Supreme Court Refuses to Hear El-Masri Case

The Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of Khaled el-Masri, 44 who alleged that he was kidnapped by CIA agents in Europe, held in an Afghan prison for four months, and tortured. Later officials decided that it was a case of mistaken identity. This completes a trip through the U.S. court where every court refused to hear his case.
During his horrific ordeal, el-Masri was stripped, beaten, shackled, diapered, drugged and chained him to the floor of a plane for a flight to Afghanistan. Where the German government admitted that the abduction was a mistake, the Bush Administration has refused to admit its role and has used the state secrets privilege to block him for access to a trial. It has now succeeded. The result is that an individual who appears to have suffered the greatest forms of abuse will have no legal recourse. The case will be cited by our enemies that our claim to support the rule of law is a fallacy or hypocrisy. This is a case that shines the ling on our rendition program, where people are sent to other countries to be tortured. The question again is where is Congress? For the full story, click here