s walking towards him with the saw, … I don’t know… I’d probably have shot him too. I’d shoot him in the leg of course and deal with the law suits no doubt to follow, but I’d just put him down, not take a mans life over a situation I can control without taking a life. That whole, “if you’re gonna shoot shoot to kill” nonsense is just a mantra for murderers. Avoiding a law suit is a pretty soulless excuse for ending a human life.

    You can stop a man pretty good with a slug in the foot, shin, knee, (avoid the thigh area if you want him to live), … etc. If he’s not ambulatory, then he’s no longer a threat.

    So this one I’ll be pretty interested in seeing how it turns out. I’m not sure how I’d judge it. On the hand the saws a sharp, lethal weapon, but on the other hand all this “kill because I feel threatened” crap is getting old. We have a generation of timid murderers walking around with guns waiting for an offense or threat so they can take a life.

    On the other hand the homeowner had a darn good reason to be afraid, some crazy nut with a chainsaw on his property coming at him after being told to stop what he’s doing and leave. I’d probably shot him too, (or grabbed a bigger saw ha ha)

    Tough one.

    Would have been great if the homeowner had shown a little more judgement, maybe put one in his foot and set him down hard but breathing, so the police and courts could figure it out rather than ending the mans life.

    But people don’t always react rationally in moments where fear and panic from a threat impact their judgment. So hard to say the homeowner murdered the guy. Maybe he did think the chamber was empty. But then again, maybe he didn’t care if it was or not.

    I’d love to see a follow up article on this one Prof Turley. You don’t get a lot of tree cutting disputes normally on this blog.

    1. People should carry battery operated 16” electric chainsaws in the San Francisco Bay Area for protection.

      1. Not if you’re any good with it. To hit a foot or that general area you only have to raise your arm to a slight angle, and its quite easy to aim at that angle when someone’s just a few feet away like that. In fact its pretty hard to miss, if you can’t hit one of his two feet from 5 feet away then forget the gun and buy yourself a big dog.

        1. She said it is “harder to hit a limb with a gun than the main body of a person.”

          She’s right. The whole body of a person has larger surface area than a limb. The larger the surface area of the target the greater the probability of a hit. You can’t repeal the laws of basic geometry.

          She’s right. You’re wrong.

          1. No you’re wrong. And you’re being dishonest. I never said anything about shooting any limbs which includes arms which are hard to hit. I said the leg specifically, which is the largest muscle on the human body and includes knees, shins and feet.

            And there’s 2 of them.

            So if you can’t hit a man’s leg who’s walking slowly towards you from a few feet away then you couldn’t hit his chest either, or the broad side of a barn for that matter, and should buy a big dog and let competent people handle the guns.

            It’s not my fault your shooting skills such.

    2. Every single expert on self-defense says you’re wrong. If you have to shoot someone, you shoot for the center of mass, because the object is to stop him, not to kill him. Unless you’re a trick shooter in the circus, or a fictional character in a movie, there’s no such thing as aiming for a limb; if you do that you’ll likely miss and not stop him. Even if you hit him there’s a good chance he’ll get you before he falls; only in movies do shot people fall down immediately. And the less vital the place you hit him the more likely it is that he’ll keep going and get you.

      1. A foot is equal in size to a bottle.

        A shin is much larger.

        If you’re saying you consider shooting a bottle placed in front of you on the ground from 5 feet away moving towards you “trick shooting” then you might want to practice a bit more.

        I can do better with a 6 inch moving bear at the carnival from 10 feet away with a missighted 22 than that. So can my 10 year old great nephew.

    3. No one shoots to kill they shout to stop a threat.

      Good luck shooting a moving limb vs center mass especially with the stress of someone coming at you threatening your life.

      More people get stabbed or worse by some guy they’ve shot and only wounded than there are “timid murderers walking around with guns waiting for an offense or threat so they can take a life.”

      1. They can’t stab you if they can’t walk. You can make all the excuses you want for executing another human being, but unless the threat is imminent, and a man walking slowly towards you with a chainsaw is a threat but not an “imminent” one if you have a gun pointed at him.

        If you can’t hit a foot, knee or shin from that distance in those circumstances, then your shooting skills suck. Period.

  5. The violent armed ex con threatened an elderly man with death by decapitation while trespassing and then advanced on him with the saw in his hands. He got what he was asking for. To retreat would be to surrender to that convict’s terrorist threat and allow that criminal to rule over the homeowner’s life through intimidation. Politeness cost nothing but impoliteness can cost everything.

  6. Mr Turly I did not know the facts of this case. My only knowledge was from a news article that stated the homeower killed a man for cutting down trees. I did not know that the tree cutter was on the homeowners property. I did not know the age differences. I did not know the alleged threats made to the homeowner. I think it is foolish to carry a handgun with no rounds in the chambers (your description of the gun makes me believe it was a revolver.) Pointing a gun at a much younger man who is much stronger after one has been threatened and told to mind his own business is not unreasonable. Pulling the trigger on an empty cylinder is foolish and might lead the othe rperson to believe the gun is not loaded or has misfired. Not knowing which way a revolver cylinder rotates is negligent. “Not meaning to shoot somone and doing so is negligent.” While I am not a lawyer there are a lot of legal issues I can see being made by the State and many being made by the defense. Deadly force is only authorized until the threat is and has been stopped. The poinint of the gun apparently did not stop the threat. Pulling the trigger on an empty cylinder did not stop the threat. Therefore was it reasonable to pull it a second time on what one believed to be an empty cylinder? That to me is the heart of the case. If one trigger pull did not stop the threat how am I as a reasonable man to conclude that the shooter believed a second trigger pull would on an empty cylinder be reasonable. I think as a juror I might want to convict on negligent homicide. Certainly not 2nd degree murder and/or manslaughter. I am not even sure a guilty verdict is warranted based on Florida law….its a tough case for both sides…Far better to call the police than to confront a much larger person. Once the guy said mind your own business I would have gone inside and called the cops…Discretion is often the better part of valor, but hey thats just me and Florida has no duty to retreat nor should there be one…

    1. The shooter is totally innocent. He was threatened on his own property and the guy was coming to kill him . The guy threatened to kill the old man. Shooting was totally justified. Oh and every policeman on the job is trained and would have emptied the gun into the threatening killer. Even a17 round Glock and shooting him on the ground to empty it. There are videos everywhere of such.

      1. This is the most sensible comment I’ve seen. There is no doubt any police officer would be IMMEDIATELY cleared because “his life was in great danger !”

    2. So you’re saying that, having pulled the trigger on an empty chamber once and not stopped him, he would have been justified in deliberately pulling it on a full chamber, but doing so on a chamber he thought was empty was negligent. As far as his own self-preservation is concerned you are probably right, and perhaps he’s lucky the chamber turned out to be loaded after all, and he might not be alive if it weren’t. But as far as the law is concerned the result you’re suggesting is absurd. If he would have been justified in intentionally shooting him, then a fortiori he was justified in unintentionally doing so.

  7. On a related note, i.e. cutting down Americans for idiotic, paranoid reasons, the Federal Govt might be shutting down in < 10 days, but Biden has $600 Million to throw at manufacturers to make COVID tests.

    As it prepares to ship out millions of previously purchased tests now nearing expiration, ASPR says it is also spreading new awards of $600 million across a dozen manufacturers to continue producing COVID-19 tests in the U.S.

  8. Yes. You advance on a guy pointing a gun at you on his property, it’s not so much murder as suicide.

  9. Jonathan: As the “legal analyst” for Fox you were probably shocked to learn your boss, Rupert Murdock is resigning. Why would the 92 yr old Fox Mogul decide to retire now? I have a pretty good idea.

    It turns out Rupert was a terrible manager. When Dominion sued Fox for $1.5 billion, Rupert told the Fox Board their exposure was only about $50 million. That turned out to be way off because Fox had to settle for $788 million after Rupert had to admit his hosts lied and defamed Dominion. On top of this, outside investors, pension funds, have now also sued the Fox Board and the Murdock family for breach of fiduciary duty in what is called a “derivative lawsuit”. The investors want the Fox Board to pay back the $788 million plus legal expenses.

    Then, of course, is the companion defamation lawsuit brought by Smartmatic for $2.7 billion. That case is before the NY SC that has already ruled the $788 million in the Dominion case is just the FLOOR for what Smartmatic is owed. The settlement in that case could well exceed the Dominion settlement.

    All in all, it’s pretty clear why Rupert is resigning. He breached his fiduciary duty to investors and proved to be a bad manager of the assets of the company. By the way, I have it on good authority that Fox managers (whoever is left) are looking to cut expenses. Are you sure your gig at Fox is not possibly on the chopping block?

      1. Dennis would rape them and take them for his own sick carnal desires then blame critics as being a threat to democracy. So it goes with leftist immoral degenerates

  10. Yeah, well Druzolowski should have invited Ford to sit down and have some tea and discuss the situation. I’m guessing Ford would have jumped all over that and quickly seen the error of his ways.

  11. “….wealthy white guys obsessed with defining their worth through the theft and ownership of property they stole from the indigenous….”

    Anonymous cannot control his envy and jealousy. Sad.

  12. What the anti gun crowd get wrong.
    After the shooting, this becomes the Govt vs the shooter. The constitution gives the citizen the presumption of innocence and the Govt must prove beyond doubt the citizen actions violated the law.
    In this case, the law is on the shooters side. The neighbor had the opportunity and duty to retreat.

  13. Jonathan: Edward Drazolowski will probably be the poster guy for the NRA in its next ad: ” Old White Man stands up for his 2nd Amendment Rights!”. Putting a gun in the hands of an enraged white 78 yr. old is a guarantee that people will be killed. With millions and millions of guns, courtesy of the NRA and the gun manufacturers, on the streets these days, we can expect more killings like this one in Florida and other southern states. With the “Castle Doctrine” as a defense it’s the “wild, wild west” again in the deep south.

    That said let’s move on to some really important developments in the news–the Fulton County RICO cases. As I predicted (and I’m always reliably right) a defendant has flipped. And it’s really a big one. It’s Lin Wood, one of DJT’s former attorneys who was an early supporter of the conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was “rigged”. He worked to overturn the election results in Georgia.

    Wood has denied he has turned on DJT. But the facts speak for themselves. He has accepted a subpoena to testify at trial next month saying: “I’ll go testify and answer their questions, honestly, like I did in the grand jury”. Wood has no choice. If he doesn’t tell the truth about his role in the conspiracy he will go from unindicted co-conspirator to a named defendant.

    Who else might be flipping soon? The betting line is it will be Jena Ellis, another former DJT attorney who was engaged in the failed effort to overturn the 2020 election. Since her arraignment Ellis has complained that DJT won’t pay her legal bills–and they are significant. She has crowdfunded but has raised only about $200,000. That will pay her legal bills for only about 2 days! Faced with the prospect of having to ask for a public defender how long will she hold out before she also flips?

    Finally, the Fulton County RICO crazy defendant “Release the Krakens” Sidney Powell is trying to get one of charges against her dismissed. In court filings Powell claims her indictment has ruined her “previously sterling” reputation. In court papers her lawyers say: “Ms. Powell’s longstanding trusted traveler status has been revoked by the TSA for her ‘criminal activity'”. Sorry, Sid, but if you do the crime you will lose your percs from the TSA! Don’t expect Judge McAfee to give you a pass. You never had a “sterling reputation” to ruin!

    1. Dennis McIntyre, our other resident Soviet Democrat professional party apparatchik, takes a passing shot at the NRA (whose members aren’t the ones in those Soviet Democrat ran cities where Democrats are slaughtering other Democrats while they refuse to prosecute them). And then moves on to “BUBUBUBUTTTTT…. MUH TRUMP!”

      His “other really important news” wasn’t: “The Bagman Formerly Known As The Crackhead Kid is denied his request to appear in court remotely”.
      Nor other news: “New evidence from European nations show they also supported the prosecutor that Biden blackmailed Ukraine to fire because they were investigating The Kid”

      No, instead Tovarisch McIntyre rushes to: “BUBUBUBUTTTTT…. MUH TRUMP!” to celebrate the Soviet Democrats’ police state fascism in action instead.

      When it comes to buying Congress, as Dennis McIntyre and the rests of the Soviet Democrats’ paid apparatchik party liars like to claim, the NRA and other related groups don’t even come close to spending the amount of money on political parties as the Planned Parenthood Baby Body Parts Chop Shops, the SEIU and teachers’ unions, etc pump in.

      And the tell for the police state fascist Soviet Democrats is that they rush to talk about “the enraged white guy”. The history of color sensitivity and bias of the Soviet Democrats history since their war to destroy the Republic so they could keep their slaves continues.

      So despite the color sensitivity of White The Big Guy and Dennis’s fellow enraged White Soviet Democrats, they never make mention of “enraged black guys”: the ones carrying out the vast majority of the slaughter in this country far out of proportion with their percentage of their population (like this killing, also killing their fellow Democrats who are the same color).

      The sad story of the enraged black guys and their victims, that the Soviet Democrats’ lifelong color sensitive president in the White House and his apparatchiks like Dennis McIntyre don’t care about (except to harvest their votes now that they can’t force them to be their slaves any longer), can be found at:

      Chicago is marked safe from NRA activity, BTW. Not so much safe from Soviet Democrats and their police state fascists like Dennis McIntyre.

    2. WTF was Ford doing in Drazolowski’s yard. It has nothing to do with an armed “enraged 78 year old” nor does it have anything to do with the NRA or Donald Trump. You sound like a typical woke weenie.

    3. You have to love the marxist posters like this one. Racist, bigoted, ignorant and clearly mentally ill. But yet taking FULL advantage of everything they claim to say is wrong. SMH.

    4. This is stupid even for you. The castle doctrine exists in almost all states, and stand your ground in the overwhelming majority, so this has nothing to do with the “deep south”. And this has been the case for decades, so where is this spate of killings you predict?

      Of course these and other such laws are designed and intended to increase the number of justified killings in self defense, because those are a good thing and should be cheered, not denounced. But the overall killing rate, combining murders and self-defense killings, ought to decline, and indeed they have in every place where these laws have been introduced.

    5. Wood has denied he has turned on DJT. But the facts speak for themselves. He has accepted a subpoena to testify at trial next month saying: “I’ll go testify and answer their questions, honestly, like I did in the grand jury”

      And? How does that show he’s turned on DJT? He says he already told the grand jury the truth, and you didn’t claim he turned on DJT then. So if he tells the jury the same story, how will that be turning on him now?

      Your entire rant depends on the unsupported premise that the truth hurts DJT.

  14. Gee, what could go wrong when the rules were written by wealthy white guys obsessed with defining their worth through the theft and ownership of property they stole from the indigenous?

    That disqualifies you from being taken seriously

  15. ‘ANONYMOUS’ the Soviet Democrats’ resident police state fascist apparatchik, rushes to claim “the gun lobby” has bought Congress off. No, NOT, the Planned Parenthood Baby Body Parts Chop Shops. Nor the Teachers and other public sector unions. Not them, they’re not the ones who bought Congress – and don’t you dare go to to see how much the NRA and similar groups spend on elections and Congress in comparison to the abortion industry, the SEIU, the teachers’ unions, etc. Don’t believe your lying eyes!

    Yep, Anonymous claims “the gun lobby” has bought off Congress – not the identity politics groups that fund the Soviet Democrats; “the gun lobby” completely outbid the Soviet Democrats deep pocketed donors. That’s why you see so many laws pushed to expand gun rights along with taxpayer funding of shooting ranges, instead of laws attempting to expand elective birth control abortion rights, to enhance the power of public sector unions, etc.

    Wait… wait! It must be about Wealthy White Guys. And of course… involve property they just stole from the Heritage Folks! (was that before or after the Heritage Folks were having wars of conquest, enslaving each other, genocide of other tribes, etc.)?

    So predictable; it’s like Anonymous is channeling Biden’s White House spokesliar, Cringe Jean-Pierre.

    1. Tovarisch Anonymous, our resident Soviet Democrat party apparatchik, follows with a response that explains why, although unsuccessful, his mother continues to give him her vibrator collection, hair dryer, and the kitchen toaster complete with extension cord, for his bath toys.

  16. More twisted arguments from the left. When have we seen the largest spikes in gun purchases in the last 15 years??? Obama was the best thing thats happened to gun manufacturers in decades.

    1. Tom,
      49 straight months of 1 million + gun purchases. 40% of first time buyers are minorities and women.
      They cite lawlessness and the need for self-defense.
      Obama was on of the best gun salesmen for the gun industry.
      Then COVID and the lockdowns. I was a bit puzzled by that one.
      Then the 2020 fiery but mostly peaceful Summer of Love and the defund the police movement really kicked it into high gear.
      Now the rise of leftists fascists and the Biden admin along with rise in crime, no cash bail, soft on crime DAs and lawlessness and the need for self-defense.
      I keep seeing leftists proclaiming the gun industry is targeting children in advertising. I will buy a gun periodical occasionally. No kids in the ads. For that matter, the BEST advertisers for the gun industry: Hollywood.
      Things I do see about kids, usually firearm safety with time spent at the range with a lot of adults and coaches teaching the proper discipline of the use of safely using firearms.

  17. There are two victims: the father, who had his life cut short; and the son, who will live with memory for the rest of his life. And for what? To protect overhanging tree branches, which the trespasser may had a right under the common law to remove? Obviously, the shooter should have retreated to his home and called the police. But here is the rub: would they have come or would they have told him that it was “a civil matter”? The common law assumes that police will enforce criminal law, but in many cases local authorities have abandoned that duty.

    1. Anonymous provides another Soviet Democrat lie in hopes that normal Americans who aren’t his fellow police state fascist Marxist Useful Idiots will buy that.

      1. Anonymous as the resident Soviet Democrat apparatchik wants you to believe that that there is no place in America where police response is measured in hours instead of minutes due to distances and the number of police.

      2. Anonymous, Lyin’ LIke A Proud Biden, claims that there is no way with the history of the Soviet Democrats’ platform of “defund the police”, “give them space to riot”, etc., that it would never occur to police in Florida, in Montana, etc, that a situation that could result in armed defense – NOT “gun violence” – wouldn’t result in them immediately rushing to the scene – just in case.

      Because with “defund the police”, and all the Soviet Democrat run cities now crying they can’t find people stupid enough to work for them as police officers as they coddle their violent criminal identity politics group… Anonymous lies (hoping you will believe him) that they still have enough police to make that kind of response.

  18. Need to see the evidence, ballistics of the firearm and the type used, hear or read the testimony from the suspect and witnesses before making a judgement.

    1. Why would the “ballasitcs” (spelled ballistics) and type firearm used make any difference? Do you even know what ballistics are?

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