Iowa Governor’s Mansion Found Hazardous “Sick Building”

tn_18bats.jpg While after today some may complain about chronic indictment outbreaks at the Bush White House, here, service in Iowa’s Democratic Governor’s mansion may actually be a risk to your health. Officials now believe that a rare lung disease found among various employees is linked to bird or bat droppings at the mansion called Terrace Hill. Ironically, the headquarters of the American Lung Association has also been cited as a possible exposure point. The case would appear to fit neatly into the expanding cases involving “sick building syndrome.”

The disease, histoplasmosis, is a fungal disease often spread by bird or bat droppings causing respiratory illness due to fungus spores are transmitted through the air.

Several cases of the disease have involved employees of the American Lung Association and its office in the capitol.

Notably, Terrace Hill, which was the site of a lung association awards event the night of Nov.29.

The governor and his family are expected to continue to live at the mansion.

The EPA specifically warns about the the danger of bird and bat droppings on its website concerning sick buildings, here.

There have been thousands of such cases, including lawsuit against government buildings like the California lawsuit by a judge against his own courthouse, here.
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  1. Finally, histoplasmosis is getting some media attention. Too bad a lot of people had to be affected in order for this to happen. Histoplasmosis can be fatal in some cases and is very common in people who are exposed to bat/bird droppings. Anyone with large numbers of birds/bats around their homes and businesses should look into purchasing a bird deterrent product to protect their health and safety. Many commercial bird deterrent products are available that can deter birds effectively for decades. Even better, they do not harm the animals or the environment, but still keep you safe.

  2. No wonder the sorcerer didn’t kill the atheist! He should have used bat poop!

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