Scientists Identify Two Emerging Threats to the Planet: Kudzo and Canadian Beer Drinkers

In different studies, scientists have recently identified two major sources of global warming: Kudzo and Canadian beer drinkers.  

Kudzu is that vine that one sees throughout the south covering everything from telephone poles to trees to slow-moving children. It now turns out that it is a major source of ground-level ozone and a contributor to global warming. Kudzo covers an estimated 11,580 square miles in the United States with an impressive expansion of 200 new square miles each year.  

At the same time, researchers have finally broken the silence over the status of Canadian beer drinkers as single source pollutants.  According to the Canadian government, the problem is traditional “beer fridges” that one in three Canadian households use to store their brew.  The Canadian beer fridges are inefficient and contributing mightily to energy consumption and pollution.  It would seem that the English are more earth-friendly due to their tolerance for warm beer. Yet, if the choice is between warm beer and global disaster, one can pretty much start digging your earth bunker now. The English tolerance for warm beer appears to be a genetic abnormality found largely on that one island.

The exponential expansion of both Kudzo and Canadian beer drinkers shows a link in these global threats. Both seem to thrive in dark and isolated environments and both tend to cling to objects and people around them. The solution would seem to be obvious: force Canadian beer drinkers to eat Kudzo. Even better, fund government research into a Kudzo-based beer for Canadians. Am I the only one thinking outside of this ecological box? Indeed, if one of the American beer companies could get involved we could export KudBud and KudBud Lite to Canada and help defray the costs of the falling dollar.

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5 thoughts on “Scientists Identify Two Emerging Threats to the Planet: Kudzo and Canadian Beer Drinkers”

  1. the only problem is that kudzo seems to be used to diminish the addiction to alcohol by the chinese…
    We might have a problem here.

  2. I am just happy that someone is standing up to the Canadian beer drinkers and their frigs of global destruction. However, I personally like KudBud for the new brand.

  3. “Am I the only one thinking outside of this ecological box?

    Perhaps so, but the world is no doubt a better place for it.

    Kudzo-based beer for Canadians is only a necessary first-step. You must still prevail upon them to give up their kelvinators.

    Perhaps a Nobel Prize is in Professor Turley’s future!

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