Military accused of discrimination against atheists

The military has long been accused of discrmination against agnostics and atheists. Despite the claim that “there are no atheists in foxholes,” many soldiers have fought for the country despite being agnostics or atheists. Their patriotism comes from faith in our country, but that is not enough for some military officers. Recently, wiccan families have protested the refusal to include their symbols on tombstones for fallen soldiers who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, Spc. Jeremy Hall has filed a lawsuit saying that he was punished for trying to organize meetings for atheists and non-Christians in Iraq, including an effort to block his reenlistment. For the full story, click here

47 thoughts on “Military accused of discrimination against atheists”

  1. Billy,

    There’s some overlap between the two terms, depending on who’s defining them, but I choose to identify myself as an atheist.

    If you ask me if there’s a god my answer will be: there’s a very slight possibility.

    If you ask me if I believe in a god my answer will be: No.

    All that is irrelevant. I could have a faith that would rival any Saint you could care to mention, and there would still be atheists in fox-holes. As it turns out, atheists are just like other people, some change their views in times of high stress, some don’t.

  2. billy:

    You obviously aren’t reading my posts or are letting your religious outrage get in the way of your thoughts. It’s a common problem. I explicitly said Luther rejected all other religions and formed his own religion, and then you triumphantly said in the very next post that I was wrong because “Luther formed his own religion.’ Then you went on to tell me it was a variety of Protestantism. Might have well have told me it was a variety of religion, duh. You then gave me an unneeded history lesson on Luther with whom I am well-acquainted.

    Take some time and re-read the posts or have another scotch, either way works.

  3. Prior to “breaking” away from the Catholic faith, Luther was an ordained Augustinian monk, who broke his vows when he fornicated with a nun, he was in “lust” with.

  4. You offer no “proof” of your position either Judge. You “flail” about claiming to be an atheist, yet “quote” the epistles of Saint Paul to illustrate a point, a “point” I have yet to understand..

  5. Wrong, Luther formed his own religion, it is called Lutheranism. A variety of protestantism. You Judge are decidedly wrong in point of fact and by definition..

  6. billy:

    “By “definition” if I believe in God I must be religious…”


    One can believe in god,and reject the validity of each of the world’s religions. Luther did it, and formed his own religion. Your syllogism is thus invalid.

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