Stuffed Pup? Michele Malkin Challenges Puppy Video Outcry

Michele Malkin has weighed into the controversy over the puppy thrown off a cliff by a Marine in  Iraq. Malkin insists that the puppy was either dead or stuffed and that the puppy cries are dubbed.

Malkin has analyzed the tape and notes the following: “The puppy doesn’t move. It’s clear to me that it’s either dead or a stuffed toy. The sound effects of a dog yapping seem to have been dubbed in.” Click here

I believe that this misses the obvious counter theory to animal abuse: self-defense. If you watch the video, here the Marine is clearly in full battle gear and the puppy has its paws up in a threatening posture .

Alternatively, neo-cons could argue that the puppy was a suspected IED. There is still obvious work to be done on the spin, but you can be the judge.

By the way, using a dead puppy to stage this scene may be little better in term of the military code. It remains an act of cruelty and is inimical to good order in the service and brings discredit upon the Corp.  If Malkin is correct, the Marines woud have to had staged the event, dubbed in a crying pup, and then release the video.  That would be like staging a torture scene for giggles. Of course, Malkin’s theory is likely to be explored by any defense attorney.  It is doubtful that the puppy will be found and we will have to rely on the accounts of Marines at the scene.

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  1. moonbat rising and the rest of you sick insane liberal tools are beyond any help! You clowns are doing a real great job at taking everything michelle wrote out of context and lying on top of it. Just like you idiots do when you make up crap about her books like throwing out lies about concentration camps and covering up things you freaks are crazier than a soup sandwich!

    Michelle NEVER insisted on anything. She NEVER claimed that the puppy throwing video was a fake. Truth is she SUGGESTED that it could possibly be a fake and in her opinion thats what it looked like. I know its pretty much impossible for idiot loons like you fools to discern simple reality from your crazy unhinged fictions about anyone that do not kow tow to your ridiculous beliefs however seperating fact from fiction means understanding the differeance between SUGGESTING something LOOKS a certain way and INSISTING it IS that way.

    The facts are NOT out on this video. The results of the Marine Corps investigation are non-releasable because of the privacy act. Anyone that claims they have proven this video to be real is a out & out liar and totally full of it. They same is true about Motari’s so-called bebo profile and the supposed myspace profile where he conveniently admits to all this, strangly makes jokes about it in a callous manner even though he knows full well the trouble he is in over it then just closes up his accounts afterwards leaving no way for anyone to verify his identity.
    So NO ONE CAN actually prove that this video is or is not a hoax. Whats truly sick about all this is all the anti-american/anti-military slander & hatred that can be found all these cowardly liberal websites with just a glance! Your all a bunch of friggin cowards and evil little degenerate bitches! I hope all of you nutjob libs that are spreading this filth end up in iran or afganistan or some terrorist country where you will learn the true meaning of fear and opression then you’d be whining and crying for the US military to come save your sorry butts while the terrorists are showing you the true definition of waterboarding!

    BTW, Michelle Malkin you are a true goddess! Keep putting these filthy lib liars in their place and exposing these trolls for what they are.

  2. Yeah, it’s an IED… that’s why the other marine in the video PUTS HIS LAUGHING, SMILING FACE RIGHT NEXT TO IT.

    can’t someone put an IED up Michele Malkin?


  3. Don’t you guys realize Turley is writing using satire! He doesn’t mean the puppy is actually “threatening”; he’s showing the absurdity of an argument like Malkin’s that puts an extremely unlikely spin on the situation. Of course the puppy was no threat; he’s just purposely taking the devil’s advocate position to make his satirical point that there’s no way this was justified. It’s always disturbing that people don’t understand or even perceive satire.

  4. Turley looks like a retard so can you expect his logic to be any better?

    “threatening” posture in a “puppy”?

  5. If you watch the video, here the Marine is clearly in full battle gear and the puppy has its paws up in a threatening posture .

    I believe you are only seeing what you want to see. I’ve watched this video several times before it was removed and nowhere do I see the “puppy” with it’s paws in a threating posture.

    You’re either blind, stupid or both. Dead or alive, the puppies paws were not up you twit.

  6. Malkin is a propagandist.

    “Watch the clip closely. The puppy doesn’t move. It’s clear to me that it’s either dead or a stuffed toy. The sound effects of a dog yapping seem to have been dubbed in.”

    Apparently a dog, toy and sound editing expert too. While even the most enthusiastic military backers are reserving judgment, everything is ‘clear’ to Our Lady of The Concentration Camps.

    And when the facts come out, Malkin will be wrong. Again.

  7. When watching her, I sometimes think that Michele has been stuffed and dubbed but that is just wishful thinking.

  8. I agree, there is no way this action is good, can be made to seem good or can be excused. We need to get our people out of there now. Our soldiers are drugged with stimulants and depressents so they will stay up for days and then get a few hours of sleep. Many are in an alternating state of complete boredom which flips into complete terror without warning. This situation would test anyone’s humanity.

    No one should be exposed to this situation. This war is a criminal act-a highly profitable crime for those who perpetrated it. I advocate counter-recruitment to keep our people out of the war in the first place and working with the GI rights hotline to help those who want to leave the military as COs.

    I’m not asking anyone to forgive our soldiers for indefensible actions. I am asking that people please be open to the possibility of human redemption, even after unspeakable acts.

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