Scientists Establish the End of the World as Starbucks Stops Serving Coffee

Two unsettling announcements were made today. Scientists have determined the precise date for the end of the world while Starbucks has announced that it will stop serving coffee for THREE HOURS today. Breathe, breathe, . . . now panic.

I am not sure which is worse the announcement of the upcoming end of the world (which is sooner than anticipated), click here, or the end of service at Starbucks, click here. One would have hoped that Starbucks could have separated the two apocalyptic announcements.

4 thoughts on “Scientists Establish the End of the World as Starbucks Stops Serving Coffee”

  1. Though, like Susan, I’m not much of a coffeehouse guy, I can appreciate that the Starbuck’s three hour shut down is a far scarier proposition than the end of the world for those who are.

    I like the heavy flavor of Starbuck’s coffee, but I often get frustrated standing behind 38 double half-caf, mocha latte customized orders to ask for my “small decaf, please”.

    I remember one time at a Starbuck’s hearing someone ask for something like a machiato frappaccino and thinking it sounded like some of the names of guys I went to high school with back in Youngstown, Ohio.

  2. ROFL!! “Can handle it and quit at any time,” huh JT?” 🙂 Just kidding, it’s far better to be a news/law/information junkie than any other kind. And I hope you NEVER quit! THAT to me, would be almost be the end of my little world.

    Okay, as to Starbucks, I have to confess to not being a patron there. I can hear the gasps of horror from here. “SACRILEGE!” you and others are probably saying. Oh well, I’ll have to plead guilty on that one, and be glad that there are no criminal penalties for “failure to patronize Starbucks.” Yet.

  3. Arabella:

    I must confess to being a news junkie. I exhaust all of the news site in an endless effort to satisfy an insatiable appetite. I just tell myself that I can handle it and quit at any time.


  4. I’ve been meaning to ask JT – I’ve noticed a number of your news links are to Fox News (e.g., the Starbucks story here). You don’t really use them as a news source of first resort, do you?

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