Video: Criminal Charges Filed After School Bus Video Shows Fight Between Bus Driver and Students

Arizona Bus driver Kim Sullivan has been charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct after the video below was shown to authorities. On the video, Sullivan is shown in a full hair-pulling wrestling match with a student. Three students were also charged. It seems likely that civil litigation will likely result from the controversy.

The entire confrontation was recorded on a security camera on the bus carrying students from the Higley Unified School District.

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The school district could ultimately be sued under respondeat superior.

Notably, there has been a slew of lawsuit against bus drivers for schools (for example, click here) and cities (for example, click here. These buses constitute common carriers and are more vulnerable to lawsuits. The video could make a self-defense claim a problem — certainly the police do not appear to believe there is a self-defense claim.

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