If You Like the Jumpers, Wait to You See the Boxers . . .

It is often said that owners gradually seem to look like their pets, but Beth and Brian Willis have gone a bit further. As the picture below shows, when their dogs died, they had them turned into coats.  Thank God, neither dog was a boxer . . . 

The “his and hers jumpers” were reportedly knitted out of the hair moulted by their pets and spun into yarn.  There is not a single legal or policy aspect to this story beyond collective emotional distress for the rest of society.

For the picture, click here.

One thought on “If You Like the Jumpers, Wait to You See the Boxers . . .”

  1. I thought you meant Boxers as in the dog breed, then I was wondering what breed is a ‘Jumper.’ sigh.

    As an avid knitter (though not one with any plans to knit with dog hair), I am well aware of a bevy of books on how to knit with dog hair if you’re interested in knitting your own doggie jumper. Just be aware of what’s not mentioned in the article – those sweaters may be waterproof in the rain, but they still (I’m told) smell like wet dogs!

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