Shoot Like a Con: Golf Pro Tripp Isenhour Criminally Charged with Killing Migratory Bird

PGA Tour golfer Tripp Isenhour has been charged with intentionally killing a red-shouldered hawk (pictured below) after it forced him to do a re-take while filming his series “Shoot Like A Pro.” John Henry Isenhour III, his real name when he is not depopulating nature, now faces 14 months in jail if convicted.

The incident occurred on Dec. 12th at the Grand Cypress Golf course. When the bird kept making noises, Isenhour started hitting balls to try to hit it at roughly 300 yards away, but then when it moved within 65 yards, he allegedly succeeded in bringing it down.

According to the crew who were reportedly upset by his actions, he continued to hunt for the hawk, saying “I’ll get him now” and was “very excited” when the sixth ball almost nailed him.

He finally connected and the hawk fell, bleeding from its nose.

The crew appears to be ready to serve him up and say that they feel guilty not trying to stop the celebrity. They do not buy his later claim that he did not expect to hit the bird. His sound man Jethro Senger noted: “He just kept saying how he didn’t think he could have hit it, which I think is a stupid thing for a PGA Tour golfer to say. He can put a ball in a hole from hundreds of yards away, and here he is hitting line drives at something that’s, I don’t know, a couple hundred feet away?”

He may now go away for the act, though someone may have to explain that “country club prisons” are something of a myth and do not have golf courses.

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8 thoughts on “Shoot Like a Con: Golf Pro Tripp Isenhour Criminally Charged with Killing Migratory Bird”

  1. Who sponsors his TV show? I’d be happy to write to them and respectfully suggest that they withdraw their support for this animal hater.

  2. This moron should be sent to jail and fined, just like Michael Vick was. I am disgusted by this Isenhour’s actions. He should be pulled from his TV show, banned from golf courses, and banned from playing in any professional golf tour.

  3. The first thing a true golfer learns is that you golf WITH nature, not against it. Mr. Isenhour is not only an animal killer but he is a disgusting liar. He CLEARLY intended to hit and kill the bird. He needs to be prosecuted to The FULLEST extent of the law. Jail for 14 months is minimally fitting.

    Further I agree that the PGA needs to ban him from golf tournaments for life. I’ll be the first to organize a boycott of any PGA event that he is allowed to participate in. I would suggest he move out of the country after he serves his prison sentence if any other country will even take him. No one wants him around here.

  4. Has the Internet Lynch Mob: found out where he lives, who he is married to, where his kids go to school, found his personal blogs and posted vicious attacks, emailed this story to every tom, dick & harry, & demanded an investigation at the top levels of the PGA?

    We already know golfers routinely antagonize peaceful families of geese on the courses.

  5. Mark:

    I am afraid the PGA is announcing a surge that it hopes will reduce the human-on-hawk attacks and bring order to the greens.

  6. This is what the game of golf does to the young men that enlist in it’s ranks; it turns them into animals. Why can’t america see what we are doing to the hundreds of thousands of young people enlisting in golf solely. They do this soley because there are no other job alternatives and they have little choice having barely graduated from high school and look at the animals golf turns them into.

    We need to cut all funding for golf and bring our golfers home NOW!

  7. The PGA MUST remove Isenhower from the Nationwide tour and BAN him form golf. He is sick and this action would indicate he would do the same to a noise child in the area.

    Let him do the 14 months and undergo psychiatric evaluation before letting him back into hte general public again and become our next headline killer.

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