Rep. Vito Fossella To Leave Congress After Disclosure of Affair

Rep. Vito Fossella (R., N.Y.) has announced that he is leaving Congress after this term in the wake of the disclosure of an extramarital affair and a child born with the woman, former Air Force Colonel Laura Fay.

Fossella’s undoing began with a ticket for running a red light. He explained that he was rushing to see a sick daughter — the problem is that his wife and three kids live back in Staten Island. Fossella, 43, was then found to have a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit.

Fay was the one who bailed him out of jail and the affair and child were disclosed by the media.

To make matters worse, there is now an ethics complaint has been filed over travel with Fay on official trips.

Fosella posted this letter on his website explaining his decision.

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9 thoughts on “Rep. Vito Fossella To Leave Congress After Disclosure of Affair”

  1. Just popping in for quick hello – This was indeed a very sad thing for this man’s family. Despite the typical incoherent and unsupportable talking points of our friend with yeasty dregs name … this is a tragedy.

    The public has every right to ridicule someone who has hidden his indiscretions behind a family values flag and then used terms insinuating one party has more morality than the other.

    I do though suspect a questionable morality of anyone that doesn’t support the Webb Hagel GI Bill. That would be the first time our Country actually did something in support of the troops.

  2. Dunder,
    I think you are letting partisanship override facts. Republican Senator Vitter is one example of many. Your implication that Republican’s are moral, whereas Democrats are immoral is also not backed up by reality. One particular example, among hundreds, is the fact that the rate of divorce, VD and teenage sexuality in the so-called Red States is significantly higher than in the so-called Blue States. Perhaps the old political rule you refer to is that hypocrisy knows no bounds where partisanship reigns.

  3. Concrete proof of another old poltiical rule:

    Republicans charged with wrongdoing resign or agree not to run for another stint because they know their constituents would vote them out and their party would not support them.

    Democrats charged with wrongdoing stick their nose in the air and get re-elected – time & time again by their constituents and to top it off their party stands with them.

    Says a lot about the parties doesn’t it…..

  4. Mespo
    It is a guilty pleasure. Comparable for me with a hot fudge sundae, except there are no caloric penalties.

  5. MichaelSpindell:

    As usual your analysis is impeccable, but the schadenfreude is hard to pass up.

  6. Mespo
    This is indeed a happy moment as yet another “Family Values” hypocrite gets hoisted on his own petard. On the other hand as satisfying an event as this is, it does point out the danger of making supposed sexual morality a political issue and his resignation may only reinforce the issue’s power. I think that the use of sexual morality as the only area for moral standards has been a purposeful strategy of
    despotic governments throughout (Constantine anyone?) history. It’s use in U.S. politics has allowed faux pietists and establishment wealth to ignore the real moral issues of prejudice, poverty and inequality.

  7. Vito leaving! Say it ain’t so. What better place for hypocrites these days that the House Republican Caucus. Where have you gone, Everett McKinley Dirksen?

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