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  1. Great reply to Ellison. Him and his son known to be communists. Son is big supporter of BLM, etc. son is also on Mols city council. Just what we need. AG and a son, both radical supporters of BLM and the riots. Thanks for outing the hypocrite.

  2. I’m a caregiver to my 93 year old husband and I believe I have more common sense than you …. does not take a lot to see what horrible damage trump had done to us . What is it that you cannot see? Help me understand please……. I ask of you I implore you to help me understand your thinking

    1. Carolyn, please go to “GOP Accomplishments” to learn what President Trump’s administration has done. It’s all in chronological order. Pick a .gov web page. Could you tell me what it is you think President Trump has done that was wrong? If you listened to MSM, they lied to you and the world.

  3. Professor Turley:
    I would be interested to know if you intend to publish a column on the seeming exponential use of Executive Orders by recent U.S. Presidents. President Obama issued numerous E.O.s which President Trump later reversed. Now, President Biden has issued his own set of E.O.s reversing the Trump reversals. While I do not question the right or obligation of a President to issue an E.O., these recent flurries of E.O. signings give the impression of creating policy by imperial fiat rather than through the Constitutional process of legislation enacted by Congress. Or am I mixing apples and oranges with my question? Thank you for your kind attention to this question.

    1. The dem politicians are rushing to get “everything” they want to get done before 2022. They cheated. Once election integrity straightened up, they know they will lose again. All the push before the results come out about voter fraud. The world will see what real scumbags the democrat politicians are. They have lost all integrity and are a disgrace to mankind.

  4. You were fair and honest in the hearing. Please don’t allow crazy people to change you. Thank you for your service.
    Sincerely, Cheryl

  5. Professor Turley, my husband and I appreciate your voicing your opinion so eloquently at the recent committee hearing. If only the others with you were fair, honest and civil. We are sorry to hear that you are being attacked by social media and a spoiled brat student still wet behind the ears who probably has/needs a safe space. Even though you are not a Trump fan, we appreciate your unbiased opinion based on the Constitution. Thank you.

    1. I totally agree. Refreshing to have a lawyer who states the law without regard to political leanings. I have great respect for Professor Turley. So sad can’t say the same for most other law professors.

  6. President Lincoln and Martin Luther King would be proud of you. Silence in the face of adversity is complicity. You are very brave, standing up for what is right knowing that your fellow lawyers and democrats would demonize you.
    I will pray that you and your family remain safe.
    G.W. should be honored to have you as a professor.
    Stand tall and strong against your enemies.

    Ruth C

  7. Shame on you Mr.Turley for buying into the Republican dubious devious deceptive stance on impeachment. How can the Democrats do a more in depth job as you mumbled about if the WH is continually obstructing their legitimate search for the truth. 12 persuasive witnesses have already given convincing to evidence to the public. You might have well acted as the official Republican counsel and avoided their infecting duplicity.

    1. Turkey, you are the hero of millions of voters who see through the stifling, angry war of words. Only the angry want to spew venom daily, and you will not hear much from the millions who appreciate your calm, logical call for civility. We aren’t yelling, cussing, screaming as some do. Why? Well, we are afraid of the hostility of those who don’t see things as we do. Additionally, it is not our nature to be hostile to anyone. We will vote though. Our family, and most people in my circle of people, appreciate you immensely. Thank you for your courage. I’m sorry for what you are experiencing from a group of people that can’t hear, see, or speak without the hatred that plagues them.

  8. Thank you for being very reasonable and telling the truth. Everyone would do well to take your advice

  9. Professor TurIey I have always respected your expertise. I wonder if you have heard, read or known about two conditions making someone extremely dangerous. Both a malignant narcissist and a sociopath. I know your background is law. Please consider reading about these conditions or read the book from the 27 psychiatrists warning us. I know you are thoughtful. Please look……..it is very scary for our country. Please put your expertise to use in helping with this danger.

    1. No competent psychiatrist would or could summarize Donald Trump’s personality without ever having examining him, without having spoken with him once. It would be highly unethical to do so. Anyone doing so would risk losing their licence.

  10. You fell asleep..LOL. take you garbage and go home to you wife and kids..Pray for yourself…take a shower..wash off the Trump stink..get so.e rest

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