A Question of Competence: Is McCain Funny Enough to be President?

A recent disclosure raises the disturbing question: is the president gets a call at 3:00 am for a joke, who do you want to answer the phone? Apparently, not John McCain. McCain was asked in 2003 for his funniest joke and this was the unnerving response.

John McCain’s funniest joke was that mother’s cannot tell their children that they can grow up to be president in Arizona because the state has been denied a successful candidate for so many years. For the “joke”, click here

As a former naval aviator, one can only hope that McCain has funnier jokes that are simply not appropriate for repetition.

It adds a question of whether besides dancing,
we should have an American Idol-like competition for humor to qualify for Chief Executive.

2 thoughts on “A Question of Competence: Is McCain Funny Enough to be President?”

  1. “The nice thing about Alzheimer’s is you get to hide your own Easter eggs.” –John McCain [actual quote]

  2. His sense of humor, as I recall, tends to make him look like an enormous jackass.

    The infamous Chelsea Clinton joke springs to mind.

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