Teaching the Three Rs: Wrestling, Rough-Housing, and Refereeing in Philadelphia

In a bizarre case out of Philadelphia, a teacher is shown in the video below apparently referring a fight between students in her special education class. However, two teachers claims that when they reported Tonia Brown, they were fired. They have filed a whistleblower action over the terminations. Presumably, “special education” is not meant to be training for the WWF.

In the video below, the teacher is clearly shown watching the fight for 15 seconds before breaking them up. Children have said that fights were common and tolerated. Deion Stanton was one of the kids and called such refereed fights as “common place.”

Such encouragement would constitute both a crime as well as a tort.

Two teachers, Perlyn Severe Clark, a clinical therapist, and Traci Brice, a counselor, claim that there were fired for recording the fight and reporting the abuse — while Brown was allowed to keep her job. (She has since reportedly been removed from the class).

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