Hooked on Hamontics: Hamas Television Shows Puppet Killing Bush

Hamas has long adopted a slightly different approach to the education of children. First there was the homicidal Hamas Mickey Mouse. Now the geniuses at Hamas production have come up with the charming Hamas killer puppet. The video is shown below in case your children have not run off to school yet.

The latest creation appeared on a show called “Exceptionals.”

In the episode, Bush, a hand-held puppet dressed in a green uniform and wearing boxing gloves, is shown talking to a Palestinian child.

The child, with tears in his voice, accuses Bush of killing his father in Iraq, his mother in Lebanon and his brothers and sisters in Gaza with the assistance of the Israelis.

The Islamic Hamas overran Gaza last June. Israel, the U.S. and EU consider it a terror group. Hamas charges the U.S. with backing Israeli attacks.

The unnamed child tells Bush: “Your are a criminal. You deprived me of everything.”

The child says, “I have to take my revenge with this sword of Islam.”

Bush, in a panic, pleads for his life. “I repent. Don’t kill me.”

He invites the child for talks in the White House. But the child counters that the White House has been turned into a mosque, and “impure Bush” can’t enter it. Then the child stabs him to death.

For the video, click here

Ahhh, those childhood memories. Who needs Mr. Rogers with his slipper wearing, Zionist loving ways?

In a previous Hamas production, a Mickey-Mouse lookalike preached hatred against Israel and the United States to children. To see a video of the Hamas Mickey, click here

23 thoughts on “Hooked on Hamontics: Hamas Television Shows Puppet Killing Bush”

  1. Thanks Susan!

    I felt like someone at an AA meeting: “Hello, I am Deeply Worried, and I never have gone to a ML Baseball Game!”

    But I have been to t-ball, little-league, and college baseball games, so I guess that counts for something!


  2. Deeply & Susan:

    Ok, that does it! Deeply is entitled to this experience, and we are then duty bound to offer to organize a trip to the Nationals new park for a game. That would be both educational and enjoyable, and I can think of no better group of people to attend the “thinking person’s game” than our little salon here. Let’s see if JT is in, with the rest of our group. The first beer round is on me.

  3. Deeply Worried:
    I am not called an “elitest” for nothing! I admit that I have never attended a major league baseball game! Am I the only such wretch in America?

    lol Probably not. I only attended two or three games when I lived in NYC; the last time was at Shea Stadium in one of those “Corporate boxes.” All of them were a lot of fun. 🙂

  4. Kermudgeon – Please go read the Constitution. He is not my Commander -in-Chief. I’m a Civilian. Further, this is just a product of Bush’s Foreign Policy, “How to Lose Friends and Multiply Enemies”. Millions have been slaughtered since WWII by Americans and their proxies. If you think we can continue to do so without severe consequences, you are fooling yourself.

  5. Niblet, I can completely ignore your swipe at my friends and I, because I am overcome with admiration and gratitude.

    Thank you, thank you! Have a cigar!

    “such a distinguished professor as turely[sic]” -niblet

    You are right on target. He IS distinguished and we, poor sycophants of the Famous, are an undistinguished rabble. I congratulate you in your growth here!

  6. Like I said earlier, sure seems like the motherload of left wing wackos are here. Must be boring over at moveon.org or those other sites. I am azazed such a distinguished professor as turely would have such a rabble of followers.

  7. Mespo,

    I am not called an “elitest” for nothing! I admit that I have never attended a major league baseball game! Am I the only such wretch in America?

    Could be… good thing HUAC isn’t around anymore, I would be hauled before them for this blatant un-americanism!

    DW (bring me my snifter of cognac, Chives)
    Elitist Extraordinaire

  8. For a look at the christian version of this type of thing check out: Jesus Camp. This documentary is really frightening, very well made, depressing but with a bright spot–a preouting conversation with Rev. Ted Haggart.

  9. Deeply:

    I agree that we should respect the office and I would never insult the man in a one-on-one setting, but the ballpark is a liberating experience. You can make your own heroes and villains and add your voice to this modern day Greek Chorus. You can lustily boo the umpires in their role as authority figures, and you can loudly question every call by either manager. What is more American? I say, boo on and pass the peanuts!

  10. Hi Franco, I loved your pun! To advocate with your devil I would say that South Park is known for skewering everything (with greater and lesser imagination and success) but just doesn’t qualify as good indoctrination material. In the above case children are being indoctrinated into hatred and cruelty. Children deserve love, respect (of self and others), kindness, fun and the knowledge to make truly informed decisions. There is no justification for deliberately teaching any child how to hate.

    To also concur in what others have said above. I cannot equate showing dissent to showing hate. Dissent is questioning authority–the puppet show is an enforcement of authority.

  11. I will take a third way position here.

    If compelled to be present for a Presidential appearance I will give Mr Bush the benefit of my silence. This is out of a kermudgeon-like respect for the office itself. It has nothing to do with the merit of the current occupant.

    Simultaneously, I do my poor best to see to it that someone impeaches the miserable lawbreaking usurper.

  12. What about the South Park episodes, and may I add, full length movie that portrays Saddam Hussien as a gay man who is having a fling with the devil. ….Just playing devils advocate (and making a pun).

  13. Kerm-

    He’s a miserable excuse for a President. He SHOULD be booed, ridiculed, mocked, and all-around disparaged, in the hopes that the stain on his legacy will be etched forever in the minds of any and all future Presidents, so they will avoid behaving as he has.

    Get huffy about that if you must, but history is going to rate this guy so far at the bottom he’ll make Nixon look like a breath of fresh air. Hell, if for no reason other than his incredibly poor response to Katrina he deserves scorn.

    But just as importantly: why on earth do you think the President should be immune to expressions of public opinion other than one election every 4 years? Demonstrators are penned up in “free speech zones” far from his location, protests are moved out of the sight of his motorcade, he flees to Camp David anytime there’s a demonstration in DC…considering that this is the first time in a long while (and probably the only time ever for a lot of those fans) that they’ve been in a position to express their disapproval for the President’s piss-poor job performance, why would you want to stifle them?

    …oh, right. You want to stifle them because they disagree with your opinion. Very pro-liberty of you.

  14. Kerm:
    Sorry, but the President’s actions haven’t been worthy of respect, as far as I and many Americans are concerned. You can cheer him if you want, it makes no difference to me. Hitler had many admirers too, and the way I see it, Pres. Bush is running a close second, whether you agree with that view or not.

  15. Ahhh, those childhood memories. Who needs Mr. Rogers with his slipper wearing, Zionist loving ways?

    Umm, Mr. Turley, what do you think the Palestinian Islamic Jihad would air on their TV station, if they had one?

    An example:

    At another speech in 1991, a few weeks after the end of the Persian Gulf War, he said, “God cursed those who are the sons of Israel, through David and Jesus, the son of Mary. . . . Those people, God made monkeys and pigs.”

    Now that would make good TV, right?


  16. Ker:

    Disprove one of the assertions above and I will believe. Call me “doubting mespo727272” when it comes to your anointed one, “W”.

  17. mespo727272, been hanging around daily kos with the rest of your friends again I see. Joe Lieberman is dead on right over what the Democratic party has become.

  18. ker:

    Your are “right” as usual. The populace must be re-educated to respect and revere the Fuhrer, er President. After all he is a role model for all of those kids! What better example than a drug addled, alcoholic, simpleton who avoided the draft with the help of his well-connected father, then went on to several business failures, making his wealth by virtue of a sweet-heart deal, and then ascending to the place prepared for him by the robber barons who rule the country. A Horatio Alger story if I ever heard one. Hell, I may cheer myself the next time I see him on TV.

  19. I heard a bunch of rude left wing puppeteer fathers with their children booing our Commander in Chief at a baseball game this weekend.

    Wonderful lessons for the children at the game don’t you think?

    Let’s teach them to despise and be rude to the Commander in Chief of our sons & daugthers in the military and those at the game that were there to see the President and still had their respect.

    This country is going down hard & fast with these left wing antics.

    Joe Liebermann was right when he said the Democratic party has been taken over by a group of left wing extremists.

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