Professor Luna Teaches Animal Torts at GWU Law School

Day Class Torts
Evening Class Torts

Yesterday, the students of day and evening torts were honored by a lecture from the leading American expert on animal tort liability, Professor Luna.  Herr Professor taught subjects like the “one free bite rule” and animus revertendi with the insight and intensity expected from a world renown canine academic.

Unfortunately, the regular teacher was quickly forgotten as students swarmed the lectern to congratulate the esteemed scholar.

Previously, the law students were able to see Professor Luna in more casual surroundings at a class party at my house. She left the impression of quite the party animal and consummate Bears fan. (The photo is courtesy of two of my students from the party).

9 thoughts on “Professor Luna Teaches Animal Torts at GWU Law School”

  1. My esteemed torts professor always remarked that “every dog gets one free bite, but with a cat you have to start from scratch!”

  2. Like most Bears fans these days, I suspect Professor Luna finds it somewhat satisfying to dump on Fields.

  3. “One free bite”. Imagine the political consequences of that with humans especially if it applied to Politics.

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