Legal Redundancies: Fake “Hillbilly Teeth” Recalled as Defective

It is a sad day when one cannot even buy fake “Hillbilly” teeth without finding that they are not in the best condition. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of over 20,000 fake “Hillbilly” teeth due to the presence of lead. What is even more disturbing is that our Hillbilly teeth are now being made in China. Is nothing sacred?

The CPSC issued this recall for the teeth imported by FUNTASTIC, of Houston, Texas.

I am most disturbed by the fact that China is making our Hillbilly teeth. After our flags, army uniforms, and now Hillbilly teeth, what is next?

The teeth are sold in 2-packs for $2 with the item number 2657.

No injuries reported yet . . . beyond wounded national pride.

18 thoughts on “Legal Redundancies: Fake “Hillbilly Teeth” Recalled as Defective”

  1. Ironic, isn’t it? I bet the lead in those teeth helps the real teeth toward that appearance. This sort of stretches consumer expectations to the maximum insofar as the expected guise may become reality. Do the teeth work too well?

  2. Jill:

    Right you are, but I feel more like Jonah in the belly of the beast being whipsawed by the sea. Maybe I can get out through those fine teeth to salvation.

  3. No he twarn’t! But probley rite tastee anyways! “Ma! Fetch me ma chompers!”

  4. D.W.

    Stop eatin’ all them squirrels–the meat’s too damn tough for a city slicker.

    A hillbilly!

  5. Sorry Mespo, I just couldn’t resist… If you reply now, I promise you the last word. 🙂


  6. The funny thing is when my dentist made me my upper plate, it looked just like the photo! Maybe he ordered it from the same company! Shouldn’t have charged me 1100 dollars tho!

    Since everyone in my family looks like that (we sit around the wood fireplace grinning at each other before we go out to slop the hogs), I didn’t think nothin’ of it!

    Scuse me, I gotta fetch my scatter-gun, I hear a revenooer sneakin up on ma creaky porch!

  7. DW:

    Darn, foiled again in my pathological desire to have the last word. My hat is permanently off.

  8. betta:

    It’s an interesting question. It seems to me to suggest a tort of negligent advertising and promotion. I think the problem would be two-fold. First, Donnie enjoys some First Amendment protections as a member of the press, and providing a forum for a manufacturer to discuss his product probably wouldn’t give rise to a duty to the foreseeable purchasers. Secondly, I have real doubts about whether Donnie actually engaged in actually promoting the product. I also am not sure if it is incumbent on Donnie to investigate the product prior to mentioning it on his show. Query, can we sue the owners of the three major TV networks for advertising defective vehicles. Even my admittedly biased plaintiff’s mind set reels at the thought.

  9. The patent owner was on the Donny Deutch show talking about all the money he was making.

    Donny, great liberal he is, for some reason never bothered to ask him where they were manufactured and whether they had been tested.

    Wonder if Donny was afraid of getting sued if he asked that question on the air.

    For sure he could have asked it before airing the segment and refused to put it on the air if he had concerns.

    Question; if families saw these on the Donny Deutch show and purchased them and now find out they have lead in them…could they sue Donny????

  10. Yikes! I put those Hillbilly teeth in my kids’ Easter baskets to remind them to brush! Jesus!

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