Let the Games Begin: China Prepares for Olympics by Convicting Journalist for Writing About Government Corruption

Many opposed the selection of China as the host for the next Olympics due to its rampant pollution and repression of freedom. China has proven far worse on both fronts. As part of a crackdown on anyone voicing dissent, China has now convicted and sentenced journalist Lu Gengsong “inciting subversion of state power.” His crime was to detail some of the well-known corruption of government officials on the Internet.

In a typical demonstration of Chinese justice, the court would not allow any question or statements in the proceeding. Security officials sent in people to occupy the public seats to prevent witnesses and others were confined to their homes.

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7 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin: China Prepares for Olympics by Convicting Journalist for Writing About Government Corruption”

  1. There are definitely some serious issues in China, but I think the Olympics will be a good thing for them. I think because of the Olympics, the world spotlight is shining brightly on them right now. That makes for increased awareness of the issues. That’s a great thing. It will also pressure them into taking the first steps in the right direction to solving some of these issues.

    Mike Smith

  2. Hi DW – If you sign up with an account at http://www.WordPress.com it provides all you need to know. If you like-click on my name and it will bring you to my blog (also powered by WordPress) – leave a brief comment and that will give me your email address. Then I’ll walk you through it – albeit, as schedules permit. – VC

  3. Hello VC,

    I agree: we have lost a lot of our moral standing. The cost of allowing the “realists” control of the machinery.

    Question: how did you get that photograph to appear next to your name? I’ve been wanting to ask JT how he does it, but figured it was a perogative of the host.

  4. This is another example of the great differences in theory … but in actuality, we (USA) have performed disgracefully in terms of our transparent and hegemonic actions in the invasion of Iraq. We lose our voice completely if not for the fact that we have big boats, people that need American’s and America’s financial help, and some others that are indelibly tied to us.

    We though, have no standing whatsoever to rebuke anyone. Consider the deplorable manner in which we have treated prisoners, permitted our own President to suspend the Constitution, and have supported a Congress that has been complicit in disregarding their responsibility in lieu of getting re-elected. We truly have no standing to reject China as being barbaric or suppressive. Especially not if one has followed the Padilla detention through conviction, followed Abu Ghraib, or even followed the reports that the official head of law enforcement – the leading authority on right and wrong – the US Attorney General – felt compelled to deny that water-boarding is torture in order give the Government the opportunity to legally protect themselves from the fallout of, what is potentially criminal activity.

    Perhaps the French could pass an opinion on China – oh – I forgot – it may still be on the books that to invoke France is un-American. One things for sure – we have NO standing whatsoever as a country – and our citizens are not highly regarded for permitting this to happen. That’s the ugly double edge of Democracy as H.L. Mencken so aptly put it “… good and hard.”

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