15 Women Burned Alive in Kenya as Witches

A mob has burned alive 15 women who they accused of being witches in Kenya.

In the meantime, Tanzania has had to enact special protections for albinos who are being mutilated and killed by witch doctors for good luck.

The Kenyan government is pursuing the culprits in the killing of the fifteen women. Over 100 people were involved in the crimes. They also burned 50 homes. The murders occurred in an area controlled by the Kisii tribe in what is called Kenya’s “sorcery belt.”

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6 thoughts on “15 Women Burned Alive in Kenya as Witches”

  1. This is abhorrent behavior. Many people are certain humans must have religion and/or superstitious belief systems to: 1. be ethical and 2. have wonder in the world. This and other posts speak to the fallacy of both ideas.

    An uncritical worldview has consistently lead to violence and cruelty. An unquestioning mind leads to a dead world, stripped barren of all beauty and wonder. When you stop your thought process because a belief tells you you can’t think about (insert idea of your choice), you miss so much that is amazing in the world.

    Sorcery should be a subject of examination. If someone can cause crop blight through sorcery, let them share their technique. Perhaps the technique can be put to a good use.

    Historically the killing of witches is used to rid a social system of those who are unwanted or whose land/wealth may be taken after their death. I’m guessing that is the culprit here as well.

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