Bin Laden Tape Threatens Europe Over Cartoons

With his latest tape, Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has now taken his terrorist organization into a whole new area: cartoon-inspired jihad. According to Bin Laden, the publication of cartoons mocking Islam’s Prophet Mohammad are worst than bombing children and will justify a new round of attacks against Europe.

The audio recording was released on the birthday of the Prophet Mohammad and he attcks both Europe and the Pope for the offense: “Your publications of these drawings — part of a new crusade in which the Pope of the Vatican had a significant role — is a confirmation from you that the war continues.”

After his jihad against cartoonists, it is expected that he will tackle the heretical forces of jingoists and mascot impersonators.

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8 thoughts on “Bin Laden Tape Threatens Europe Over Cartoons”

  1. “OMG, Thingum – you must be an EST/Forum graduate or, alternatively,
    perhaps harboring a secret man-crush on Osama…”

    So, instead of addressing the problem analytically, you chose to structure your response in a fashion similar to a right wing parot.

    Perhaps the best part of a well structured argument is that it trumps the blinders of political correctness.

    Tell ya what; let’s simplify things down to the level of near idiocy.

    Given that the tactic of terrorism consists of creating fear and using it as leverage for desired objectives:

    Query: Has Osama Bin Laden leveraged 9/11 to achieve any objectives whatsoever?

    And what of G.W. Bush; has he leveraged 9/11 to achieve any questionable objectives?

    I ask only because one would have to redefine the term truth, i.e. the agreement between knowledge and its object, in order to assent to the arguments proffered by the 911 Commission and the Bush Administration.

    But feel free to prove me wrong.

    Show me the case against Bin Laden that doesn’t rely on question begging and circular reasoning. Hell, I’ve been waiting ever since Colon Powell & Tony Blair promised to produce said evidence nearly six years ago.

    Show me how any reasonable person can read the first chapter of the 911 Commission Report without finding the story of AAL11 completely incredible as of 8:41am; where 11 witnesses to stabbings, mace sprayings and storming the cockpit door — retreat to the coach section convincing themselves and others that it was all just “a routine medical emergency.”

    How did the pilots of those planes know where to turn off their transponders; i.e. who told them where there were gaps in the primary radar that day?

    While you’re at it, show this former physics major how the simple law Q = mc∆T was suspended after 9/11 for six months with the existence of molten steel in the basements.

    And remember, Benedict Arnold was a revolutionary war hero until…



  2. OMG, Thingum – you must be an EST/Forum graduate or, alternatively,
    perhaps harboring a secret man-crush on Osama…

  3. The sad & pathetic side of this story and all like it:

    Not even the FBI claims to have sufficient direct evidence to so much as include 911 on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted poster.

    Far easier to keep repeating that the earth revolves around Bin Laden in a circular argument orbit than to ask yourself the hard question: how much of the evidence produced would ever be admissible in a court of law–and what are the reasons such evidence is considered UNRELIABLE?

    That’s my two cents,


  4. j,

    That’s a sad development. Satire and mocking humor have been the spear of the Enlightenment and the chief weapon we have against the return of medievalism.


  5. DW, it has sadly already occurred.

    The cartoonists are currently under government protection over plots to kill them.

    In the Netherlands there is a MP who plans to release a film that purports to demonstrate how the Koran is incompatible with western civilization. He himself is under threat and has not found any Dutch television stations to air his film. It is expected that he will release it over the internet.

  6. Talk about a chilling effect!

    But this is serious stuff. How much satirical or critical discourse has been self-censored in the EU for fear of drastic reaction?

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