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Mentally Ill Judge Cynthia Brim Removed From the Bench

By Charlton (Chuck) Stanley, Weekend Contributor

CT  MET-AJ-JUDGE-BRIM-1102The sad case of Cook County (Illinois) Judge Cynthia Brim has been discussed on this blog previously here and here. To sum up, she had a mental breakdown while holding traffic court on March 8, 2012.

She went on a paranoid rant, accusing police of targeting minorities for traffic tickets. For the next 45 minutes, she rambled on about her childhood as well as describing at least five prior hospitalizations for mental illness. During her rambling outburst, she told her audience she was once removed from the courtroom by paramedics after a previous breakdown.

Witnesses reported she said, “Not only men have balls, but women can have balls too. You just have to grow them.”

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