Now That Hagee is Reformed, How About Rev. Rod Parsley?

For many, the conversion of virulent anti-Catholic Rev. John Hagee to a new pro-Catholic lover of mankind was a bit forced and opportunistic, here. Nevertheless, the sudden reformation of the bigoted preacher de-fused a controversy for John McCain, who sought Hagee’s endorsement. Now, however, there is questions raised about another spiritual adviser and supporter to the campaign: Rev. Rod Parsley. Parsley is a televangelist who heads a Ohio megachurch. He routinely attacks Islam, called for a holy war against the religion, and denounced it as a “false religion.” Televangelists, it seems, know what a true religion is and Islam is not one of of them despite being one of the largest religions in the world. He also called Mohammad a “demon spirit.” By the way, Parsley also spreads his healing message of hate for homosexuals, pro-choice people, and certain constitutional rights. Like Hagee, Parsley was specifically targeted for a McCain endorsement and McCain has called him one of his “spiritual guides.”

If Parsley is a “spiritual guide,” most Americans probably would not like to go where he is leading. While the video below is clearly written by an anti-McCain group, it does show some shocking clips.

Once again, the faith-based politics practiced by all three remaining candidates is the cause for such controversies, click here. From Wright to Hagee to Parsley, the issue is why Obama, Clinton and McCain insist on co-mingling religion with politics. The fact is that the criticism based on all these ministers is fair game because candidates continue to play by the faith-based politics that brought George Bush to power. After soliciting their support, these candidates express dismay when they are shown to be unhinged fanatics or bigots. Why not just leave your religion at home? Ironically, when pressed on her own personal faith practices on the campaign trail, Clinton recently said that such questions were out of order after campaigning on her faith, click here.

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7 thoughts on “Now That Hagee is Reformed, How About Rev. Rod Parsley?”

  1. Sorry Mespo, no dice. Meeting with people is not the equivalent of seeking an endorsement, i.e. “Hey, will you endorse me please?” Nor does acceptance of an endorsement mean that it was sought out.

    As a matter of fact, after hearing McCain’s position on Israel, Hagee might have just as easily decided NOT to endorse Mccain after all.

    And to Jill, you are right about the topic of the post. It is more focused on candidates rather than religious leaders. I think Michael’s comment ended up being the truer impetus for my comment. Having said that, if any candidate has a guiding faith and principles from which they draw upon to shape their worldview, all of us should want to know about it. And I agree that phony baloney religious leaders should be called out for misrepresenting the true principles of their faith, especially the Christian faith.

  2. Mespo,
    You are correct, although I like to think of myself as a deist Jew. That I define as someone who thinks there is a creative force ordering this universe, has no idea as to the nature of that force, but hopes it’s benign. I remain identified as a Jew not because I think Jews have the answer, but as the religion I was born into I find synagogue a restful place to meditate on spiritual matters.

    As for your other points i also agree. When I look up at a night sky filled with stars and contemplate the hugeness of the universe, I get a funny feeling in my gut.
    It seems to me that for a human being to profess to know what God’s plan is (if indeed there is one), or to profess to understand the nature of that creative force, is really the height of blasphemy.

    As far as the holy books of all religions go,to believe that they alone give the true story of God and the universe, is to make oneself blindly ignorant to the editing and mis-translation that have certainly adulterated all of them. I have known a few people in my life who epitomized true morality and faith, none of them were judgmental of their fellow human beings.

  3. Hi Jay,

    I read the above entry as saying that the candidates (not religious leaders) should leave their religion at home. I just can’t agree with you that there aren’t bigoted statements coming from various religious leaders. Whether it is christians engaging in infighting or christians villifying muslims (and every other permutations you can think of)–every religion has its share of real bigots because every religion has its share of human beings who don’t care to examine what they are saying. Religious leaders are/have and will engage in hateful speech and deeds. I think it’s important to call them on their actions and their words.


  4. NichaelSpindell:

    You sound like a deist to me, who is sick and tired of the “religious” entrepreneurs taking us for a ride at our expense. It is amazing how many seemingly rational people will accept the beliefs of those who state, with absolute certainty, things they cannot possibly know, using the rubric of some inner revelation that they can neither explain nor prove. It’s even more amazing that they will part with their cash for these charlatans.

  5. Jay:

    “I’d like to see some proof that McCain “sought” any Hagee endorsement.”

    In January 2007, McCain met Hagee for breakfast to discuss his endorsement. Here is the email “newsflash” that Hagee sent to his CUFI* brethren crowing about his importance in the McCain campaign:


    Membership Update

    January 29, 2007


    This morning I had an extended breakfast with Senator John McCain of Arizona. Our topic of discussion was Israel and his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America.

    Senator McCain’s comments concerning Israel are on target! He gets it! While I do not want to put the specifics of our conversation in this update I am glad to report to our leadership and supporters that John McCain is solidly pro-Israel.

    We discussed his positions on other matters that I will share with you when I speak with you in person. This newsflash goes to the ends of the earth and I don’t want to read it in the media tomorrow.”

    It’s a tad naive to think that Hagee’ s endorsement came out of the blue when McCain himself said he welcomed the endorsement and appeared with Hagee.

    * As we know CUFI is an end times cult happily awaiting Armageddon.

  6. “John McCain, who sought Hagee’s endorsement.”

    I’d like to see some proof that McCain “sought” any Hagee endorsement.

    Pastors, Ministers, or any clergy members, like anyone else, should be free to endorse whoever they darn well please. There are basically three candidates left. Everyone is likely to pick their favorite candidate at some point, and to say that people of faith, especially religious leaders, just need to leave their personal convictions or “religion at home” is just about the only true example of bigotry mentioned.

  7. Is it any wonder that religion gets injected into our presidential campaign when the History Channel is running such shows as “The Search for Noah’s Ark?” Pseudo religionists have invaded our political dialogs and cheapened them. Media corporations exploit issues for the profits to be made. Mega Churches cater to the multitudes shearing the sheep, on air Preachers hurl fire & brimstone and the teachings of Jesus become conflated with war and torture.

    Reverend Wright, a man with 30 years of public service becomes savaged by a Republican propaganda network, based on the continued looping of a 30 second tape, taken out of context. Establishment punditry runs wild with condemnations based on ignorance and news readers repeat endless falsehoods alluding to this man’s evil. However, Reverend Wright is black so he is fair game.

    Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Hagee, Parsley are allowed to reap millions spewing prejudice, hate, fear and violence and yet are treated as respectable clergymen by the media. They are of course white and have their dubious divinity degrees. Many years ago the Rev. Billy Graham was asked if a native deep in a jungle who had never heard of Jesus would go to hell if he died and Graham said that he would indeed go to hell, as would unrepentant Jews and Muslims. This “Minister to President’s” received respectful press throughout all his years. Religion in America is the tool of demagogues and a plaything of a media feeding its 24/7 need for controversy. It is so much easier for the MSM to deal with inanity, rather than the issues of crisis that plague our country. By the way I am neither an atheist, or an agnostic, but that doesn’t mean I am blind to some
    universal truths about so-called “true beliefs.”

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