Video: Teacher Loses Job Over Bikini Appearance on Howard Stern

Yet another teacher has lost her job over private conduct. In Connecticut, Thalberg elementary teacher Marie Jarry has reportedly lost her job after appearing on the Howard Stern Show. It appears that her appearance in a bikini on an adult-oriented show disqualified her from teaching second-year kids. She is only the latest teacher to lose her job to the a new type of American morals police.

Jarry took part in an Ugliest Guy and Hottest Wife contest on Stern’s show — winning the top prize of $5000.

For an update on the lawsuit filed by Jarry, click here.

Once again, I fail to understand why appearing in a bikini on a show disqualifies a teacher. Yet, parents appear to believe that their teachers must meet purity standards in their private lives to teach their children. Parent Dean LaPoint was aghast: “I can’t believe she would go on TV and do that when she is a second-grade teacher. It just doesn’t make sense.” Really, Dean, what doesn’t make sense to me is that you believe that you believe that a teacher cannot live her life according to her own values.
Marie did not sexual references on the video, but this was far from the classroom. A parent Liz Francis almost had it right: “They work hard during the school day and what they do on their own time is their business . . . ” Then she veered off track into morals enforcement ” . . . but because of the nature of the Howard Stern show, the board was concerned.” Here’s an idea, don’t watch. I have never actually seen one of Stern’s shows. I saw about two minutes once and found it juvenile and idiotic.

She is only the latest. Just a couple of days ago, Florida teacher Tiffany Shepard lost her job because of a part-time bikini job on a charter boat, click here.

Of course, the good people Florida and Connecticut are merely amateurs at this morality policing. Iran has a whole department dedicated to arresting women who drink coffee with males or engage in immoral conduct, click here

For the full story and video, click here

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  2. The only problem I see is if she used false pretenses for the time off. Teaching is a job, not a lifestyle. As parents we need to wake up to the fact that the world is not the same place we grew up in. The teachers are just a symptom of a moral trend that has ensnared society in a perpetually exponential downward spiral. We took our cues from our teachers, now our kids take theirs from the current group of unemployable b.a. college grads that are doing a job that demands too much of their loose morals. The pay stinks, and the qualifications too easy to meet. The problem lies therefore with the American public who vote down anyone who hints at a tax hike. Things cost money, folks, and I, for one, think that the soul of the country is worth paying the ransom. Time to sacrifice at the wallet, or sacrifice with lackluster teachers creating lackluster doctors, lawyers, and Indian chiefs. Think about your future.

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