New York Mother Sues City of Norwalk After Son Steps in Dog Feces

Kelly DeBrocky, of Mahopac, N.Y., appears to have a curious way of teaching her children by example. The New York mother is suing the Maritime Aquarium for $100 to replace shoes of her 1-year-old after he stepped in dog feces on an outing. She has also charged for her parking and admission to the facility.

Ms. DeBrocky recounts her harrowing tale in her complaint:

“After parking, we exited the garage and my 1-year-old son was walking around the structure outside the door of the garage and stepped in a large pile of fecal matter,” DeBrocky wrote. “I quickly picked him up and brought him to the aquarium and did my best to clean him up.”

“After a long car ride, it was not practical for me to immediately turn around and go back home with a small child. We had to pay for admission to the aquarium and my son had no shoes and it made the entire experience awful.”

Shocking. As the father of four, I have cleaned enough of this stuff to be certified as a waste management engineer. The problem with these frivolous lawsuits is that they give fodder for “tort reform” groups who insist that these are examples of why our legal system is out of control — just as they used the lawsuit against the cleaners for the missing pants for $54 million, click here. What they never mention is that these lawsuits are routinely tossed out and sometimes result in sanctions.

DeBrocky is obviously out of touch with either the law or reality or both. However, this is not a reflection on the legal system. Any system will attract people like DeBrocky. The test is not the fact that such lawsuits are filed but how the system addresses them.

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9 thoughts on “New York Mother Sues City of Norwalk After Son Steps in Dog Feces”

  1. Every one of the graduates of our law schools is “sue happy”! And as usual niblet provides us with such great evidence to prove his preposterous claim. Stick to selling your used cars.

  2. the Union is turning out just how many attorneys each year?

    Every one of them is sue happy. Our “law” schools are now accepting used car salesmen but that would be an insult to used car salesmen.

  3. One could say, but for the tossed shoes, she’d might have begged the difference between shit and Shinola…

  4. Tort reform! We don’t need no stinkin’ Tort reform.

    Go buy a new automobile if you want Tort reform. You cannot buy a new automobile without legally agreeing that you cannot sue in the event you buy a lemon.

  5. mespo727272, some of the dumbest rocks schools are turning out are able to get into law school.

  6. dunder:

    Right you are again. We have Mega-Churchs, brokerage houses, defense contractors, and petroleum companies for quick meal tickets. We don’t need thousands of people who know how to think rationally and analyze problems. Let’s just have “Joe Six Pack,” and his crowd handle the complex problems of the 21st Century. I say we throw the baby out with the bath water despite two centuries of progress and admiration from the rest of the civilized world (conservatives excluded, of course). Like Dick the Butcher said, “[t]he first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” and then the world will be perfect — for tyranny by the ignorant and the ruthlessly powerful.

  7. No question about it. We need TORT reform now. Law schools are turning out thousands of unneeded attorneys each year. If we dry up these ridiculous lawsuits maybe so many young people won’t look at the legal profession as a quick meal ticket.

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