Burger Mishap Leads to Police Misconduct

In what appears to be a clear case of abusive by a police officer, a women was arrested at a McDonald’s after serving a police officer a burger that was over-salted. The officer said that he became sick and accused the woman of adding the salt and pepper on purpose. She spent the night in jail despite the fact that she explained that an entire batch was oversalted by accident. The arrest of an individual out of personal outrage is a classic form of police abuse. The fact that the arrestee spent the nighti in jail shows how a citizen can be punished by an angry officer even without a meritorious charge. For the story, click here

2 thoughts on “Burger Mishap Leads to Police Misconduct”

  1. In this case, this cop should be arrested and convicted of kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, and civil rights violations. Everything he owns should be confiscated….oh wait…we cal it…”Civil forfeiture” right? When the police steal from citizens? Also, I don not condone violence. So as long as nobody was injured, the entire city should have laid siege to the jail, and or took a bulldozer to it, and freed the kidnap victim. Then locked the kidnapper in a cell.

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