Environmental Group Films Outrages in Chinese Zoos

An environmental group called OneVoice has started an international campaign to highlight the horrible treatment of animals in Chinese zoos that range from using tortoises for target practice with coins to forcing bears to don boxing gloves and to punch each other.

The group has returned with shocking stories such as the practice of having zoo visiters threw live chickens to big cats and forcing bears to box each other. The latter practice appears to be a real crowd pleasers as part of Chonqing Safari Park’s “Animal Olympics” show.

At Qingdao Zoo, officials put bands around the necks of tortoises to prevent them from retracting their heads so that people can throw coins at them. The Chinese believe that hitting their heads bring good luck.

The groups has reported disgusting conditions in cramped cages, cruel treatment, and poor sanitation at these Chinese zoos.

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