Widespread Abuse Alleged Against Chicago Police Department

Amid recent videos of police abuse, Chicago is facing thousands of complaints of police beating and arresting citizens with no cause. Between 2002 and 2004, over 10,000 complaints have been filed but only 18 have resulted in meaningful disciplinary action. For the full story, click here This has been a long-standing problem. Police department have never been able to adequately police themselves. Review boards are either hopelessly backlogged or insufficiently independent. This leaves litigation as the only meaningful option, but the cities then take a purely adversarial position in funding a defense for any accused officer.

3 thoughts on “Widespread Abuse Alleged Against Chicago Police Department”

  1. The “insufficiently independent” is the largest part of the problem. Allowing the police to police themselves is precisely as effective as allowing industry to police themselves which is to say not at all. Because in that schema, “Who is watching the Watchmen?” is always answered “no one”.

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