Germany Moves to Ban Scientology As a Threat to Human Rights

Germany has long investigated Scientology as a cult and a criminal organization. It may now formally ban the organization under a proposal out of Hamburg.

Hamburg’s secretary of the interior, Udo Nagel, is seeking a nationwide ban, which will require the approval of all 16 states in Germany. Germany views the organization as abusive and a threat to human rights.

While other countries take dim views of the activities of Scientology, Germany has been the most aggressive, including recent investigations of possible murder and scams connected to the organization. While the U.S. has had a rocky relationship with Scientology and for years refused to recognize it as a religion, it has criticized Germany for intolerance in the matter and now treats Scientology as a religion.

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14 thoughts on “Germany Moves to Ban Scientology As a Threat to Human Rights”

  1. So basically you want to use a single case that happened on another continent to justify the wholesale persecution of a religious organization?

    You know, I wonder if Germany ever thought about using Leo Frank as an excuse in the 30s…

  2. Oh please, just look at Lisa McPherson’s corps she was severely dehydrated, bitten by cockroaches, and extremely sick looking. She did not die the way that the Co$ claims she did. You can bet the the Co$ put their “fair game” policy to good use in this case and a lot of pressure and intimidation was used to get a outcome that they desired.

  3. If I recall right, the coroner in the mcpherson case resigned because she was screwing with the evidence to help get a conviction. This turned out bad.

    Bob Minton helped finance and named the short-lived Lisa McPherson trust after her. Bob Minton later became a witness for the Church of Scientology, confessing to perjury in the wrongful death lawsuit

    wikepedia has the info, altho it is weird to read, since it has the atmosphere of

    “The case was dropped, but we really want them to be guilty.”

    so it is not that objective

  4. if you do any thorough examination of the scientology organization, you will find germany is the side that is protecting human rights. Google Lisa McPherson.

  5. You just don’t understand it; and when they say you have to this or that than they’re falling. Scientology is just a label.
    You might as well ban the world and all its religions if you’re going to this and not that. Did someone step on your toe?

  6. to JR

    no Germany and France have a division between religion and manipulative organization (= money sucking). religions does not cut you from your family and suck your money or put your life in danger.

    scientology is in this group surely because it is highly manipulative and take all your money.

  7. Okay, I’ll say it since nobody else has:

    Germany deciding what religions are cults/criminal organizations is a really, really, really bad idea.

    There, my inner Ashkenazi is satisfied.

  8. The supreme leader is not pleased! I suppose they will be flying in Travolta and Tom Cruise to save the day.. er… cult in Deutschland?

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