Feinstein and Schumer Support Mukasey Despite Stance on Torture

In shocking development for many democrats and civil libertarians, Senators Feinstein and Schumer have decided to support Michael Mukasey and thus yield on the issue of torture. The result is to effectively guarantee that President Bush will not be held accountable legally or politically for ordering violations of international law and domestic law. It was the final betrayal for democrats who were promised that a Democratic majority would fight on such issues. The Democratic leadership refused to delay the vote to allow civil libertarian groups to organize or to hold hearings on the issue. Once again, after invoking 9-11 last night as a rational for confirmation, President Bush has prevailed.

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  1. I have been searching on ‘B.Net’ for the ‘live’ interview article I read, just recently, which was done in the Fall (early November ’07, as I recall) with AIG’s former CEO, Hank Greenberg, wherein he eludes to ‘upcoming events’ and for everyone to ‘stay tuned ‘ …
    Sounded ominous even then!


    I dunno. Was ‘this’ upcoming financial crisis what he was talking about, as well? Almost a year beforehand?

    In retrospect, I also ask if it is surprising that THE article I want to refer to is mysteriously, and only recently, no longer readily available – since I have been posting on it, nationally.

    Just a guess, but I think not surprisingly at all!


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  2. Was that really Jonathan Turley who said “Democratic voters may be the biggest chumps in world.”???? Or did someone else hack your blog account?

    With the current campaign system – in which one needs millions of $ to run for US Senate, and a crystally clean personal, business, and professional record (or the wherewithal to cover up the errors) – if one doesn’t want to vote for the Democrat, in virtually every district (except Vermont), the only other option is to vote for the Republican.

    I ran for a seat in the state legislature (primarily out of anger toward the incumbent) in 2000 and learned that political campaigning is not something I’m cut out for. But at least I tried. I’m sure there are dozens if not hundreds of people in any given US House district or state that could give the incumbent Representatives and Senators some serious competition. With the level of frustration we all feel, 2008 is the year to run against the incumbent of any party! Let’s get some REAL CHOICES for Senate and House next year!!!

  3. A question to the moderator…

    Would it be of any benefit to dust off the Alien Tort Claims process…and have victims of torture or state-sanctioned abuse, file suit in United States courts for redress. If enough such suits landed on our doorsteps, it might have the effect of moving, in only incrementally, the heavy granite block of SCOTUS a little to the left on this issue.

    Perhaps enough such litigation and attendant publicity would force the high court to remove the irritant by one of its signalling mechanism rulings that warn the Executive that the latter has gone too far?

  4. in reply to the last post…

    Torture is so deeply repugnant that it justifies an absolute condemnation of those who condone, sanction, authorize or commit it. Utilitarian, “greater good” arguments simply do not have purchase as defenses for it, as what is at stake is not simply the utilitarian calculus of benefits, but the essence of self. We are, in a sense, what we do. We cannot do horrendous things, without becoming horrendous ourselves.

    That any person exercising political power would act by commission or omission to perpetuate state-sanctioned torture is grounds for immediate removal from office. What the post above suggests are recall efforts.

    But why single out only Democrats? Perhaps it is because the poster, like so many of us, holds them to higher standards; we all seem to view Democrats in a more idealistic light than we should. In doing so, we abandon the Republicans in effect. We say, in so many words, that they are irredeemable; lost souls, so to speak. Or perhaps, children of whom not much but primal rapacity and greed and sly cunning, can be expected.

    Not so, of course. Recall campaigns should reflect that as moral agents of the people all representatives of either party are equally culpable and perhaps equally capable of being moved by voter outrage; if their own consciences fail to stir them to action then let the threat of removal from office provide the goad….

    So it is a good idea the recall, but they should be mounted in every state for every politician, Democrat or Republican, who continue us on this odious course of becoming something we hate, in the sole name of brute survival.

  5. The Dems are worse than the Republicans now… at least we know the nature of the Republicans.

    The Democrats make me sick, what a bunch of jokes. I was raised in a very liberal Democratic family, but I just laugh now. The only one with a spine on the ballot is Kucinich.

  6. Sorry, I’m so mad I’m not thinking straight. I called your Mr. Turlington instead of Mr. Turley.

    Betrayed Dem -M

  7. I listened to Mr. Turlington, on the Rachel Maddow show yesterday. He is so right, the Democrats have other options, they don’t have to cave now.

    This is the last straw. I had rejoiced that finally the truth had prevailed the fog had lifted and we would finally right the country’s path after these many years of disastrous “Republic” party rule. I was so hopeful when the Democrats won last fall.

    I am a lifelong yellow dog Democrat, the kind that block walks, phone banks, makes campaign contributions and supports democrats in general …but no more. Everyone knows what a moron the president is, yet the Democrats can never seem to out-maneuver him, so what does that make us? Worst of all, some of our leaders have no courage, they continually go along with the Presidents immoral agenda. It’s unbelievable.

    It’s time to kick out Republocrats like Feinstein and others. Chuck Schumer is a huge disappointment, I have always thought of him as a man of great morals and courage. If the Democrats allow Muksey to be confirmed now, maybe it’s time to leave this dysfunctional family and start a third party of Progressive Democratic Constitutionalists.

    Another betrayed Democrat -M

  8. Granted!

    This is not the end…

    It is available for the various 50 State AG’s to bring actions under the Grand Jury system against the Federal branch(es), who effectively refuse to confront these troubling issues, under our collective States Rights to a Republican form of government under the Constitution -thereby taking the matter out of “Washington, D.C.”, altogether. N’est ce pas?

    It is not known what the result would be – especially because it has not been done before 😉

    It would send a few messages for sure-good times!

  9. I am getting sick to death of watching the lack of fight in Washington. When will Democrats start fighting and showing this administration that we are not going to tow their line and that we stand for something different? When will we prove, though our actions, that we stand for upholding and protecting the US Constitution? It is better to have fought and lost, than to never have fought at all.

    A betrayed Democrat,
    – B

  10. That there are no guarantees has a lot more substance when it comes to George Bush.

    That being said, what needs to happen in order for a majority to support Mukasey’s nomination?

    He needs to answer the question. What is the obstacle? A classified briefing? So, make it happen!

    Otherwise, he needs to say he doesn’t know “what he doesn’t know” and is reluctant to go on record because of possible future cases, however, on the face of it, yes, waterboarding would appear to be torture. Or something…!

    Underneath every disappointment is something left unsaid. He needs to explain himself – himself.

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