Eleven-Year-Old Boy Paralyzed in Alleged Bully Attack

Another disturbing case has arisen over bullying. Mathew Mumbauer, 11, is paralyzed int Massachusetts General Hospital after allegedly being pushed down the stairs by a bully, according to his mother, Alyssa Cormier. This is only the latest such case of an injury or suicide tied to reported bullying.

Cormier says that the bully had been bothering Mathew at the Brickett Elementary School long before the incident. Within two day, Mathew was experiencing paralysis.

One account, however, has Mathew saying that he does not know if the push was intentional.

This is but the latest such case, click here.

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One thought on “Eleven-Year-Old Boy Paralyzed in Alleged Bully Attack”

  1. Here I imagine that it would matter where the push took place (playground versus post-order class).

    I am curious as to what part of a “push” could be unintentional. My guess is that, to an 11-year-old, an unintentional push is a push that wasn’t intended to do harm. However, this shouldn’t matter even as to the battery claim, so long as the bully intended to contact the victim. Then, it shouldn’t matter how forseable the resulting harm is, should it?

    Is there anyway that this bully can get off the hook?

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