Ex-UCLA Cadaver Program Head Indicted in Body Part Scheme

This week, another major body part case was announced. Henry Reid, the former head of the UCLA cadaver program was indicted with Ernest Nelson in a scheme for sell body parts that netted $1 million dollars.

Head of the Empire Anatomical Company, Nelson took the UCLA body parts and sold them to client. It appears that this was a type of piece work agreement where Reid was paid by the part — $5000 to $9000. Both are now charged with conspiracy, grand theft, and grand theft of personal property. Neslon also faces tax charges — though it is not clear why Reid does not. The most obvious explanation is that he declared the income — a curious decision for a black-market body part business.

The case will be heard in Los Angeles.

On the other coast, a New York body parts case (involving funeral home directors) continues to spin out indictments and sentencings, click here.

Of course, this is still better than cutting off a living person’s leg for its “magic,” click here.

It will be interesting is tort actions follow against the school or by the school against Reid.

For the full story, click here.

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  1. I am greatful that someone is going to be indicted for this type of behaviour.

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