Saudi Female Newscaster Takes on Religous Leader in Televised Debate

In a relatively rare exchange, a female newscaster in Saudi Arabia took on a religious leader who insisted that female newscasters should be entirely or most covered if they go on television. The 2006 debate on Memri TV is just now being circulated. Saudi newscaster Buthayna Nasser offers a very compelling retort to cleric Nasser Al-Huneini.

Saudi Cleric Nasser Al-Huneini offers the hard line approach — a requirement that would obscure the image of female newscasters — denying a critical element of television work and recognition. It is hard for women to achieve success if only their voice is heard or only part of their face in this business. This point is made strongly by the unidentified newscaster.

For the video, click here.

11 thoughts on “Saudi Female Newscaster Takes on Religous Leader in Televised Debate”

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  2. Hi Mespo,

    That’s a very acute observation. What you said holds true in every country I’ve seen studies of, including america. Religionists are all about power wherever they may be. Thanks for your many thoughtful posts.


  3. Jill:

    That control issue is interesting since we all know that the key to reducing or eliminating poverty is the empowerment of women. Maybe the lesson to draw is that the power structure (here the religious wacko crowd) seeks to impoverish its constituency to keep it subservient. The colloquialism, “the man is keeping me down” may have more truth than we realize.

  4. 2 things–When I read this yesterday I wanted to research it further as something seems off about this video. I can find no reference to Ms. Nasser or Mr. Al-Huneini on Al Jazeera or other arabic websites besides Memri T.V. Does anyone know more?

    Nevertheless, while staying firmly within her belief system and arguing from authority as well as giving an evidence based argument she has made good points.

    Randall Balmer of Columbia University and author of God in the Whitehouse (and no, he doesn’t mean the autobiogrphy of dick and george) did research with a group on the one thing fundamentalist groups in islam, christianity and judaism all had in common. That one thing was the desire to control women. I find that both interesting and sad. For one half of the human race to desire the control of the other is pathetic and has/is lead(ing) to untold grief.

  5. Telbin,
    Thanks for the correction, I was Wondering about the spelling of Carlyle. Nice try at irony too, but I think you’re talking to the wrong person if you think that I’m either into conspiracy theory, or that I somehow believe that all liberals are pure as the driven snow. As a matter of fact my experiences with the far left in the 60’s rather convinced me that they could be just as corrupt and corrupting as the Right.

    My response was solely to dunder writing “Bush was right….and we knew it all along didn’t we.” I do take umbrage at your implication that I’m a lunatic. Can’t you engage in political discussion without calling names? However, even in your choice of people to present as “leftists” it would seem you are somewhat confused. Do you really think that Colin Powell, Madeline Albright, Arthur Leavitt and Tony Major are leftists, or even progressives. If you do then unfortunately your political perspective puts you into the Far Right category.


    Colin Powell, former Secretary of State under George W. Bush
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    OOPS. I just found out the 350 or so members include many DEMOCRATS & LIBERALS. Did it in just a minute or two.

    Darn, there goes another good conspiracy brought to us by the LUNATIC LEFT HERE!

  7. Learning anything about the Arab world from MEMRI is like learning about the Arab world from the brochures put out by your local Israeli embassy.

  8. dunder,
    Is it possible you are dunder, formally niblet? There is a strong correlation in your writing style. The Bush family is in partnership with the Saudi ruling family (google Carlisle Group and Neal Bush)and the Saudi’s are absolute despots. If Bush had it right how come Osama Bin Laden is still free and George Bush, Sr. spent the day of 9/11 watching TV with Bin Laden’s brother? I could go on and on but I doubt that you would dispute me with real facts, rather than pre-digested talking points and propaganda swallowed with no critical thought.

  9. Bush was right: there is a new push to Democracy and equal rights going on in the Arabic lands thanks to a fledgling possibility of Democracy and equal rights in Iraq.

    Bush was right….and we knew it all along didn’t we.

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