Do You Want Validation with that Arraignment? 500-Pound Man Arraigned in New York Parking Lot

In Riverhead, N.Y., State Supreme Court Justice Robert Doyle held an unusual arraignment hearing: in the court’s parking lot. The defendant, Bernard Musumeci, 44, is a Long Island music shop owner accused of selling knockoff Gibson Les Paul guitars. At 500-pounds, however, the defendant could not appear to be arraign for justice effectively came to him. It is not clear whether the bail slip came with validation.

In addition to his weight, the defendant suffers from osteoarthritis and could now face incarceratis for trademark counterfeiting. He could face up to 4 years for selling dozens of the guitars for as little as $1,500 — a fraction of the true cost.

This could be just a start. I can see drive-through arraignments and bail hearings where the Defendant can be adjudicated while receiving a tune up or fill up. You could simply state your charge and plea in the drive-up console, order a hearing, and drive to window one for guilty pleas and window two for contested pleas.

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