Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Jailed Iranian Advocate for Women’s Rights

I have often written about the struggle of activists in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other countries to fight for equal rights. These women continue to inspire many of us as they face violence and incarceration for fighting for rights that many of us take for granted. Narges Mohammadi, 51, was given the Nobel Prize “for her fight against the oppression of women in Iran and her fight to promote human rights and freedom for all.”

Mohammadi has always refused to yield to the prejudices of the religious extremists in her country. She attended Imam Khomeini International University and received a degree in physics. She became a professional engineer before the injustices around her led to her work as a journalist and human rights advocate.

Mohammadi has been arrested 13 times and convicted five times. Most recently, she was given a 12-year sentence after she attended a memorial for a person killed in nationwide protests. She is now held in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison.

I  can’t think of a more worthy recipient or a better time for this award to be given as women continue their existential fight for freedom in Iran.

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  1. “She is now held in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison.”

    Meanwhile, by releasing $6-billion to Iran, the Biden administration supports that totalitarian theocracy — and its brutal enslavement of Mohammadi.

    When an administration says one thing, but does the opposite, ignore the lip service. Judge it by its actions.

  2. Indeed, hurrah. Idiot late generation ‘feminists’ (read: spoiled children that grew up with every advantage in life and virtually no gender based obstacles whatsoever) that don’t seem to realize sexism in America has largely ceased to exist in mainstream culture should take a knee and a lesson. So tired of progressives and millennial/gen z idiocy I don’t even know what to say anymore, other than the fact that I would love to smack their parents upside the head enough times for them to get the point, and then airdrop their kids into the middle of Cambodia or North Korea with no provisions, and no phone, computer, or device of any kind and see what they think. Perhaps the parents should join them on that excursion.

    She could literally be killed for talking, she very well still might be, and that is a concept so far outside of the reality of modern progressives and their peers/allies in ignorance (thanks to capitalism, and yes cronyism exists, but it is not the fault of the idea that gave them phones and networks to whine on in the first place) their opinions should be dismissed out of hand.

    1. Yep. Nadal. But you fail to realize everyone has a mom….that they love. Completely. So much so 8 years after she’s met her maker….a son will keep al her shit. Even if it drives his wife crazy…no hellactually use her shit to drive his wife crazy… make space for the replacement. 30 years his younger but still takes care of him. It’s those ppl who need ” deprogramming” .

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  3. At least the Iranians do not allow men, pretending to be women, to compete in women’s sports.

    1. That’s true, because there are no women’s sports in Iran.

      They do, however, allow men dressed as women to be prostitutes, because Islam prohibits gay sex, but doesn’t prohibit transgenderism, so if dude looks like a lady, it’s not gay and they won’t throw you off the roof.

  4. While Turley is worried about the lack of women’s rights in an Islamic theocracy half way around the world, here in the US there’s a renowned champion of women’s rights calling for the more-than 70 MILLION people who didn’t vote democrat in 2020 to be institutionalized and “deprogrammed.”

    Regardless of what he calls himself, Turley is, was, and always will be a democrat — at least in his mind — so he can see what’s happening in Iran but is BLIND to the US version of the Islamic theocracy — aka Hillary and her army of fully-programmed fascists.

    Talk about someone in need of deprogramming.

  5. Upon Obama receiving the Nobel Prize BEFORE taking Office….that pretty much demonstrated the political bias and irrelevancy of the Nobel Board that determines the winners.

    In this particular case….perhaps finally they have in fact done the right thing by honoring this Woman for her efforts at great personal risk to her from the excesses of radical Islamists.

    That the Biden and Obama Administrations so naively or incompetently deal with the Iranian Regime is a whole different topic.

    They could learn what moral courage and adherence to principle means by the conduct of this Woman who now languishes in an Iranian Prison.

    No one in the the two Administrations can ever be accused of showing courage when called upon by circumstances.

  6. What is the connection between “women’s rights” and “world peace” please? In what way did her creation of disturbance to gain rights for women decrease the intensity or number of wars being fought in the world, or reduce the liklihood of future wars? Is that how we define “peace” these days? Women being free to live good lives is a worthy cause, certainly, but it does not prevent wars.

    1. Women being free to live good lives is a worthy cause, certainly, but it does not prevent wars.

      William, how could you possibly know that? In the history of ever, when did women worldwide ever have the same freedom as men to live a good life? How many wars/conflicts throughout the world were initiated by women? I would argue that a culture that reveres securing human rights for women equal to that of men is one not likely to have a regime engaging in wars to oppress other cultures.

  7. One has to wonder if any of the American women of NOW and Me, Too notice the difference between their pathetic show and this woman’s shining light of courage? When observing their silence and hiding in the face of the politically correct transgender movement disrupting, corrupting, violating, intimidating and overturning decades of feminist progress, it’s obvious they have no understanding of true courage.

  8. This is what real courage looks like.
    I only hope she will one day feel real freedom and liberty.

  9. “I could not think of a more worthy recipient or a better time for this award to be given as women continue their existential fight for freedom in Iran.”
    Get real. This Nobel is nothing more than a lip service gesture. While this woman rots in prison, Biden just gave Iran billions of $ and a nod on nuclear weapons. And that on top of Obama doing similar.

    Sadly, Nobel Prizes have been degraded to the point of being relevant only to the recipients, the Committee and a handful of sanctimonious sycophants.

    1. I agree, they give out these awards in the same manner as Oscars and Emmys. The prize given to barry sotero was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  10. Tragic story. It’s sad when the US and the international community can not do more to restore basic rights in Iran.

  11. Finally, a Nobel prize given to a worthy recipient rather than to a politically correct prop. Perhaps the Nobel committee can redeem themselves for that gratuitous prize in obama’s possession.

  12. It is a mistake to expect an Islamic theocracy to respect what we westerners think of a “women’s rights” — or ANY of what we consider rights. You might as well fault a squirrel for not riding a bicycle or a pigeon for not quoting Shakespeare or a lawyer for not knowing how to do calculus.

    1. That is so true, but we must continue to try and inform those imprisoned within that theocracy that there is a better way and much of the world supports them in their opposition.

      1. LOL — You and those who upvoted your reply are calling for a return to the Crusades. We have no more right to tell Iran how to live than Iran has to tell us how to live.

        1. If we had a theocracy in America, you, the Anonymous trolls and the paid DNC trolls would have been deported to the UK where they coddle and thrive on idiots, slackers and miserable phuqs calling attention to themselves. Prove me wrong

          1. Nice hate-speech, Gomer Why dmilon’t you grab your knife and join the ISIS head-removal effort?

        2. You are missing the point completely. This woman and many who support her are not being given the rights to live as they want because of a theocracy. If these citizens want to change that, we can only encourage them to create the nation state that would provide them the freedom that they desire. Not doing the right thing is as evil as condoning the very evil that has imprisoned her for wanting to be free. Rethink your prejudice in light of historical data rather than propaganda spread by miseducated current academics. I graduated college in 1972 and there is an entire new set of indoctrinators not spewing nonsense, Watch out for incorrect logic and data.

        3. Well said! And,…. Therein lies the very heart of the matter. American exceptionalism. And the ideology of Pax Americana.

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