Vatican Approves Exorcism Center to Deal with Rising Demand From the Demonically Challenged

Exorcism is hot. At least, that is the view of Church officials in Poland who are planning to build an exorcism center in a potato field in Poland to deal with rising demand. The announcement came after the fourth International Congress of Exorcists.

Rev. Andrzej Trojanowski announced the new facility to be established with the support of the Vatican.

There are about 70 priests who are trained exorcists in Poland while an estimated 300 exorcists are active in Italy. This may indicate a greater level of demonic control in Italy or that no one notices in Poland. Polish officials however say that the demand is rising.

The announcement follows recent exorcism deaths, click here, and a call for more exorcists, click here

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9 thoughts on “Vatican Approves Exorcism Center to Deal with Rising Demand From the Demonically Challenged”

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  2. I would suggest they move it to the middle of a corn field where it would be more appropriate. Maybe even the bull pasture if there’s not enough space. In the words of Stevie Wonder: “Lord heaven, help us all.”

  3. After Justice Scalia’s recent remarks about torture, perhaps he needs to be sent to the Center as a test subject.

    Who knows how long he has been Possessed!?

    At the minimum since Booth v Maryland!

    Out, Demon, OUT!

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