Wife Pleads Guilty in Case of Assault by Wasp Case

Angela Nellany has pleaded no contest to assault with a deadly weapon in California . The alleged weapon: a can of wasps. Despite the testimony of a man who alleged that Nellany tried to hire her to kill her estranged husband, Paul Nellany, and testimony on the attempt to use a can of wasps (Paul is highly allergic), she did not admit guilt in her plea and will receive only a few more months of prison on a two-year sentence.

The Nellany’s marriage appears far from perfect. She accused him of cheating. For his part, he appears to have ample grounds for divorce. He was first told of his wife’s lethal intentions during the Superbowl in 2007 when a man named Anthony Hall came to his house to warn Paul that his wife tried to give $600 to kill him. She insisted, however, that it be done in a slow and painful way.

A neighbor related how he believes that she took a wasp nest from his property and Paul recalls a narrow escape from the can of wasps in his truck.

The wasp case is reported by the Modesto (pure coincidence) here.

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