Woman Executed In Basra for Living Without Husband

A CNN report out of Basra gives a dark insight into the work and values of the religious groups in the city. After the pullout by the British, groups meted out their own justice according to their own perverse understanding of Islam. Rape of women and killings were common. In one case, a woman was executed for living without her husband.

In the story, one woman named Sabriya details how her sons were killed one after another for being found drinking or simply for their cars. Her sister’s offense against Islam was living without a husband. “They said [to her], ‘Why don’t you have a husband?’ ” Sabriya says. “They came in at night and put a pillow on her face and shot her in the head.”

The good news is that the Iraqi forces appear to be making progress. However, there remains a question as to the conditions and treatment of women in a country that we are maintaining with American lives and treasure.

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6 thoughts on “Woman Executed In Basra for Living Without Husband”

  1. Dunder seems to forget that these are the folks Bush is sending our soldiers to die for and that he (Dunder) certainly supports Bush and his “war” and therefore these practices. These aren’t al Qaeda in Iraq who are Sunni, they aren’t shooting at American soldiers, these are Bush’s allies, al Maliki’s religious Shi’ite bretheren. These are the folks Dunder supports. These are the prinicples he wants us there to defend.

  2. Dunder you’re an idiot!!! It’s people like you that should not be allowed to Vote. It’s people like you that are hurting America. This is not a war – its occupation! Your probably one of those that STILL believe that Iraq had something too do w/ 9/11! When are people like you going to realize that you picked the wrong guy! You where wrong, deal with it!!! And please, if you’re for McCain, please don’t vote, do us all a favor and stay home.

  3. dunder:

    “Thank you GW BUSH, American SOLDIERS, and those Americans that know America DOES NOT GIVE UP or SURRENDER to thugs.”
    A cynic might say that we don’t surrender to thugs, we just elect them to office, but, in any event, don’t bruise your chest with all that thumping. A little tip I learned from George W, it’s best to wait until all the results are in before declaring “Mission Accomplished’. I wonder if that nice unattached lady in Basra is celebrating our victory over Sadr–oh, that’s right, she can’t.

  4. Says it all doesn’t it. Thank God the surge is working and as a result we have avoided a civil war in the country. Now that even the NYT has to admit the Iraqi army has successfully routed Sadr and his killers and Al Queda is posting on their web sites that Iraq has been a disaster for them, there is just mopping up to do. Thank you GW BUSH, American SOLDIERS, and those Americans that know America DOES NOT GIVE UP or SURRENDER to thugs.

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